Why Cat Dehydration Is Dangerous

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Why Cat Dehydration Is Dangerous

Every cat owner is aware of the dangers of dehydration, and if you have newly adopted a cat, you must be aware that dehydration is the most dangerous thing that could happen to a cat. Dehydration is also dangerous even for humans’ health; this could help you better understand why dehydration is even more harmful to cats.

Cats are sensitive creatures that can’t handle the causes of dehydration, and so this is why most veterinarians recommend that cat owners should be more careful with a cat’s diet. However, you can prevent it by knowing why cat dehydration is dangerous. Continue reading to find out why hydration is so important and dehydration dangerous to health.

Why Is Hydration Important?

To understand what dehydration can cause to a cat’s health, you should know what benefits hydration can provide to cats. Hydration keeps cats energetic and avoids harmful diseases that could prove to be severely dangerous to them. It keeps their organs properly functioning while maintaining their glowy and healthy skin along with their fur.

Freshwater keeps their organs healthy, mood delighted, and skin as shiny as possible. Hydration mostly solves 9 out of 10 problems caused to them; that is why it is highly recommended to keep them hydrated.

Even though the amount of water they intake depends on their nature, the weather, and weight, the average amount of water a cat is supposed to intake is at least 60ml of water each day, according to one kilogram of the cat’s weight. Hydration is just as important for the cats as taking them to the vet regularly and on time.

Black and white cat drinking water

Your Cat Will Avoid Food

Once your cat is going through a dehydration problem, the first thing it will do is avoid food. The cat will lose its appetite, and even its most favorite treat will displease it. This could result from the lack of water inside its body, so make sure it takes the right amount of water to help itself stay as hydrated as possible. Cats are supposed to have food in the right amount and at the proper timing to keep them active, healthy, and energetic.

Though there are several reasons why your cat might lose appetite, dehydration tops them all. It is the most crucial reason that will make your cat become dehydrated and at a critical loss of water. Not having enough food and water inside the body will only make your cat even more miserable and in danger of losing its life.


Cats also have to face weakness when it comes to being dehydrated, as the lack of water makes them stay in one place and not move an inch. It is also one of the most prominent symptoms of dehydration and is harmful to the cat’s life.

Cats being weak is not a usual thing since they are curious creatures that won’t stop exploring until they’re familiar with everything. Cats being weak is also said to be dangerous by veterinarians since they are supposed to move around, be as active as possible, not lay down in one place and do nothing.

Maine Coon kitten drinks water from red bowl

Kidney Problems

Another dangerous problem is a kidney problem, the lack of water hits directly at the kidney. Kidneys function correctly with the help of water, so if there isn’t enough water, they will stop working. This can injure cats’ organs because once the kidney stops working, it’s almost as if every part of their body stops working.

This could disable them from walking, give them a bad body odor, severe bowling, and many more unwanted problems. Kidney problems make cats uncomfortable to the point where they have to face confusion, restlessness, withdrawal from things they once loved doing, and many other issues.

Kidney problems are known to be one of the worst issues, including severe health problems or even worst-case scenarios.


Another worse thing that could happen is cats panting. This could also cause other serious medical illnesses, which is not a good sign, especially for creatures like incredibly delicate cats. If your cat is panting, specifically from playing around and doing heavy exercises, it could be quite normal. But, make sure you give your cat some extra attention when it has done nothing but lay down and pant heavily.

Provide them plenty of water while keeping them in a cool place, especially to avoid humidity because of the lack of water in their system. If they’re panting with their mouth open, do make sure you check if they’re dehydrated, cats mostly pant with their mouth open if water is absent.

Russian Blue cat drinks water from bottle

Threat of Life

Dehydration is as critical as threatening their life, which could easily cause death to your loved one. Many diseases and illnesses are caused by dehydration, so cats are always supposed to stay hydrated and near water as much as possible. Even though many cats try to avoid water, this doesn’t mean that you should keep them away just as they like.

There are still a lot of cats who love water, like Bengal cats, Japanese Bobtail, Turkish Van, and many more. Playing with water, staying near water; their complete love language includes water more than anything else. It is also rare for them to get dehydrated as they do not waste a single opportunity of getting wet or drinking water, even directly from the river.

Ensure their safety above anything else and keep them hydrated as much as possible without letting them face the dangers of dehydration.

Final Conclusion

Cats can not handle dehydration, which is why you should always keep an eye on them and make sure they’re always hydrated. Keep a water bowl near them or shower them as per their schedule. This would help wash away any dangerous illness and keep them energetic just like they always are.


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