Bengal Cat Breed: All You Need To Know

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Bengal Cat

Since you’ve made it here, you might have a little idea about what a Bengal cat breed is. It is the breed of a cat with leopard spots on it, a triangular head, and a thick neck. It is similar to a leopard cat because of its spotted fur and energetic side.

Bengal cat is the only cat breed that could be spotted even from afar. They are an energetic breed with shiny spots on their skin, making it easier to spot from afar. It is a hybrid cat in a mixture with the Spotted Egyptian Mau.

Some of the know-how you get to have on it is mentioned below. Keep on scrolling, and you’ll find out all that you need to know about a Bengal cat breed.


There is a huge history behind this breed of cat, but here’s a snippet for you to educate yourself on the basics of the Bengal Cat breed. Most early breedings didn’t continue after more than two generations, but Jean Mills (American cat breeder) had something else planned in her mind.

Jean Mills wanted to breed a domestic cat with the coat of a leopard. She was the first psychologist and conservationist to breed an Asian Leopard Cat along with a domestic cat. This breed of cat was officially and finally accepted by The International Cat Association in 1983.


Even though the Bengal breed was developed in the 1980s, it was not the most favorite or accepted by society. Until the 2000s, the Bengal breed became the people’s choice and the most popular breed. Finally, in 2019, the Bengal breed started spreading worldwide, and people began to adopt them frequently. The people finally started recognizing the worth of this cat and for its adorable traits.

A very cute Bengal cat

Personality Traits of Bengal Cat

One of the famous myths about this breed is that they are wild and only act innocent or domestic. When in reality, they are super sweet and loving.

They Are Loyal

Without a second thought, they give their loyalty to their favorite person. Not only are they possessive, but they also push people away that might feel like a threat to their favorite person.

They Are Energetic

Though it is in their nature to run around and jump and be as active as possible, they are still sometimes peaceful and sit calmly at a place.

Health Concerns

Do A Routine Check

It is still essential to keep a check on their vitals and run a routine checkup from time to time. They are known to have inherited the following health issues from their ancestors:

  • Cataracts
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)

Make sure when adopting a Bengal breed, you are aware of the health issues it carries so you can, later on, take proper care of it.


After learning about the health problems, be cautious and prevent things that might increase their risks. Keeping health in mind while buying a Bengal breed is vital since the inherited health issues are severe.

One is related to heart disease, while the other is related to eye blindness. Be aware of it and let your kitty live a healthy life by taking appropriate precautions.

They Maintain Their Own Health

Even after that, if they’re given complete control over their diet and exercise, they can easily maintain their health. Especially when they’re given a room with a lot of space, it is a piece of cake for them to lose or gain weight (when necessary).

A Bengal cat is lying on white background studio

Caring Tips

One of the best ways of taking care of a pet is through a vet. What can be more fun than actually learning to take care of your pet and play with them while learning new things about them?

It is, in fact, true that they do not require care in an excessive manner. Bengal cats are mostly house cats and do not require fancy healthcare products. Simply brush their hair out and remove the dead hair resting quietly on their skin.

Keep in mind that they do not need a daily shower. Just give them a bath every 2-3 times a month, and they’ll be as good as new. If you shower them more than that, there’s a chance of them losing their essential oils (found naturally on their coat), drying out their skin, and also damaging their hair.

Legal Clashes

In some countries or cities, the Bengal breed is still restricted and not welcomed. It is illegal to own a Bengal breed in those places and could take you to prison. While in some other places, the Bengal breed of a specific generation is allowed to be adopted.

A Bengal cat is crossing the river over the stones

Some Fun Facts about Bengal Cat

There’s always a fun side to everyone, and so the Bengal cat breed does too. Some of those facts are mentioned below:

1. Water is Their Love Language

They are in love with the water. The Bengals stop at nothing when it comes to playing with the water as it is known as their soul mate. Unlike some other cats, this breed of cat stays as much closer as she can to the water.

2. Glitter Gene

Another fun fact about them is that they have a glittering coat. Though Bengals differ in many colors, they are known to inherit shine also. This fact might be the most interesting one to you because they inherit a gene called the “glitter gene” that makes their fur shimmer.

Final Thoughts

The Bengal Cat breed is the most energetic and fun to be around when it comes to adventures. Look out for the mess in your house if you’re planning to buy the Bengal breed and prepare yourself for the love this little one holds.

It is the easiest to entertain this breed of cat as they get excited about the smallest things. Just learn everything about the cat before adopting it, so you don’t have to stress about getting sick for unknown reasons.