Ragdoll Cat Breed: All You Need to Know

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Ragdoll Cat Breed: All You Need to Know

Super-soft fluffy, calm, and friendly companion with blue eyes, Ragdolls are a perfect choice for all pet lovers! These cats resemble little teddy bears and can be your next feline fur baby. Their love for human company and trust make this cat breed great companions. Their name was introduced for their tendency to relax when held.

Read on to find out more about Ragdoll cats, their history, personality, and all the things you need to know as a parent of Ragdoll cats.

History of Ragdoll Cats

The breed was started in California in the 1960s by its creator Ann Baker. Since then, it is now the most popular breed in the cat world because of its origin and beautiful body and eyes. It is believed that the Ragdoll cats are the combination of the Birman, Burmese, and the Persian breed cats, but the original cat is recognized by the white cat named Josephine.

The name of the Ragdoll cats defines its characteristics, and this name was copyrighted by the creator Ann which can only be used for this cat breed. The cats of this breed have high standards for their color placement and are not allowed to breed outcross. However, Ragdoll cats can be seen now in more different colors than in the past since the last few years.

A cute Ragdoll cat is lying on the floor

Personality of Ragdoll Cats

● Ragdoll is Quiet Kitten

Ragdoll cats are sociable as well as quiet kittens, and they quickly get along with their friends and the human environment. Due to this trait, this breed is considered the best for those living in the apartment alone. But, this attribute also has some downside; for instance, ragdoll cats may not meow when in pain or distresses like many other cat breeds – ensure to treat and care for them with care.

● They are Calm and Easy Going

Yes, they are calm and easygoing with the flow because of their strange aspect of adaptability. Ragdoll cats are known as the creatures of habit. Their friendly personality makes them a true blessing to work with, which means these cats are not too energetic such as jumping or knocking things over, running up the walls, or attacking your sofa or curtains. Having a Ragdoll cat on your lazy weekend is a blessing for you!

● They are Patient to No End

Raggies are gentle giant and patient cats, especially when it comes to children and other animals. If you have kids who love kittens and always want to pick up or carry cats around, then get them a Ragdoll cat because these cats are perfect for them.

Because of their size, Ragdoll needs support when picked up; teach your children how to pick her up. Ragdoll cats are incredibly social kitties that love to make friends play, or follow around the entire house.

● They Have Quirky Nature

These zany cats have quirky nature. They love to make eye contact with their owner and, after that, rush forward to give a quick kiss to their parents before running away. This endearing personality trait makes them more loving in the eyes of a pet owner.

Ragdolls are also notoriously silly, exposing the belly and begging for smooth rubs. Their nature brings a lot of laughs into the house; they are curious to know and see what you are doing, so be prepared to show them what you are holding in your hand to satisfy their desire of curiosity.

A girl is playing with her Ragdoll kitten

Playing is their Priority

Playing is at the top of the list for Ragdoll. They are high-spirited cats and never get tired of playing with their friends and family. People love to play with cats of this breed because they never get super aggressive while playing.

Their favorite play game is chasing things. Throw a scrunched piece of paper, ball, or clothespin to get their good attention. They are more likely to lick and nibble your fingers when you pat them with love.

Health Problems in Ragdoll Cats

● Obesity

Ragdoll cats are prone to obesity and tend to be overweight; therefore, Raggie’s parents need to keep them active with some activities to overcome overweight. An interactive play is essential for these couch potatoes and their people.

Hypertrophic Cardiac Myopathy

Hypertrophic Cardiac Myopathy is also a common disease in Ragdoll Cats that causes their heart muscle to thicken. Any cat can have this disease, but some breeds are more prone to it, and Ragdoll is one of them.

● Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is another dominant disease in Ragdoll cats. PKD causes cysts inside the cat’s kidneys that lead to kidney failure.

● Mucopolysaccharidosis

Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) is a group of genetic metabolism diseases that lead cats to cause enlargement of the liver and degenerative bone disease. The treatment includes enzyme replacement and bone marrow transplant.

● Urinary Tract Problems

Ragdolls are disposed to infection, urinary tract problems, and bladder stones. If your cat suffers from this disease, make sure to give her a proper diet and make her drink plenty of water.

A beautiful Ragdoll cat is chasing colorful balls

How to Take Care for Ragdoll Cats

  • Ragdolls have a sparse undercoat, making them less likely to form mats; however, ragdoll cats need to be brushed twice a week.
  • They have friendly and trusting nature; for this reason, don’t allow them to free roam; provide them with a safe cat enclosure.
  • Trim the front claws of Raggies every 4 to 6 weeks. Both claw trimming and grooming should be started in their kittenhood so that your cat becomes used to it from a very young.
  • Ragdoll owners also need to take dental care to prevent gum disease because dental disease impacts not only cat’s teeth but also their overall health. Take your cat to brush her teeth with your but make sure not to give her hum toothpaste.
  • An annual health check is also required to keep her fit and healthy.

Final Thought

Ragdoll Cats are the personification of the ideal cat, and their characteristics and personalities make them the most desirable breed of all cats. You will indeed fall in love with the Ragdoll as there is no turning back!