8 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

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8 most expensive cat breeds

Cats are adorable feline animals that never fail to win cat lovers’ hearts for being playful, independent, and affectionate. Cats lovers like to own a specific breed with a distinct look and personality. But these unique cat breeds also come with a hefty price tag. Rare cat breeds are surprisingly expensive because of low fertility rates or their popularity.

Like dogs, cats are not high-maintenance animals and are easy to take care of. But this doesn’t make them less expensive. If you want to buy a fur baby to have a feline companion, then you need to know the types of these fanciest felines first because details about highly-priced cat breeds can help you make the right choice according to your budget.

In this article, I have listed down the 8 most expensive cat breeds so that your expensive cat makes a worthy investment for that special purebred.

1. Ashera Cats (Up to $125,000)

Ashera cats are exotically gorgeous with a price range of up to $125,000, leaving other expensive cat breeds far behind. This breed is also a rare one; therefore, in California, a company does most for this cat breeding, which results in only about 100 cats per year. It has a dog-like personality, which means super friendly. Ashera cats are a cross between wild cats and domesticated cats. Because of their royal look, these kitties enjoy lying in heated blankets.

2. Savannah Cats ($10,000-$50,000)

Savannah cats are exotic cats, due to which it isn’t easy to recognize them as a domestic breed. Despite being raised in captivity for more than 100 years, these cats are still wild, and because of this reason, this breed is banned in more than 12 US states. Like other cat breeds, savannah cats don’t like to eat regular cat food; they only prefer raw meat. When it comes to litter, they don’t even use litter boxes or like being held by strangers. Therefore, owning this cat is similar to owning a wild animal. Would you love to own a wild feline friend?

Closeup of a Savannah cat

3. Bengal Cats ($10,000-$25,000)

If you like to have an adventurous cat, there is no breed better than Bengal cats. Their appearance like leopards makes them expensive cats with the range of $10,000 – $25,000. These cats are a breeding result of Asian leopard cats and domestic shorthair cats. Bengal cats are also the most intelligent cat breeds because of their activeness. You will require additional costs for these Bengal kitties because they always need furniture or harness to climb. They are athletes by nature that need to burn energy.

A Bengal cat sits on the sofa

4. Persian Cats ($1,500-$5,500)

Like their names, Persian cats are royal cats that like to be petted and laid on laps. No doubt, they are the most beautiful cat breed with a price range of $1,500-$5,500. This breed of cats has the oldest cat history for thousands of years. Since then, they have been popular because of their demeanor and look of fluffy and luscious hair that lends to their exceptional appearance. They have bulging eyes and smushed faces, in short, crazy-looking features. They are always eye-catching for pet lovers.

A Persian cat is lying on a white background

5. Peterbald Cats ($2,500-$5,000)

The most interesting thing about Peterbald cats is that some are utterly bald while others have soft fluffy fuzz. Their fuzz skin feels like the skin of a peach; however, some Peterbald has rough hair that feels like the skin of a man’s face due to the growth of whiskers. These versatile cats are also called Russian breeds, and they are the relatively new ones first reported in 1988 after Oriental shorthair and Russian Donskoy produced their first variety. Do you want to buy a bald cat or a cat with soft fuzz?

Peterbald cat enjoying outdoor nature

6. Khao Manee ($10,000-$11,000)

You might have never heard about Khao Manee before; well, these cats are from Thailand. It’s been around for thousands of years since Thai people used to keep this cat breed a secret. They are naturally occurring breeds with unique eyes that shine like jewels. Their eyes and all-white fur make them expensive cats. According to the reference written in a book back in the 14th century, an interesting fact about these cats is that they are also known as the Diamond Eye Cat because their special eyes are often in different colors.

Khao Manee cat on a tree

7. Sphynx Cats ($1,800-$9,800)

If you see any hairless cat, you don’t need to be surprised because this is a Sphynx cat. Their hairless appearance makes them unique. They have smooth, glowing skin that makes up most of their face. The hairlessness looks caused by the natural genetic mutation doesn’t prevent this breed from being healthy. Sphynx cats are originated in Toronto, not from Egypt. The majority of Sphynx cats sell between $1,800 and $4,400. However, some cats sell nearly $10,000 due to their bloodline and great rare colors. 

A Sphynx cat is sitting on black fur

8. Siberian Cats ($1,200-$4,000)

Siberian cats are among the largest domestic cat breeds but smaller than a Maine Coon. They are well known for their easy-going personality towards children, dogs, and guests, making them great pet cats. These cats have thick double coats that protect them from Siberian winters. While compared to other cat breeds, these cats produce fewer allergens, so they are also considered hypoallergenic.

Siberian cat sitting on green grass

Final Thoughts

Pet cats are the additional member of any family, and pet lovers are willing to spend a significant amount on the furry feline to add them to their family. The above 8 most expensive felines are at the top of the heap in the cat world that is always in high demand by the cat-loving elites.

So, the next time you plan to have a unique cat breed, consider this article to help you choose your fur buddy!

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