10 Best Cat Breeds to Travel With

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10 Best Cat Breeds to Travel With

Cats are incredibly loving feline animals and a great addition to any family. For some cat owners, cats are as important as their actual family members because they like traveling and hanging out along with their pet cats.

Many people think their cats would start screaming if they put their felines in the cat carrier when traveling with them. Although cats don’t like traveling, some breeds can make your journey memorable.

So if you love traveling and are looking for a traveling feline partner, keep reading because, in this article, we have got you covered with some beloved cat breeds with whom you would love to travel.

1. Siamese

Siamese cats are great travel companions because of their laid-back and easy-going nature. They are fiercely loyal cats with prominent personalities, leaving their owner free of worries when they head out on the open road. They are self-sufficient and like to enjoy their travel time away from home. They are good with children and other pets, making them a great feline travel companion!

Siamese cat with blue eyes

2. Abyssinian

Love for playing, jumping, climbing, and exploring the great outdoors; these all-in-one qualities make an adventurous feline Abyssinian cat. Their curious personality and strong build make them the perfect travel buddy!

They are also great for plane traveling because they tend to be quieter and enjoy lots of attention and activity throughout the way. In addition, their dog-like personalities make them stick to their human companions.

Abyssinian cat sitting on floor

3. Tiffany

These long hair cats are good travel buddies because they are amiable cats. They are not like other cats that love to jump here and there, getting their owners into loads of trouble.

If you have plans to travel to more than one place, Tiffany cats sound good because they don’t like staying in the same places for long and tend to feel lonely without anyone around. These cats are also considered to be good car riders. They are slightly weird around strangers and sometimes don’t like to be around them.

4. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats have a personality of mixed bags. Some of them love to travel while others don’t like it at all. They are playful cats and like to be around their feline friends. Taking Scottish Fold cats is a good choice for traveling because they love the bond with their owners and don’t like being lonely. So, taking this cat breed would be pretty smart if you don’t want to get bored while traveling.

Scottish Fold cat sitting near window

5. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtails are very social and like to interact with human beings. Their personality of significant interaction makes them the perfect kind to go traveling with because they can adapt to new environments quite well.

You will feel comfortable during your adventurous trip with Japanese Bobtail as they will also like to engage in your activities. These cats like to participate and are active in various activities, and they would also not mind if constrained for transporting; they would stay relaxed until arriving.

Closeup of a Japanese Bobtail cat

6. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are super active when their parents take them outdoors on a journey. However, sometimes this breed does not enjoy playing fetch and toys, but they can manage long travel pretty well. They quickly get along with children and other pets and love to play and hang out with them. Their mild and soft nature allows them to adjust to any situation.

Ragdoll cat lying on floor

7. Persian

Persian cats are easy to travel with and are very vain. They are royal cats that love lots of attention and love when their owner pays extra attention to them throughout the entire journey. They love being around strangers when you take them away from home because, for them, it’s a chance to pretend in front of them. You will need to groom and brush her frequently because if left with a mess, you will need to deal with it in your car and cat carrier.

White Persian cat relaxing

8. Maine Coon

If you want a feline friend who can sometimes be a dog, go for Maine Coon cat. Like dogs, they love people and favor a peaceful life with other pets. If you already have a pet dog, then take your dog along with the Maine Coon cat on a walk on a harness. They love going out and exploring the world with their max curiosity, making them the perfect partner for the feline expedition.

Maine Coon sitting on fallen leaves

9. Bengal

Bengal cats never miss catching people’s attraction because of their glittery marble coat, friendly personality, agile stature, and sense of exploration. They are fantastic travelers to travel with because their agility makes them perfect hikers, explorers, and climbers. They are extremely energetic and possess great stamina for traveling. If you seek a furry travel companion for your trip, then no cat breed can fit better than Bengal cats.

Bengal Cat Sitting

10. Russian Blue

Just like their names, Russian Blue is a beautiful cat breed. Their dog-like personality doesn’t mind being left at home alone but gets excited when they see their owners at the end of the day.

These fur babies love to chase after toys and fetch. Their energy prefers human interaction and goes well with children. They are sympathetic cats that won’t mind if you try to calm a crying baby or feel blue. They are sometimes shy of strangers but can easily be trained and socialized. They don’t like being alone for a prolonged period; therefore, make them your travel companion as they will keep you entertained.

Closeup of a purebred Russian Blue cat

Final Thoughts

If you spend most of your time traveling and enjoy great outdoor adventures, then you are more likely to do best with any of these kitties. Choose your favorite one and have a safe journey with your feline travel buddy!

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