Birman Cat Breed: All You Need To Know

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Birman Cat Breed: All You Need To Know

The Birman cat breed is a domestic cat breed; they are the only cat with no record of their origin.

The Birman cat is also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma”. Their name is from the French form “Burma” and is derived from Birmanie. They are long-haired cats with puffy faces and deep sapphire blue eyes. They have silky fur, and each paw is contrasted as gloves with white color while they are themselves a color contrasted cat.

It is a simple guide on the Birman cat breed’s looks that could help you understand better what kind of cat we are talking about. There is so much to intake about this cat breed that would make you want nothing but a Birman Cat Breed, and even simply by looking at them can make you want a Birman cat breed.

So if you’re interested in adopting one, keep on reading and learn new things about them.


The history of this cat breed is just as fascinating as watching a movie show. Though there are no apparent records of this cat’s history or even their origin, some well-known information is still available about them. They are mostly known as the partners for the priests of the temples on the Mount of Lugh. Many stories spread that they first arrived in France, defending the temple. While many believe in the legend that they were brought up alongside priests and in ancient temples.

Two Birman cats are looking at the camera


Their size is medium and has a rectangular body with a sharp Roman nose sitting on a broad face. This cat’s ears are sharp and pointy on the sides of their head, and their eyes are a color of deep sapphire blue. Their fur is also silky and medium-sized and does not have an undercoat like a Persian cat. Their look is to die for, as some cat lovers think so.


Like every other cat out there, Birman cat also has a little background knowledge to be revealed to the world. Some of which are mentioned below.


Their lifespan lasts from 12 to 16 years, a typical lifespan and could extend to only 13 to 14 years.


Since their origin is still unknown, there is a legend that the first-ever  Birman Cat breed arrived in France with Auguste Pavie and Major Gordon Rusell in 1919.

They Almost Went Extinct

When world war II took place, they were almost wiped out and extinct. Only two of this cat breed remained alive.


This cat can feel the most emotions compared to any other cat. Some of their most prominent characteristics are listed below.

  • This cat can be as affectionate as a human being, and they can feel the love with the same intensity as human feelings of affection.
  • Their introverted nature makes them more friendly and interacts the most with their parent.
  • They are also the gentle cat that knows how to and when to be as soft as possible.

Personality  Traits

Many cats have multiple personality traits, but this cat breed is nothing like other cats. Below are the few temperamental traits of this breed that would allow you to understand your cat much better.

Birman cat in a carriage

They Are Introvert

The Birman cat breed is more of an introvert than an extrovert. They mostly attach themselves to their parent and rarely try to interact with anyone other than them. They are possessive only for their owners and not aggressive when they are closer to their parents.

They Get Jealous Easily

They also do not like their owner or favorite person being more attentive to someone other than them. They show jealousy by staying closer to their owner as much as possible and pushing the other person away.

They Are the Most Curious

Whether it’s the rolled ball of strings or simply a pointed torch, it catches their attention as fast as a wave sweeping things off of the shore. They can make anything their play toy when it comes to playing. There’s no need to worry about them not having fun as they can make anything their entertainment. Apart from that, they don’t even like to move around that much, giving you less worry about them making a mess.

They Love Kids

If you live in a household with a complete family or kids, the Birman cat breed is the perfect choice to opt-in for. This cat breed loves playing with kids and keeping them happy. You might even sometimes catch them taking care of the kids exactly how a parent would.

Health Issues

There are no critical health issues in the Birman Cat breed except one called feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

  • It is inherited as an autosomal dominant disease in the Birman cat breed that could result in heart failure.
  • They might also become overweight, which could stop them from moving around.
  • There might also be slight evidence of impaired kidney function.
  • They are also bacterial and might get infected by a virus more frequently.
A vet is caring a beautiful Birman cat

Caring Tips

Taking care of the Birman cat breed is no hard and fast rule and could be the most effortless cat to deal with. Below are a few tips to help you understand the idea of taking care of them more appropriately.

  • Even though the fur of the Birman cat breed is soft and silky, they still require to be groomed by a comb or a brush once or two times a week.
  • If this cat breed has been brought up by a human and groomed correctly, they require extra attention and love from their parent.

Final Conclusion

The Birman Cat breed might be introverted, but they are the most loving cat out there that knows how to spread the love around themselves. You may want to opt-in for this cat breed as it has the perfect personality traits needed to stay in a household with a big family. Prepare yourself to get a possessive partner when you adopt this breed. They get jealous quickly but can also be affectionate right after that.

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