If You Are a Unique Pet Pal; 5 Best Hairless Cat Breeds for You

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Two hairless Sphynx cats playing

Are you a person that has been allergic to cats since birth, but that didn’t stop you from wanting to own a cat? You knew that there are hairless cats, but you didn’t know which cat was the best one for you? This article helps you in overcoming that in an instant! A hairless cat may look wrinkly and weird and sometimes grumpy, but they are the opposite of all those words.

Due to their rare attribute of having no fur, these cats skyrocketed in popularity. Many owners prefer them more than normal cats due to their specific attributes, mainly not having any fur. It is due to this same reason that a hairless cat will always be found snuggled next to their owners because they have no fur to keep them warm, so they utilize their owners and use them as a source of warmth.

There are many hairless cat breeds; this article discusses five of them and their different physical and psychological attributes.

1- The Sphynx

This hairless cat is the most common cat breed. They were first discovered in Egypt and are also considered a god in Egyptian mythology. They have long pointy ears and have typically slender bodies. They are known to be very vocal animals, but they will not vocalize until they have to.

Sphynx cat lying down

They are somewhat agile due to their strong hind legs and long front legs, enabling them to jump up to typically significant heights. They are, however, prone to heart diseases. Hence, it is essential to take them to the vet regularly to avoid problems in the future.

They are very friendly cats and are not intimidated easily. They do not have the typical standoff-ish personality of other cats and are usually very inviting into their territory. The Sphynx is also called a ‘bald cat’ because they have no fur on their heads or foreheads.

2- The Bambino

This hairless cat is a hybrid, unlike the Sphynx cat, and is a cross between a sphynx and a munchkin, which is a breed of cat with comparatively short legs. This cross is a cat with short legs, large years, and no fur on its skin. They are very affectionate cats, and they are comparatively smaller than other hairless cat breeds. Usually, they grow to a maximum weight of 9 pounds.

This hairless cat has a very playful and active personality. It would be best to provide an active environment by giving those toys to play with, such as cat trees and foraging food toys; the best option is to play with them. It not only deepens your bond with your hairless cat but also acts as a mode of release for your cat and you.

3- Peterbald

This hairless cat was more of an experimental breed made in Russia. They have a unique attribute, as they have oval-shaped webbed paws, rarely seen in other cats. They resemble domestic shorthairs, just with a hair-losing gene added. They have pretty large ears and may even have the most significant ear-to-head ratio compared to other cats.

Peterbald cat enjoying outdoor nature

Due to their hairlessness, they are prone to sunburns and are sensitive to hot and cold weather. They are more prone to injuries while playing with children because they do not have any fur to protect them, so you may have to take extra care with that.

Surprisingly, they are hypoallergenic cats, and that is because they have a chemical protein in their saliva and dander that triggers allergies for sensitive groups.

4- Donskoy

This hairless cat is also called the Don Sphynx and the Russian hairless. They are named after the sphynx because they have similar characteristics to the Sphynx and are sometimes mistaken.

However, they couldn’t be any more different. Sphynx cats developed hairlessness due to a genetic mutation and a recessive gene that prevents hair follicles from growing on their skin, preventing them from growing hair even in the winters. The Donskoy, however, is a hairless cat because of a dominant gene, which means it will be hairless even though one of its parents had fur.

Portrait of a Donskoy cat

Donskoy cats have the remarkable ability to grow a short-haired fur coat in the winters, and they would shed it soon after the end of the winter. This makes them an extraordinary breed, and it is not hypoallergenic, unlike other cats.

5- Elf

This hairless cat is a cross between a Sphynx and an American Curl breed; it is considered a very playful cat. They are not hairless but have very short fur, which gives their skin a similar texture to peach skin. Aside from that, they can also be found to have short patches of hair on their ears or tail, so in a sense, they are not completely hairless.

They are not very large and small compared to other hairless cat breeds such as the sphynx. Despite their looks, they are very outgoing and are not introverted cats.


Hairless cats are very special breeds. They are very sought after; due to their particular characteristics and high demand, a pedigreed hairless cat would cost you well over $2000. They also range in size from small to large, and they are a group with a lot of variety, so there is a hairless cat for every type of person.

However, a hairless cat is prone to some health problems, so special care must be taken. If you find an abandoned hairless cat, please bring it to your nearest rescue center because hairless cats are not suitable for surviving in the wild since they are more susceptible to injury than other breeds.

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