6 Best Cat Breeds for First Time Owner

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6 best cat breeds for first time cat owner

Have you longed for a cat but don’t know what to get? Don’t worry; here is everything you need to know as first-time cat parents that will help you decide which breed is the right one for you.

Adopting cats as pets is one of the best decisions of your life; if you aren’t an animal lover, rest assured, a cat will make you one. Although the fun keeps at its own pace, getting cats means it is an additional responsibility for you. You need to take care of their health, food, well-being, etc.; all in all, just keep an eye on them all the time. Regardless, a cat in the house is a blessing in disguise.

However, before you hit the pet store, there are certain things that you need to consider and decide on;

Age and Gender

Decide whether you want a cat, kitten, or a senior, and within that, do you want a male or a female.


Cats have personalities too. While some are playful and chill, others can get serious and violent pretty often. Some are quite active and vocal, while others are shy and quiet. Therefore, you need to know which cat personality suits you and your environment best.

Grooming and Maintenance

Cats often need regular grooming and maintenance, so before adopting your cat, make sure you have enough time on your hands to groom them. If not, you are better off opting for a breed that doesn’t need a lot of grooming naturally.

Affection Level

Just as there are different personalities, cats have different affection levels. Some cats crave cuddles and hugs a lot and need constant reassurance; they may be vocal about it and want your attention 24/7. On the other hand, other cats don’t have physical touch as affection language; these cats would purr and meow around you when they are happy but might not enjoy a good hug or cuddle.

A pretty girl is hugging her cute Abyssinian cat

Cat Breeds for First Time Cat Owner

Moving on to the central part, the breeds. According to the international cat association, there are seventy-one breeds of cats in total, which gives you many options to consider.

1. Maine Coon

Having an average lifespan of about 12.5 years, the Maine Coon breed of cats manifests amiable behavior. They get along well with kids and are furry, soft, and intelligent when we talk about behavior and appearance. All in all, sweethearts to live with, won’t bother you much, and keep the hustle on the down-low. However, you need to groom them quite regularly.

If you decide to get more cats or a dog in the future, you wouldn’t have to worry about your Maine Coon because they blend in well with dogs and cats and other animals.

Maine Coon sitting on fallen leaves

2. Ragdoll

Ragdolls love their space. They are quiet and chill in nature but are also active when they feel like it. They are polite and have a pretty laid-back nature making them ideal for families with children. They also get close to their owners and feel comfortable in their presence. Their claws are also retracted, which makes their contact with children safer than other breeds. Although, their fur grows a lot, and that needs regular combing.

White Ragdoll cat

3. Siamese

Siamese cats are quite the match for a first-time cat parent. Besides being one of the most ancient breeds of cats, they are friendly, affectionate, and low maintenance. They have short fur that doesn’t need to be combed or groomed a lot. They are also playful and intelligent, making them good learners; hence you can train them quickly. They have been toe to toe with humans for a while now, making them a great ideal to be your first cat pet.

Siamese cat relaxing

4. Scottish Fold

Getting Scottish Fold cats is a wise decision, considering the intelligent breed. Their cuddles are worth dying for, and due to having tiny legs, they don’t jump around much, relieving you from the loud ‘thud’ noises now and then.

You could often spot them sleeping in unusual positions, including their backs, proving that they are all the cuteness you need in life. They are curious and outgoing by nature, so you will probably have a bit walking partner wherever you go. They have a quirky personality and cute little folded ears as well. They are good with children and other cat breeds. Although, they have long hair folds on their bodies that need to be combed and maintained for grooming.

Scottish Fold cat lying on the bed

5. Sphynx

The Sphynx cats enjoy affection at their peak. They are playful, cuddly, and get along well with children, guests, and other cats/dogs. They are naturally hairless, which is why they are ideal pets for people who have allergies and tend to sneeze or itch much around cat hair. This also means that they don’t require a lot of grooming. However, you will have to bathe them regularly. Overall, they are incredibly gentle and easy-going, especially when introduced at a young age.

Sphynx kitten lying on carpet

6. American Shorthair

If you are searching for a friendly and gentle cat, then American Shorthair is the one you should go for. They are exceptional with people, children, and pets, but they don’t demand much attention from cuddling either. So if you are a fan of enjoying your own space, then you’ve got a buddy! They are highly social, mingle well with dogs, and need minimal grooming because of their short hair.

An adorable American shorthair cat

Wrapping Up

No matter what cat you adopt, it will work for you at the end of the day. Cats are pretty flexible and can adapt to your routine well, so they will be happy as long as you fulfill their requirements. And from the looks of it, you will too.

So don’t hesitate because your life and mental health get ten times better when there’s a cat mingling around you.

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