Devon Rex Cat Breed: All You Need to Know

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Devon Rex Cat Breed: All You Need to Know

This tiny, adorable kitten might seem unnatural with a unique face and long ears. Devon Rex’s chin is nicely formed, and she has a goofy face and flappy coat. Undoubtedly, Devon Rexes are full of affection. So, they aren’t your regular cat. Like the dogs, they’re well-behaved and devoted. They enjoy playing at times, but not all of the time.

Devon Rex cat breed enjoys some engaging activities. She is snuffled more than other cats and gives kisses to her owner. Some people do not prefer this much closeness, but you will love it if you are a crazy lover of affectionate cats.

An amazing fact about Devon Rexes: Their nickname is Pixie Cat, which fits their personalities and ancestors. Pixies are adorable and cunning fairies with huge girlish ears who originated in the British tradition, notably in Devon, where my breed was founded!

A beautiful Devon Rex cat


They might appear to have landed on Planet on a spacecraft from another planet, and they’re a natural evolution. They began in the late 1950s in Devonshire, England, when a Miss Cox discovered that a cat in her supervision had given birth to a strange curly-haired cat. Karlee – the founder daddy of this particular type – was named the kitten’s elfin looks and hairstyle.

The Devon genetic is not identical to those that cause the Cornish Rex’s coat to curl; hence mixing Devon and Cornish Rexes leads to the breeds of straight-coated cats. Although their near geographical proximity (Devon and Cornwall), the genetic variations must have evolved separately. The type was accepted in the United Kingdom within ten years.


If you adopt a Devon Rex, you will be pleased to be familiar with her affectionate personality. Here are some appealing qualities of this coated cat that you need to know:

● Busy Body

She appears to be slow and sleepy, though they are not! She is energetic and always in the mood to play. She is a busy body and a bundle of fun for her owner. They need to be stimulated most of the time or get bored quickly; make sure you play with them often.

● Comical

The Devon Rex is a comical and fun-loving cat, and these are two of her characteristics that appeal to a different range of people. She enjoys climbing and always looking for a new way to climb somewhere.

Devon Rex kittens are kissing each other

● Dog-like

Devon Rex enjoys companionship, whether it’s another cat or a human. She is more attentive and faithful than other cats. As a result, they have some dog-like characteristics. Devon Rexes are among the most outgoing cats you’ll ever meet, and they do not even enjoy being left alone for long periods.

● Relaxed and Intelligent

Some say they are noisy, but they are very reasonable and calm at times in reality. They find her places to relax quickly. Devon Rex cats are clever, elegant, and self-motivated. Ensure you have the time to provide emotional stimulation. These outgoing cats demand to stay happy and comfortable.

Easy to Groom

It’s no surprise that Devon Rex is one of the several CFA’s most beloved cat breeds, thanks to her gentle nature and amusing, entertaining character! Devon Rex is relatively easy to groom, and her short coat will not shred much, so Devon Rex is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Devon Rex also seeks out the hottest location in the home, which is usually right on top of my human! She will follow you everywhere instead of watching your every movement when Devon Rex is not sleeping with you.

Health Issues

If you have or plan to adopt a Devon Rex cat, you must be concerned about her health and take excellent care of her. You should be aware of receiving effective treatment based on symptoms.

Devon Rex could suffer cardiac issues, particularly Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). The muscle walls of the heart thicken with this syndrome, resulting in a decrease in cardiac. Heart disease can be treated with medicine and nutritional adjustments, even though there is no treatment.

Devon Rex can suffer patellar luxation, an orthopedic disorder in which the kneecap (patella) is displaced from its usual position in the bone cleft (thigh bone). This issue can have a massive effect on movement. While many occurrences are moderate, others are chronic and undergo hospitalization to treat.

A man is holding and kissing his Devon Rex cat

Caring Tips

● Keep an Eye on Your Devon Rex’s Skin

Urticaria pigmentosa is a skin disorder that creates crusted ulcers on the body of Devon Rex cat and can be cured with antibiotics and omega 3 fatty acids. Examine your Devon Rex cat’s scalp and eyes regularly, and take him towards the veterinarian if you see any atypical skin conditions.

● Check Your Cat’s Walk

Keep an eye on your cat’s walk for any abnormalities. Devon Rex cats are susceptible to a hereditary form of myopathy, manifest in kittens as young as four weeks. A shorter step, trembling, and muscle spasms are all signs. Contact your vet if you observe something strange in your cat’s motions.!

Final Thoughts

Once you learn about her personality or nature, you will find that Devon Rex cats are not similar to many other cats, but she has some dog-alike attributes. Her affectionate and faithful nature can turn you into her enthusiast no matter the first impression you had of her when you first saw her.

She is quick and loves to jump on the most significant point. She needs some emotional stimulation from her owner to get active, So she isn’t as sluggish as she appears. Since she has no hair on her body but a curly coat of light hair, A Rex might be the cat for you that values your presence, and you will have the time to offer it the proper attention.

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