5 Top Cat Breeds for Catching Mice

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5 Top Cat Breeds for Catching Mice

We all know that cats hunt mice. However, how do you tell which cats are better at hunting than others? Is there some sort of list of the best mice-catchers?

There certainly is! While all cats have basic hunting skills and mice are their natural prey, some cat breeds are simply better at catching mice than others. This guide discusses which felines are the best at catching mice based on their physical strength, agility, and hunting skills.

Their Original Job

Cats love to hunt mice and rodents. We all know that much. However, according to researchers, this mice-catching ability brought cats into contact with humans in the first place.

Mice can cause problems since they can chew through food and clothes and destroy everything that comes in their path. This habit of mice also irritated the early humans who lived in small settlements. These humans used to store grains and pulses in sacks to save them for the winter season.

Mice could eat through these sacks and attack the food stored in them, making them unfit for human consumption. During this era, human beings did not have access to mousetraps or pesticides which they could use to kill these rodents.

A cat is holding a caught rat in its mouth

However, human beings discovered that cats that hung out near their settlements loved to kill these rodents and were great at catching mice in particular.

Seeing cats as a possible solution to their problems, these settlers started feeding and befriending cats in a bid to get them to stay. And voila, these cats became domesticated, catching mice regularly and becoming friendly with humans. So cats found a safe refuge in these settlements thanks to their mice hunting skills and have been our friends for a long time now.

The Maine Coon Cat

When it comes to the best mice hunting cats, the Maine Coon tops the list. These cats were even professionally used for catching mice on docks and ships. The Maine Coon is one of the biggest cat breeds and can weigh up to a whopping 20 pounds. However, their large size does not mean that these cats are lazy or slow. They are one of the most agile hunters in the feline world.

When they set their eyes on a mouse, they are unlikely to let it go easily. These cats are named after the area they originated from, which is Maine, USA. The Maine Coon is known to have been kept by sailors on ships and docks since they helped keep the mice population in these areas in check.

Another thing that this cat is famous for is its water-resistant coat. This water-resistant capability probably made this cat so well-suited for staying on ports and ships. If you want to keep a hunter for mice in your house, then the Maine Coon should be your number one choice, provided that you can handle a large cat.

A white Maine Coon is sitting on wooden floor

The American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair is one of the most popular pet cat breeds out there. However, these felines are also great at catching mice in addition to being lovable pets. These cats came to the United States with some of the earliest migrants from the United Kingdom. Researchers believe these cats were bred and raised as cats living on ships.

Mice can wreak havoc on ships as they chew through walls, clothes, and the food stored for the passengers. This is why getting rid of mice on ships has always been a prime concern, and American Shorthairs are believed to have been specifically raised for this purpose.

The Chartreux Cat

This fancy French cat is one of the best felines for catching mice. The Chartreux cat is very famous for stalking and following its prey before it finally pounces on it. These felines are extremely fast, agile, and strong, making them ideal for catching mice. However, these cats are also great pets. They are pretty calm and collected when not busy stalking mice. They usually are so cool that the way they get hyper when hunting mice looks rather unusual for them!

Portrait of a Chartreux cat

The Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are one the fastest felines when it comes to catching mice. Siamese cats are extremely popular as pets because of their unique, black and white appearance. These cats love meowing and asking for their owner’s attention. While Siamese cats can become lazy and like napping, they can be very active when catching mice.

Their strong and muscular body makes them ideal for following, trapping, and catching mice. If you want to get rid of the rodent problem in your house and keep a popular breed as a pet, then the Siamese should be your go-to option.

The Persian Cat

Persian cats are often treated like royalty. These furry white cats are gorgeous and make great pets. Many people think that Persian cats are nothing more than decorative features in a household. However, they could not be more wrong since the Persians are extremely smart and great at catching mice. These cats use their high intelligence to smartly capture their prey without putting in much effort.

A Persian cat is lying on a white background

A Word of Caution

While you can train your cats in catching mice, there are two things you should be aware of. The first is that be sure not to use any pesticides or rat-killing poisons around your house. This is because when your cat is going to hunt mice, it might accidentally consume this poison and become seriously ill.

Secondly, be sure to keep your cat’s vaccination up to date if it is actively hunting mice. This is because mice can often be home to several germs and diseases, and you do not want your cat to contract any of these while catching mice.

We hope that our guide helped you understand which cat breeds are the best at catching mice. While all cats have a basic ability to hunt, these breeds are exceptionally skilled at hunting rodents. So if you want to adopt a lovable pet and put an end to the mice infestation in your house, adopting one of these breeds can be a good option.

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