Top 10 Most Playful Cat Breeds

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Top 10 Most Playful Cat Breeds

In this modern generation, people tend to adopt cats according to their characteristics and traits. Some opt for a calm cat that doesn’t like moving around much, while others love cats that are fun to be around and are always excited.

If you’re also one of those who loves cats because of their playfulness and activeness, then continue reading to find some of the most playful cat breeds.

1. Siamese

Siamese cats are one of those ancient cats that have been around for a long time as their lifespan lasts only 8 – 12 years. Their loving and friendly nature gets just about anyone to get comfortable and be friends with them in the shortest amount of time.

Even though they look extremely beautiful with the perfect color theme over their body, their adventurous nature is what makes them perfect for being one of the most playful cat breeds.

2. Abyssinian

Most people often misunderstand Abyssinian cats because they resemble the wild ones found in North America. Their athletic nature and sharp mind attract people, making them want to adopt the Abyssinian cat breed.

This cat breed has a mischievous personality, earning her the title “Clown of the cat kingdom,” as she knows all the ways to enjoy every second of her life.

3. Cornish Rex

With almost no hair over its body, the Cornish Rex cat breed is well-known for its playfulness and active nature. They have approximately 11-12 years of lifespan, giving them enough curiosity to learn about everything.

Lucky for you, the cat also loves to be chased around and stay in your arms, and as a way of affection, the cat would sometimes even lay in your lap or sleep right beside you on your bed.

Cornish Rex Cat

4. Japanese Bobtail

Another one of the most playful cat breeds, the Japenese Bobtails, are affectionate cats with an energetic side who love jumping around and even playing catch. Japanese Bobtails are always up for it if you want a cat who would spend time with you playing soccer, fetch, or any other game that demands athletic nature.

Even though the Japanese Bobtail is a quiet cat, that doesn’t mean they have a lesser playful side. They are way more active and playful, especially when playing with their parents. They are also known for their love of running and jumping around.

5. Turkish Angora

These are one of the most affectionate and loyal cats out there, as they are extremely popular among people with kids. You would often see the cat demanding the owner’s attention, but the Turkish Angora is also a calm breed.

She doesn’t get scared off easily, which is a plus point if you have loud children. These cats love crumpled-up papers and playing with only the toys they like. The best part about them is that they also come in a variety of colors like red, black, cream, and blue.

Cute Turkish Angora cat

6. Bengal

If you have opted to adopt a Bengal cat, you should get ready for a rollercoaster ride as the Bengal cat breed doesn’t know how to stay put in one place for too long. They are one of the most intelligent and energetic cats out there.

Their curious side makes them go into places you wouldn’t expect them to. Even though they are extremely friendly, they are also energetic and constantly moving around in the house, so don’t expect them to stay by your side for too long.

7. Selkirk Rex

With her lifespan of about 15 years, Selkirk Rex knows well about her energetic side as she keeps herself active with the help of anything she finds around herself. If you have stairs, you would often see the cat running up and down the stairs.

The Selkirk Rex breed also knows how to stay friendly, and you will often see them get along well with your other pets if you leave them alone at home.

8. Maine Coon

Maine Coon, one of the heaviest cat breeds, is well-known for its energetic and intelligent side. They are highly quick-witted and friendly, earning them the nickname “The Gentle Giant.” Thanks to their friendly and loving nature, they can easily pick up new tricks and be comfortable with the leash.

Maine Coon is one of the most loved cat breeds because of their energetic yet steady personality as they get along well with pretty much everyone. Many people prefer this cat breed because of its appearance, personality, and lifespan of up to 13 – 14 years.

Three Maine Coon kittens with different colors

9. Birman

Looking at the Birman cats, they definitely look like the cuddliest cat out there because of their fur. Since they are not a fan of running around, you can easily play with them for hours with their favorite toys, and catnip toys are one of them.

Using the laser pen, you can also win their attention for a while before they get back to playing with the crumpled paper they’d find in a corner. These cats aren’t friendly to the other pets and, without being aggressive, prefer to stay as the owner’s one and only cat.

10. Siberian

The Siberian cat is known as the ancient Russian cat, an ancestor of all those cats with long hair. Their thick fur makes people want to pet and cuddle them all the time.

Siberian cats are very social and friendly, making them great companions. Having guests at your home will not be a problem since they enjoy human company. They also have 10-18 years of lifespan, so you can easily let your children spend their childhood and teenage years with the Siberian cats.


Choosing the right cat breed that suits you and your family would definitely create amazing times together. Hopefully, this list of the most playful cat breeds can help you decide.

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