8 Popular Cat Breeds That Are Considered Intelligent

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Grey cat with glasses

We all know that cats are famous for being one of the most intelligent animals out there. However, even within the feline world, certain cat breeds are considered to be smarter than others. We have compiled a list of 8 cat breeds that have the highest intelligence in the cat world.

While we understand that there can be numerous ways to measure mental capacity, these cat breeds are considered smart because of a range of different factors: their interaction with humans, their ability to learn tricks, etc.

1. Bengal cats

Bengal cats are perhaps one of the most intelligent cat breeds out there. They are usually slender, muscular and can be up to 10 inches in height. They are heavier than they look and can weigh up to 12 pounds. The Bengals are one of those cat breeds that still have a bit of a wild streak.

A Bengal cat is gazing at a mouse toy

This is why this highly intelligent cat can pick out fish from your aquarium, turn on light switches and perch themselves on places so high; you will be puzzled with how they even got there! Bengal cats are also very energetic and love physical exercise, so that you can engage them in several interesting, exercise-related games as well.

2. Siamese cats

Siamese cats are usually sleek and can be up to 10 inches in height. This is one of those cat breeds that love to play with its owner and actively seeks out their attention. However, if you are not able to play with them, the Siamese can entertain themselves too. You may find this smart breed opening drawers, rummaging through cupboards, and exploring the nooks and crannies of your house.

3. Abyssinian cats

Abyssinian cats are famous for their love of water! However, this slender cat is also extremely intelligent. Cat owners have trained them to take walks on leashes and say that they are great at learning new, mentally stimulating games. You will often find them surveying everyone in the room and taking in their details. The Abyssinian is also good at adapting to other cats and pets in the house.

Portrait of an Abyssinian cat

4. Singapura

This breed is one of the smaller cat breeds out there. As you might have guessed from their names, these cats grew up in the streets of Singapore. Their introduction to the world at large is relatively recent. This is one of the cat breeds that was introduced in the USA in the 1970s. Despite this, the Singapura is one of the rarer cat breeds out there. These little felines are usually only 7 to 8 inches long.

However, what they lack in size, they more than makeup in terms of their intelligence. The Singapura is extremely smart, and at times naughty! They love jumping to high places, so you might find them sitting on your shoulder or swinging from a curtain. They can even enjoy their own company and play with their toys for hours on end.

5. Savannah Cats

This is one of the biggest domestic cat breeds out there. The Savannah cats are a hybrid breed since numerous African wild cats were cross-bred for these cats to be born. They can weigh a whopping 30 pounds and be up to 14 inches long.

We would suggest that you have plenty of space in your home for these Savannah cats to run and play around in. This is because the Savannah cat breeds love to engage in physical exercise. Surprisingly, this slightly wild breed of cats loves to play with water. So if you ever leave a tap running in your home, you might find the Savannah cat playing with it!

6. Korat Breed

Relaxing Korat cat with grey fur

The Korat is one of the unique cat breeds out there. They are originally from a province of Thailand, but thanks to modern transportation, they can be found in small numbers worldwide. The breed has a heart-shaped face and is relatively stocky. While they are extremely curious and energetic, they can also be taught how to follow household rules. The Korat is pretty happy when it is left to play with its toys.

However, if you live in a multi-cat household, do remember that the Korat is not one of those cat breeds famous for sharing. They like to keep their things to themselves. While they are not aggressive or hostile, our advice is to keep their toys separate.

7. The Cornish Rex

This is one of those cat breeds that resemble pet dogs in terms of their nature. The Cornish Rex is truly one of its kind. They can learn several tricks, such as opening locks using their long toes to even playing the piano. This breed has a wavy coat and a sharp, pointed face. They also have relatively large ears and can be up to 14 inches long.

8. Havana Brown

Relaxing Havana Brown cat

This is one of the unique cat breed out there. If you look in their eyes for long enough, you may just get lost in their depth. The Havana Brown is famous for its extremely lustrous coat, which comes in rich chocolate-colored tones. These cats love to talk, so be prepared for quite a bit of meowing from them. However, they are only mildly active, so you won’t find them running around all day. This breed likes to engage itself in hard, challenging puzzles and games which keep it mentally stimulated. Their intelligence is to be expected. After all, they are cousins of the Siamese!

Which cats are not that smart?

While we love all felines, certain cat breeds are not as smart as others. Generally speaking, if you are looking for a pet cat, the cat’s intelligence is not a very pressing concern. After all, you are not going to make them appear for an exam. However, for some cat owners, the intelligence of cat breeds may be an important consideration when making a decision.

For such owners, we would say that the ragdoll, British shorthair, and Persian cats are cat breeds they should not look into. While all of these breeds are extremely lovable, they are not as intelligent as those listed above.

We hope that our guide on the most intelligent cat breeds proves helpful for you. We suggest that all potential cat owners look for pets with a good, calm nature and not judge different cat breeds based on their IQ. However, a cat’s intelligence is important if you want to engage in games or enter them in some cat shows. The eight breeds we have listed above are all extremely bright, intelligent, and curious.

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