Siamese Cat Breed: All You Need To Know

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Siamese Cat Breed: All You Need To Know

Many cat lovers already know what the Siamese cat breed is; after all, this is what their expertise is in, right? If you happened to stumble over this article coincidentally or are a new pet lover enthused to learn about cat breeds, then you came to the right place!

The Siamese cat breed has more than you already know about it. Though it may look like an ordinary cat, its traits, facts, and history is sure to shock you to the core.

Don’t hesitate and learn more about the only cat breed that has gained popularity by so many people in such a short time.


It is the first only Asian cat breed recognized widely by many people, especially in Thailand. Their origin was from Thailand, the previously known country as ‘Siam’. The breed is not just an average cat breed as it is mainly found in Thailand’s National Library.

In 1878, the breed was first recognized because of its particular markings and contrasting colors over its body.

This breed has been registered as their two types; “Traditional Siamese Breed” and “Modern Development”.

Traditional ones kept disappearing and had a massive chance of getting extinct, so the scientists kept on breeding and registering them to save them from extinction, which later became the modern version of ‘The Siamese cat breed’.

An adorable SIamese cat is sitting on a beige sofa

Special Features of Siamese Cat Breed

There are many specialties about the Siamese cat breed that could get you in awe and make you want to adopt one. Their slim tail and legs and a pigmented face with a contrasting color of brown are just as unique as the cat itself.

The Siamese cat breed has been the people’s choice for its appearance and personality traits that would make even a grown man want to buy it. Their blue eyes are also a reason for them becoming many people’s first priority when adopting a distinctive cat breed.

Personality Traits

Every cat has their own unique personality that makes them stand out from the other cats. Just like that, this cat also has a lot of attractive personality traits, which are listed below:

  • Converse With the Humans
    One of the best traits that mostly catches people off guard is that they can have a complete conversation with the humans. If they’re comfortable enough with their owner, they talk a lot and have a proper conversation with their human.
  • Affectionate
    Their ability to be loving and affectionate is what makes them even more adorable. When it comes to displaying public affection, it is a piece of cake for the Siamese cat breed.
  • Highly Energetic
    The only thing that could be counted as a drawback is that they are very energetic; they could play around all day and still not get tired in the nighttime. Even after leaving your house in a mess by playing all day, it would still be not enough for them.
  • Extrovert
    If they’re said to interact with a stranger, they do not hesitate at all! They could be up in the other person’s lap and be as comfortable as they are with their parents.
  • Intelligent
    The best part about adopting them is that they are creatively intelligent. Not only do their minds run while playing but also when they have to be clever. They could be stuck behind a locked door, and it would mostly take them 10 seconds to cross that gate.

A woman is playing with her Siamese cat

Bond Making

You could also easily create a special bond with your Siamese cat breed. They get attached quickly, and you don’t have to continuously please them to have the best bond with them.

Just maintain eye contact with them and slowly start talking to them as if they are your friend. You can even casually go and lay down beside them, which gives them assurance that you are trustworthy.

It will not even take a month or so to create a supportive and life-dependent bond with this breed as they give their total commitment to their owner.

Thrilling Facts About Siamese Cat Breed

Apart from their specialties, there are still some thrilling facts about them that could make the goosebumps on your skin rise. How fascinating could those facts be, right? Continue reading and find out by yourself!

  • Descendents
    This breed was born in Siam (now known as Thailand) and descended from felines.
  • Traditional VS Modern Breed
    The traditional breed could only be found in Thailand. In contrast, the modern-day breed has now undergone immense changes in appearance and everything because of scientific breeding.
  • Weight
    Most male Siamese breeds weigh from 11 to 15 pounds, no more or less than that. While the females weigh from 8-12 pounds.
  • Another Name
    They were also known by another name, “Witchen-matt” in the ancient timings, which then translates into “Moon diamond”.

Health Issues

The Siamese cat breeds are the only cat with 15-20 years of lifespan, and some could even live past that. The only critical diseases that could result in life-threatening are asthma, amyloidosis (liver disease), dental diseases, and various cancers.

Take your cat to the vet with a proper routine and make sure they are getting scanned by a reputable Siamese breeder. Keep your cat safe with the regular screening.

Taking Care

There’s no hard and fast rule to properly take care of them as they only need weekly combing to keep their fur safe from dead hair and diseases. Since there’s a risk of dental disease, brush their teeth daily to keep them safe.

Also, make sure to control their diet and nutrition; since they have slim bodies, they gain weight quickly, which could be visible even after one meal.

A beautiful SIamese cat with blue eyes

Appearance of Siamese Cat Breed

The Siamese cat breed is slim and contrasted colored cats that might look muscular because of their fur. They have deep, piercing blue eyes because of their DNA characteristics and inherited genes.

Final Thoughts

The Siamese cat breed is nothing but an adorably loving, friendly, and communicative cat who loves to stay around people.

Get yourself a Siamese cat breed if you’re looking for a pet to spend your time with!