8 Top Cat Breeds That Have Big Eyes

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White Scottish Fold cat with big eyes

In the world of cats, features such as ear size, face shape, eye size, etc., vary a lot, and every breed has its unique attribute. Some cats have overly-sized ears; others have small noses, some have a triangular-shaped face, others have a square-shaped face.

Sometimes features such as those mentioned can be a differentiating attribute. This article will look at cat breeds with large beautiful eyes and some of their other attributes.

1- The Sphynx

Sphynx cat with big blue eyes

The sphynx is a cat breed that has little to no hair on its body and is hypoallergenic. This means that it does not cause allergic reactions in a select group of people. The sphynx has quite large eyes that look inquisitive, and it makes you feel as if they are always on alert, looking for something important.

Sphynx cats are quite playful and are very intelligent, and are the best cat breed for you if that is what you’re looking for.

2- Russian Blue

 This domesticated short-hair cat is quite famous for its calm demeanor and affectionate temperament. But this cat breed is also famous for its large eyes that may be the first thing that catches the attention of many aspiring cat owners.

Among other cat breeds, this cat is known to shed quite less hair and is also known to be somewhat hypoallergenic. They do not have any major health problems, so they tend to live long and healthy lives. They are very extroverted and tend to make friends with humans and animals alike quite quickly.

3- Cornish Rex

Another cat belonging to the hypoallergenic group of cat breeds is known for its unique fur. It’s special because normal cats have three layers of fur, whereas the Cornish Rex has only the bottom layer of fur, which is quite thin. This cat is one of many cat breeds that is known to be very intelligent and playful.

It is also very comfortable around other animals and other pets. They live relatively healthy lives, but they are susceptible to hot and cold weather and prone to sunburns and fevers. They have quite long legs, so they may be seen jumping from odd places and doing stunts as if it were nothing.

Portrait of a Cornish Rex kitten

Cornish Rex cat breeds are also quite active. You will need to always be on your feet because even though they are active, they tend to be quite clumsy at times. You may need to make sure that all your fragile items are kept safely away in your cupboard.

4- Devon Rex

 The Devon Rex has a similar coat to the Cornish Rex, but unlike the Cornish rex’s rough fur coat, the Devon Rex has a smoother coat and has less curly hair. They do, however, have the same eye size, which is very noticeable at a glance.

The Devon Rex is a small cat, and it is very manageable and quite playful; there would never be a dull moment with this breed.

5- The Chartreux

From the other cat breeds mentioned in this article, this cat is by far the cutest one. Its big round eyes always make it look sweet and innocent. This cat may look similar to the Russian blue.

Still, these two cat breeds are not related. They are very separate despite their very similar attributes, such as fur color and fur length. So people may end up confusing one for the other or vice versa. This breed is an indoor cat, but it is a good companion for humans and animals alike. It would not push you away if you show affection towards it.

6- The Scottish Fold

Among so many other cat breeds, this cat breed has one other unique feature besides large eyes. They are also renowned for their unique ears. They looked slopped down, which gives them an adorable look, making them look entirely innocent.

They are quite calm-tempered and do not require much attention; however, if they feel like they want affection, then you cannot deny them that.

7- Burmese

Another choice from many cat breeds is known for its large eyes and cool temper. It is known to be very active when it is small and will always require your sharp attention, and you will need to play with it to give some release to the kittens especially.

Relaxing Burmese cat

However, older Burmese cats would rather sit back and watch and will probably be found dozing off on a sofa or windowsill and would not bother you too much unless there is a problem.

They are excellent jumpers and climbers and are pretty active in that department. So you may need to install some perches or shelves high up so that they can climb up and stay active during the day.

Like many other cat breeds, the Burmese have large hazel or golden eyes that will make you feel as if they are quietly analyzing their surroundings. It will feel as if they are always thinking deeply about something.

8- Persian Cat

This is the only breed on this list with a thick and flowy fur coat, which can range from shocking colors of white or black, and always look magnificent. They have quite small faces, which makes the large eyes even more prominent.

Another feature that does not align with other cat breeds is that Persian Cats are not very active and will probably be seen sleeping or just resting their heads. You would not come home to ripped furniture or broken dishes, but instead, you’ll see a white cloud sleeping soundly on your couch and will only raise its head when it sees you walking up to it.


In the end, one thing here has been proven that cats with large eyes are more likely to be cuter and cuddlier and are more intelligent than other cat breeds that have smaller eyes or bigger faces which make it seem like they have smaller eyes. Cat breeds with larger eyes are also known to look and act more intuitively.

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