5 Inspiring Appearance Traits of a Russian Blue Cat

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Russian Blue Cat Looking to the Side

Did you spot a blue-gray cat but are not sure if it’s a Russian Blue cat or not? Some physical features make Russian Blue cats unique in their way. Their thick, double-layered coating, eye color, and body shape all make the cat look very elegant; actually, they might look a bit too mature for their friendly nature.

Russian Blue cats are some of the world’s rarest cat species, and today we will talk about all the reasons that make this cat so special. These cats are so lovely that they will make you want to buy one as soon as you read this, so today, let’s talk about the five appearance traits of our gray, furry feline friend.

1. Big, Fluffy Russian Blue Coat

Russian Blue cats look very furry when you at them. You can trace patterns on their fur as well! The fur on these cats makes them look much bigger than they are. Quite fluffy. You can cuddle with their soft fur. Now actually, the hair of their coat does not stick to the surface on its length, but it stands straight.

At a 45-degree angle, to be more precise. This is honestly the one feature that makes these cats so different from the others. And why not? They look like a plush toys! So if you’re looking up for Russian Blue cat adoption, then know that is one furry friend you would love to cuddle with.

Double Layered Fur

Wondering why they have such fur? These cats originated from a very cold climate. They come from Archangel, which is around just 150 miles from the Arctic circle! For them to survive that cold weather, they had to have thick fur. The fur of Russian Blue cats is double layered and very thick, and the hair is very dense and velvety.

There are stories that Russian Blue cats were a favorite of hunters for the warm coat. Good news about their coats is that they don’t shed that often, phew! But you’ll at least have to brush them once a week or so.

2. Blue, Gray Color

Now on to the color of the cat. It is not exactly blue but a silvery greyish. Want to know a fun fact? Their beautiful coat will shimmer if you hit it with reflective light! The hair color is not the same throughout the length of the strands. It is a kind of lavender at the bottom, which then gets darker when moving towards the tip of the hair, and the tip is silver. Different cats can have slightly different shades, such as slate, silver, or bluish-gray shades. The gene that makes their coat look like this is a form of the black hair gene because, in pets, blue hair is just another version of black.

Russian Blue kittens may have a pattern over them, known as ghost stripes. But as the kittens grow up, the pattern fades away, leaving an even coat all over. However, if you purchase a Russian Blue mix cat, the color can be mixed and different, which might be interesting.

Not only do these cats come in blue, but some Russian Blue cat breeders, such as in Australia and New Zealand, breed them in such a way that they also come in white, black, and shades of traditional blue, and the cats are called “Russians.”

3. Elegant Body Features

Kind of like the Koran and Oriental shorthair breeds, the figure of Russian Blue cats is long, slim, firm, and fine-boned Even though they are slim, these cats have a surprisingly muscular body! They have long legs that help them sprint fast; for these reasons, it has earned the name of the “Doberman Pinscher of Cats.” These legs are fine-boned and strong and muscular, just like the rest of the body.

The cats are medium-sized, somewhere between the Persians and Siamese breeds. They have long tails, but these tails are still proportionate with the rest of the body. The paws of Russian Blue cats are small, and slightly rounded, and have a mauve or pinkish lavender shade. The sleek and slender figure enhances the elegance of these cats, making them look so charming.

Long and Slender Neck

The necks of Russian Blue cats are long and slender, which move into high shoulder blades. However, when the Russian Blue is sitting, the neck can appear short and thick because of the thick fur covering it all over. But when the Russian Blue cats stretch their necks, you can see how long and beautiful they are.

Triangle Shaped Head

Even the head shape of Russian Blue cats is different than that of other cats, and it is triangle-shaped, compared to other cats whose heads look more like apples. The flat skull and broad wedge have led some people to describe their head shape as similar to that of cobras. However, these cats are so sweet and friendly; in reality, they’re nothing like cobras. Their ears are wide and large, and the nose is tipped black.

4. Striking, Bright Green Eyes

The eyes of Russian Blue cats are another feature that sets them apart from normal cats. When they are born, they have yellow eyes, but a bright green ring appears around the pupil as they mature. These eyes are round in shape but are slightly slanted to the top and bottom. Russian Blue cats have eye colors in striking, bright green; it looks so pretty and perfectly complements the blue-gray fur of these cats.

5. Mona-Lisa like Smile

And lastly, the Russian Blue cats have a mouth that is slanted on the edges to make it look like it is slightly smiling. This slightly upturned smile, according to some people, is similar to that of the Mona Lisa. Now that you know all the interesting physical features that set Russian Blue cats apart from the other breeds, don’t you feel like getting one? Well, it is a good idea because you will own a new cuddle buddy who looks so much prettier than all the other cats.

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