Maine Coon Cat Breed: All You Need to Know

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Maine Coon Cat Breed

Loving, fluffy, and sweet-natured, the Maine Coon cats are the only longhair breed native to the USA. Despite their massive size, they are much gentler and shaggy. Cats of this breed are extrovert, bright, and adaptable. You can also call these cats water cats because they are fascinated by water, making them endlessly entertaining family pets.

Maine Coon is the most popular and recognizable domesticated cat breed because of its bushy tail, longhaired bushy coats, and sweet temperament. They are cats with bigger hearts!

If you have set your heart to adopt a Maine Coon cat, keep reading to learn more about them. This article has highlighted everything you need to know about your next feline friend. Let’s begin!

History of Maine Coon Cat Breed

Seamen introduced the only longhair breed Maine Coon cat in New England. It is thought that they were carrying cats on their ships; those cats left the ship permanently or for a bit of shore leave. After that, they bred with the existing native cats of England that resulted in the ultimate creature of a breed of their own.

In 1895, a best cat award show was held in New York; it was the beginning of the show career for the Maine Coon cats when a cat tabby Maine Coon named ‘Leo’ won the title of the best cat. Cat Leo kept winning until 1900 when his son defeated him at the Boston cat show.

Closeup of a Maine Coon cat

Personality of Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats possess many personality traits that make them pet lovers’ favorite. Here are some attractive traits of this breed that make this feline an appealing and loving cat in the owner’s eyes.

Maine Coons Are Talkative

If you are single and live alone in an apartment, then better consider Maine Coon cats because they are super talkative. They will not let you get bored for a second. They are interactive cats that can make anyone’s day. However, these cats don’t meow a lot, and instead, they make soft hissing and chirping sounds when they are excited or thrilled by something.

They Can Become Your Best Friend

Dogs are considered the human’s best friend because of their loyalty. But did you know who is called the man’s best friend in the cat’s world? Yes, Maine Coon cats!

Maine Coons like to follow their owners everywhere once they have succeeded in establishing a solid bond. They are extremely curious like dogs and love to help you with their paws wherever they can.

They Love to Play a Lot

Maine Coon cats love to play either with their friends, owners, or themselves. They are considered the clowns of the cat world. They appreciate the company of their parents and love to share toys with them while playing.

While fooling around, you will notice they paw more than necessary because it is their loving habit. You don’t need to panic but be aware because they can damage things around them.

Maine Coon walking on green lawn

They Are Gentle Giants

Because of their giant size, you would think they are cats full of aggressive behavior; in fact, they are the gentlest cats you will ever have. These kitties show affection and love in the form of purring and cuddling and often ask their owner for belly rubs.

They are incredibly patient cats and love to be held by kids. If you ever adopt another pet, then the Maine Coon will be your next friend because they can easily make friends. Be prepared to share your bed with a new feline companion!

They Are Attention Seeker

If you ever plan to throw a house party, then let your Maine Coon steal the show because with her personality, she will more likely win the hearts of your guests. Maine Coons are exceptionally social cats among humans and other animals. Their inquisitive nature always makes them explore their surroundings! They can easily get along with new environments because of their flexible nature.

They Are Intelligent Cats but a Little Weird

Maine Coon cats are brilliant, but they also get quickly ticked by some weird things. They find pleasure in things such as running taps and puddles in water. They might follow you up to the bathroom and accompany you to the shower because they love water, remember? These cats are masters in keeping themselves entertained with silly and weird things.

Maine Coon cat in a garden

Health Problems of Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons are healthy cats, but like other cats, there are a few concerns to be aware of, including:

  • Hip Dysplasia: This is a genetic condition that can happen to Maine Coon. This condition causes the joints to not fit properly, resulting in the inability of joint movement.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease: In this genetic condition, a cyst develops in the cat’s kidney, increasing its size and causing it to function less effectively.
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: It occurs when the heart walls get thickened, resulting in the improper supply of blood that possibly leads to heart failure.

Caring Tips

At age 3 to 4, Maine Coon cats reach their maturity. They are calm, affectionate, and loyal, but they are not lazy lap cats. They love to enjoy their freedom but can also captivate you quickly.

As a Maine Coon parent, you will need to groom their long silky hair as it doesn’t mat easily. Comb their glorious coat twice a week to remove dead hair and hairball. Take them to the shower when you feel their fur greasy or stringy. Cut their nails twice a month. Also, brush their teeth weekly to maintain dental hygiene.

Wrapping Up

Owning a Maine Coon is a big responsibility; therefore, it is essential to know about their personality, caring tips, and health problems. If you ever adopt a Maine Coon, this article might be helpful!