10 Most Exotic Cat Breeds in the World

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10 Most Exotic Cat Breeds

Did you know? There are 73 breeds of cats that have been recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA).

Each breed has its unique personality and traits that differentiate them from other breeds. Unlike dogs, cats serve two purposes for humans: companionship and house hunting. However, many of them seem more intriguing and exotic due to their touch with their wild side than others, which fuels their popularity.

Pet lovers love to get one of these exotic cat breeds, but their availability is the challenge they would face. They will also have to pay the prices for the privilege.

In this article, you will be surprised to know what other breeds you can get other than only Siamese and tabbies because we have covered some legal species in the mix as well.

1. Himalayan

This cat has features similar to the Persian and Siamese. It has short thick legs, a long-haired coat, and a broad boxy truck like the Persian cat. The face is round and attractive with a large head and bright blue eyes, making it the most appealing cat. The Himalayan’s marking is similar to the Siamese, such as seal point with a soft body tan. They are found in various colors such as lilac point, chocolate point, tortoiseshell, cream point, blue cream point, and flame point. Due to their long hair, this breed requires frequent grooming so that hair doesn’t mat.

Himalayan cat with blue eyes

2. Bengal

The Bengal cat has got its name for its pattern and coloration. It has a genetic link to the Asian Leopard Cat. The cat of this breed is people-friendly, and pet lovers delight to have it as a pet. Bengal cats are active animal that is always on the move unless it is their nap time. This kitty loves to make feline companions in their lives or active home.

Bengal cat walking on floor

3. Ocicat

Despite no connection with the wild cats in the gene pool, Ocicat looks quite exotic. These cats never fail to achieve everyone’s attention because of their unique character and intense looks. Even with unacquainted houseguests and pets, they are the most interactive and incredibly social cats. They leave their owners in shock with their ability to learn concepts and tricks. Their behavior is considered dog behavior because of their intelligence and desire for learning.

4. Savannah

The Savannah cat loves to enjoy the outdoors and ‘me time’ and willingly shares love and care with its family. It is a large feline animal. Thanks to its curious nature, it is an intelligent cat that knows what to find out when there is any trouble at home! Cats of this breed need mental stimulation to stay happy; interactive toys are an excellent option.

5. Sphynx

With their oversized ears and compact body, the Sphynx cats immediately attracted anyone’s eye and attention. The breed has an unusual body than other cat breeds for its hairless body. They are active cats who are loyal and affectionate companions to their owners. They are also wise that you would love to teach simple tricks but remember to involve treats, of course.

Sphynx cat sitting on gray mat

6. Nebelung

The Nebelung is the newest discovered breed of TICA, which is rare to find. It is a beautiful cat with a silky blue and gray coat. A playful, gentle, and quiet cat makes her most affectionate. This cat breed prefers its family’s company and does not quickly get along with strangers right away. Some people call this pet a cerebral animal to decide whether it makes friends with new people or not.

Closeup of a Nebelung cat

7. Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is an inquisitive cat that needs an owner who can understand its exclusive personality. It is one of few cats who are fascinated with water. It is a natural breed from the remote, rugged, and climatically Middle East region. Turkish Van is recognized for its distinctive and unique pattern having a long-haired tail with a solidly built body and great breadth to the chest. This breed reaches its maturity and development after 3 to 5 years.

8. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau has an unusual spotted coat, making them a favorite among people. It is an ancient breed that was found pictured on Egyptian tombs years ago. They are found in different color variations, such as black smoke, silver, bronze, and pewter. The dark brown or black spots are sprinkled on beige, white, bronze, and fawn coats. The Mau is a loving and loyal feline with a soft voice.

Egyptian Mau cat sitting

9. Canadian Lynx

The Canadian Lynx is a feline animal of the lonely, cold forests of North America. It likes its company more than people’s company. It has light brown, thick, and gray fur with black spots and large ears with black tufts, and a short tail with a black tip. Its legs are long, beard-like ruff with big paws. Its large paws work like snowshoes help them to move and walk in the snow.

Canada Lynx looking to the side

10. Geoffreys Cat

The Geoffreys cat is a wild animal of South America. They are commonly kept as pets despite not being domesticated with other breeds. They are kept in captivity due to their rarity so that breeders can expand the population. It has small, round black dots of equal size placed at an equal distance from one another. They have fairly stout legs; the tail is black-tipped, about half-length of the body.

Final Thoughts

Our attraction to the wild is evident in the animals we keep as pets. Keeping some exotic cats is legal in some places, but it is advisable to stick to the domesticated breed. As you can see, many cats stand out in their own right, and they are also more affectionate and suitable for home storage. Rest assured that your kitten will also have its wild side because it is where she belongs.

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