Himalayan Cat Breed: All You Need to Know

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Himalayan Cat Breed

An adorable companion, loyal and energetic. This breed is also quite generous to everyone. Due to its huge bones and fluffy hair, the Himalayan cat looks like a really big cat!

The Himalayan is an intense demeanor cat breed. It has a squat body with wide legs and a stubby neck. Its bones are hefty, but the tail is so small, and the ears are miniature. Its head is spherical and has big, round eyes. The coat of a Himalayan is stocky, brimful, and lengthy. It is quite admirable, gleaming, and radiant.

The weight of this breed’s male is less than 14lbs while the female is 10lbs. It is tall and has blue, copper, and green eyes, and its complete grooming requirements are high.

Himalayan cats came from Persian and Siamese cats, and both of those classes have the longest life span; that’s why Himalayan cats have a long life span as well. At the same time, they have a flat face, which could also affect their breathing.


The breeders have been yearning for a long time for the idea of crossing a Persian cat with the tapered model of the Siamese. Proceeding with this desire, Persian cats with tinged tips, called Himalayans, were bred in the United States in the early 1930s with the endeavor of Marguerita Goforth, Virginia Cobb, and Dr. Clyde Keeler.

In 1935, following British breeders who had surveyed the United States to witness the Himalayan, a breeding initiative also started in England, but it had to be ceased due to World War II but was restored later.

Young Himalayan cat

In the mid-1950s, the Himalayan was acknowledged for identification. The foremost United States champion was Goforth’s LaChiquita, who obtained this title with the American Cat Fanciers Association. By the 1960s, all United States enrollment had undertaken the Himalayan for identification.

Lately, few United States registrations have subsumed the Himalayan into the Persian breed. In these records, this class is noted as a tapered model Persian and is also said a Persian-Himalayan and only Himalayan. The Himalayan has consistently been denoted as the Colorpoint Longhair in Britain.

Personality Traits of Himalayan Cats

The Himalayan cat is a tranquil cat that admires kitten-like activity. If you don’t want to disturb your home’s environment a lot with your pet, then you definitely should choose this breed; it’s the most peaceful cat you’d ever witness; she’s settled as the sun and calm as the rain.

The Himalayan cat will spread out to you, take naps in your bed and even rest on your lap. She can settle easily with anyone.

They are very vehement, articulated, and enthusiastic breeds. They are also very friendly with other cats and dogs. Himalayan is usually a type of cat that prefers lounging rather than running, jumping, or leaping.

Closeup of Himalayan cat

Himalayan cats are really playful, and if you don’t give them enough attention or time, they might get into some mischievous activities. You can provide them with many toys to keep them engaged and entertained and dedicate a part of your day to their playtime. They do have a really playful attribute and can easily play with anything; even a ball of wool will be entertaining to them for hours, and it even becomes happiest lying on its owner’s lap. Most of them also do not face any separation stress, so you can leave them easily off to work.

Although they get super excited for a short period of time, they can go back to sleep even in the daytime. They can easily create different amusements for themselves, but they give you a chance to enjoy the privilege as well.

Health Concerns

The owner has to look after the food intake in order to prevent obesity. Even though Himalayan cats do not need specific nutritional food, this breed always requires complete nutrition control to stay in the best-required condition.

You can also keep your legs and furniture safe by trimming your cat’s nails regularly. Their ears are pointed out that they attract dirt and debris, which could lead to infections. So if you notice any sort of thing like that, you should clean it with a pet ear cleaner while cotton is dangerous for the delicate inner part of the ear. If you find any difference in the smell of their ears or they are red, inflamed, or dirty, then you should concern a veterinarian.

Himalayans can also be affected by several health issues like excessive tears, respiratory problems, dental issues, cherry eye, entropion (abnormal eyelid), progressive retinal atrophy, feline hyperesthesia syndrome (nervous system condition), polycystic kidney disease, ringworm, and also seborrhea oleosa (a skin condition). Regular veterinarian appointments can keep them safe.

An adorable white Himalayan cat

Caring Tips

As this cat is not a fan of a vast degree of activities, attention is a necessary need because it needs exercise to be kept in good condition. Its furry coat is so delicate and needs proper attention on a daily basis, like brushing and combing them to avoid tangling.

Dirt and litter can also be stuck in their paw pads and hair, so they need to be cleaned every day. The owner is also required to wipe its face with a damp cloth to avoid tear staining, which will ruin its looks.

The good news is that Himalayan cats love to get attention from its owner, who will make it easy for them to keep her clean and groom them daily.

Also, the Himalayans are not fighters, so anyone can pick them up; they’re most likely to be indoor cats for that reason.


Himalayan cats are the best cats for you if you are unwilling to have a really active or inactive cat. You just need to take good care of it, and it will become the best cat for you and your family without ruining your environment and soothing you while sitting in your lap when you have a bad day.

These cats are extremely good in looks and possess a really playful nature, giving you the essence of all sorts of cats. They also have a lovable personality, so your parents might allow you to bring it home, and they get along really well with everyone too.

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