Turkish Angora: Physical Characteristics and Personality

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There are many different kinds of cat breeds out there, all of them having distinguishable features and traits that make them unique in their way. This article will discuss one of the cutest and most popular cat breed out there, the Turkish Angora.

You may find this shocking, but different cats also have personalities just like humans. For instance, some cats are friendly, shy, and clingy with their owners, while some other cats, such as Persian cats, may be the grumpy and quiet type.

The Personality of Turkish Angora

When it comes to the personality of Turkish Angora, they are pretty calm, intelligent and can sense the love and nurture from their owners. Besides having a beautiful and elegant overall look, they have a surprising feature that makes them special and unique in their way.

Turkish Angora can be extremely friendly and easily maintain lovely habits, unlike other moody cats, adding to its one-of-a-kind personality. Besides being extremely clever, Turkish Angora can also have a different side, which can be quite energetic and playful. Although Turkish Angora is friendly with strangers and new household members, they usually love to surround themselves with the people he loves and cares for.

One of the most striking features of Turkish Angora is that they maintain their childhood kitten-like playfulness throughout their entire lifetime.

Turkish Angora Cat


To live a happy and playful life with Turkish Angora, you must be able to spend considerable time with him. Like I have said before, the Turkish Angora breed enjoys the company of the people he loves, but for them to get attached, it is crucial for you also to give them time.

It is the rate for a Turkish angora breed to maintain bad habits such as peeing outside the litter box or passing stool around the house. Still, if he tends to do it all time, you could easily train him to discard this bad habit. If you are unsure of Turkish Angora and its appearance, you could easily compare it with a Persian cat due to its long fur and adorable round face.

Physical Traits of Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora has been widely known for its striking and beautiful features, such as a smooth, silky coat and big round eyes. When talking about its overall size, the Turkish Angora has a medium size, not too heavy or light. This cat breed is not tall but has a slim and skinny leg, body, coat.

In addition to that, the Turkish Angora has big round, bright eyes and large ears, which adds to its uniqueness. Although the cat’s coat is long, it is single, making it easier for cat owners to groom easily, preventing tangle and dirt from accumulating. Besides this, the Turkish Angora loves to meow and chat with family members.

Beautiful white fluffy Turkish Angora cat is walking in a greenhouse

Favorable Living Conditions

When it comes to living conditions, you have to pay close attention to what the cat is doing at all times and its health conditions. Unlike other cats, you should never allow Turkish angora cats to get fat as it could be life-threatening to them. You should make sure that your cat does not know a lot because this breed has thin boning, which means that extra weight from fat could put a tremendous amount of pressure on its bones, causing them a great deal of pain.

Moreover, like most cats, the Turkish Angora loves to play around with numerous toys that make noises or wiggle. One important thing to remember is that if your cat has blue or odd-colored eyes, it may be a sign that he is deaf, but this does not affect their playfulness.

Facts About Turkish Angora Cats

You may not know this, but when it comes to Turkish Angora, they are known as the princess of all cats. When it comes to the color types of this breed, there are twenty different and unique colors, including white, red, lavender, cinnamon, black and blue. Besides this, Turkish Angora cats are extremely cautious of their environment and are described as being quite intelligent.

Unlike another breed of cats, the Turkish Angora has the ability and power to show how things are done in an environment they are put in, which means that they can easily adjust to different situations. This is important because Turkish Angora can adapt to new habits and practices more efficiently.

Another fascinating feature about this cat breed is that they have one of the most beautiful and unique eye shapes in the whole kingdom of cats and kittens. Most of these cats come in blue, but other eye colors such as green and bright amber could be.

White cat with different color eyes. Turkish angora. Van kitten with blue and green eye lies on white bed. Adorable domestic pets, heterochromia.


One last important thing to keep in mind regarding Turkish Angora is their diet. As mentioned before, this breed of cat should not be fed many times a day as it could result in obesity and can cause life-threatening consequences to your cat. You should always ensure that your cat has a balanced diet comprising proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Although some form of carbohydrates should be given to this breed, it is advisable to keep a close eye and track the nutrients your little loved one is in taking daily. Turkish Angora cats are pretty delicate, friendly, and easily groomed without any problems.


Cats are lovely creatures and can be handled easily with skill and time. So that is all when it comes to learning about the basics of the Turkish angora cat. Hopefully, you can better understand this breed of cat and distinguish its personality from other cat breeds out there.

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