Are Cornish Rex Cats Cuddly? 5 Things To Know About Cornish Rex

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Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex Cats are some of the only cat breeds globally that have the shortest hair on their fur coats. They also have larger ears than most cat breeds and have a funny look; they also have slender faces that make them look unique. They are also known as the ‘greyhound’ breed of cats because of their characteristics, such as their slender bodies and the way they run is also similar to that of the greyhound.

But let’s explore some reasons that may clear doubts about their cuddliness

1. They are very playful

Cornish Rex Cats may be the most playful cat breed out there, and they are also very intelligent. They love to jump around and are always in a playful mood. They may look very serious but are known to adopt the childish demeanors of their kittenhood well into their adult lives.

Cornish Rex Cats love to go outdoors, and they are extremely friendly to other cats and large animals such as large dogs. They might try to climb to the highest point in the house and assess different ways to wreak havoc, and you may need to keep your eyes peeled at all times since their agility will make it difficult for you to catch them once they start running.

These Cats can be easily distracted with toys that have feathers attached or any toys that move a lot, such as a mechanical mouse or feather toy. But make sure that these toys are kept away safely in a place the Cornish Rex cannot reach because the different parts of the toys can become choking hazards.

2. They are very affectionate

Cornish Rex Cats are very affectionate and demanding when it comes to receiving love; they will probably have a favorite person in the household and will be spotted following them around the house.

They can also be very affectionate towards other cats and some dogs; they’re rarely intimidated by other animals because of their cool-minded nature.

3. They shed almost no hair

They have very short fur, so Cornish Rex Cats rarely sheds their coats, and they barely require any grooming. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning hair off of your clothes if you cuddle with your Cornish Rex. They also do not tend to be affected by lice due to their short fur coats, and you can rest assured that those lice will not infect you too.

4. They are hypoallergenic

Due to their short fur, Cornish Rex cats will rarely be seen licking themselves clean since they don’t become that dirty in the first place. Allergic reactions due to cats aren’t exactly caused by cat hair, but it is caused due to a chemical in their saliva; when inhaled by humans, it sometimes causes allergic reactions.

But since Cornish Rex cats don’t groom themselves often, they do not pose much of a threat to people with cat allergies, so even allergic people can cuddle with them and feel no effects.

5. Cornish Rex cats surprisingly tolerate being picked up

Most Cats would get annoyed if you pick them up off the floor without their approval and will either bite or scratch you. But that’s not the case with the Cornish Rex, they sometimes enjoy being picked up by their owners because they think it is a sign of affection by their pet parent, and they appreciate that only if they’re in the mood, that is.

Cornish Cats are the best when you want some form of entertainment in your home; however, it would not be recommended to get this cat if you live in an apartment complex since these cats are very vocal breeds and can become a nuisance if you’re trying to hide your cat from your landlord.

Sensitive to low temperatures

Cornish Cats are also sensitive to low temperatures due to their thin coats and need special care in the winters. They are also susceptible to sunburns in the summer because of that same fur coat, so you must take care in the summers. It would be best to adopt a Cornish Rex if you live in temperate regions that do not have harsh winters or boiling summers. The Cornish Rex is also considered a ‘therapy breed’ because this breed can provide the emotional solace that other cat breeds fail to deliver.

These cats may not win the lottery when it comes to physical cuteness, but as they say, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; similarly, the Cornish Rex Cat’s personality is more than what meets the eye.


 Now, after reading all that, and you’re still willing to get a Cornish Rex, then you need to be wary; Cornish Rex cats that are found in a shelter should not cost more than 70 to 80 dollars. Pedigreed Cats or cats sourced from breeders can cost drastically more, costing from a range of 800$ to 1300$ at least.

So if you find an ad with extravagant letters spelling out ‘Cornish Rex Cat For Sale, you need to take extra care with what price they have put up for the cat and what type of cat they are selling. ‘Cornish Kittens For Sale’ is also seen a lot on some bogus websites, and it is best to either avoid such ads or make sure that it is an actual Cornish Rex kitten because some people had also sold people cats as Cornish Rexes when they were kittens from a different breed. In the end, if you’re single, need some companionship, and are usually free in the evenings and afternoon, then you should adopt a Cornish Rex Cat. This cat would never fail to exceed your expectations and would always put a smile on your face with its antics. And in time, you would realize that this cat is a better friend than most people.

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