Birman vs. Ragdoll – 5 Reasons Which Breed Is Right for You

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Birman cat vs. Ragdoll is a hard decision to make when deciding which cat breed to adopt into your home. Generally speaking, Birman vs. Ragdoll cats are quite similar in how they look and act. However, with these tips about both of them, hopefully making the decision will be a little bit easier!

Birman vs. Ragdoll physically

Birman cats are like Siamese cats in the way that they look. They have piercing blue eyes, just like the Siamese cat. However, what is unique to this breed is their stocky body and white feet. If you are comparing Birman vs. Ragdoll, Birmans have these white feet called white socks, and this white fur of theirs stretches till their mid legs.

However, Ragdoll cats do not have this feature, and this is one way they can be told apart. Birman cats also have very silky coats that are soft to the touch. The best part is, these cats come in all colors, such as chocolate brown, white, and lilac. This breed grows up to 12 pounds in most cases and is a medium-sized cat.

The Ragdoll, in comparison, is one of the largest cat breeds known to man. They can weigh up to 20 pounds when they are fully grown. Their coat is semi-long, and they have a strong neck to support their muscular body. In regards to Birman vs. Ragdoll, Ragdoll cats are much larger in comparison. They have darker faces usually and lighter bodies.

Ragdolls also have white chins, but Birman cats do not. Birman vs. Ragdoll would be easier to decide once you have a specific image in mind of what you want your cat to look like. Ragdolls are generally larger cats and have bigger heads, whereas Birmans are comparatively smaller in size. Both these cats have beautiful blue eyes that are striking and can be spotted from a mile away.

Birman vs. Ragdoll in personality

Both cats are very affectionate and love being around people and other cats. They love having someone hold them and cuddle them and be around them all the time to give them attention. Both cats love following their humans around the house, and both are domesticated, so they usually do not go outside. They love sitting in their human laps and sleeping.

When a cat sleeps next to their human or in their lap, this means they trust their human because cats are vulnerable when they sleep. They can be caught off guard when they sleep, so they believe that you will protect them if they sleep next to you.

However, when making the Birman vs. Ragdoll comparison, you should be aware of the fact that Birmans are not as clingy as Ragdolls. They can and do sometimes give their owners space while they do their own thing.

When they do their ‘own thing,’ that is also probably going to be just a few feet away from their owner. The difference between Birman vs. Ragdoll is that Ragdolls hate being alone. They cannot stand alone or away from their humans for even short periods, as they get separation anxiety. When you are at home, they will constantly be around you or on top of you, in your lap, and playing with you. When you are not at home, they will wish you that you were.

Birman vs. Ragdoll temperament

When comparing Birman vs. Ragdoll’s temperament, it is helpful to keep in mind that both of these cats are very calm and well-behaved cats. They do not speak very much, meaning they are not very vocal cats like Siamese cats or other breeds, but they do from time to time meow and ask their human for food or any of their other needs, such as if they need to use the litterbox outside the room.

Their nature is mostly docile, so they will not be trying to run away from you when you pick them up and twist them in different directions as a way of showing your love and affection for them. They will not protest much, rather go with it.

However, an important point to note is that between Birman vs. Ragdolls, Ragdolls are more forgiving if you roughly handle them. Birman cats are a bit more sensitive, and if they feel upset with how you handle or treat them, they may get upset very easily and sit in a corner, away from you.

However, this does not last for very long, and they will come to cuddle up with you once again very soon! The two breeds of cats are also very playful and have a lot of energy to play with you all the time. They have a calm demeanor but don’t underestimate how playful they are! Just like dogs do, they may even play fetch with you. They don’t need to be trained to do this either – throw a ball and your cat will run after it!

Birman vs. Ragdoll intelligence

When comparing Birman vs. Ragdoll, both the cats are equally intelligent, and they pick up on cues very quickly and can be trained too. You can train both these cats equally to shake a human’s hand or respond to their name. Birman vs. Ragdoll cats is hard to make because both are adorable in their way. They are both beautiful cats and make very good, obedient pets. They will not make a mess and scatter your things around or casually knock off a lamp from a table in your house. When deciding between Birman vs. Ragdoll, look at the main differences between the two, such as size and clinginess, and make an informed decision about which cat you want to keep. Either way, you will be very happy about your decision!

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