How Many Cat Breeds Are There in The World?

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How Many Cat Breeds Are There in The World?

Cats are one of the kindest animals on earth, but they are unique. They have specific traits which depend on the DNA. Remember the day when you went to purchase a cat from a pet store, and you saw different cat breeds, some with tufted ears, some with golden or blue eyes, many cats might have loud or low meow voices, these all cats having different traits and personalities come from purebred ancestors.

I am sure your vet has guided you about the queries related to your cat but have you ever imagined how many cats breeds there are? I guess you didn’t!

Based on The International Cat Association (TICA) website, there are currently 73 breeds of cats listed when this article is written. While The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) recognizes 45 breeds. It seemed there are no exact figures on how many breeds are there in the world because there is no single exact rule for the classification. One organization may classify multiple cats on several classes, while the other may consider them as one classification.

There is a lot more to know about cat breeds! This article has covered the most prominent cat breeds in this world that will help you differentiate your cat’s personality from other breeds.

● Abyssinian Cats: Affectionate and People-Oriented

Abyssinian cats are ideal cats for cat lovers. They are easy to care for and are lovely, elegant, and regal-looking. 

A pretty girl is hugging her cute Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cats resemble ancient Egyptian cats. These cats have slightly wedge-shaped heads, medium-sized bodies, half-cupped ears, and well-developed muscles. They are lively and expressive cats with long and slender legs, and they have short coats lying to their bodies.

These breeds don’t like being held and cuddled much, but they are considered the most affectionate cat, loyal cats that can mix well with children and other cats’ mates. They are also well known for their activeness, curiosity, and need to explore their surroundings. Abys cats are never left behind in participating in activities around them.

Devon Rex: Breed of Intelligent Cats

The Devon Rex was discovered by accident in the Devonshire region, England, in 1960. These cats are a relatively newer breed of cats. Devon Rex is called by many names: an alien cat, a pixie cat, an elf cat, or a bat-like cat. Their behavior is similar to dogs than like cats.

These breeds have captured the attention of cat lovers worldwide because of their unique appearance. With their quirky and lovable personality, these cats are the heart of the families.

● Scottish Fold Cats: Not Abnormally Active

A gray Scottish fold cat lies on the bed with a coffee cup

Scottish fold cats do not have features like any other cat; they have an owl-like appearance because of their folded ears. These cats are not abnormally active but are very loving and easygoing with people and other pets in the house. Family members can easily get attached to Scottish cats because they are playful and outgoing.

One of the interesting qualities of this breed is that these cats can speak in a variety of purr and meows in their soft voice, and this ability is not commonly heard in other types of breed cats.

● Sphynx Cats: Lack of Furr

Sphinx cats are identified by their hairless, wrinkled, big ears and eyes. According to the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association), the first cat of this breed was born in Canada in 1966. Sphynx cats result from Mother Nature that occurs once every fifteen years.

A woman is petting her Sphynx cats

Since the discovery of this breed, the Sphynx cats have been bred with shorthair cats. After that, they bred back to hairless to create a healthy and genetically sound breed. The unique look of lack of fur has caught the attraction of many cat lovers globally. These cats are the most demanded in the USA because of their rarity.

The Sphynx is not an outdoor cat but is a people cat because they have silly, energetic, and playful nature who loves to be the center of attention among people. While taking outside, pet owners need to take care of their Sphynx cats because their skin is exposed, and they need to be protected from other harmful elements.

● American Shorthair Cats: A Good Mate for the Entire Family

An adorable American shorthair cat

The American shorthair cat is known as the American breed. The first cat of this breed was brought from Europe. This breed is the family favorite and has been ranking as one of the top 10 popular cats for years.

They are well known due to their keen intelligence and temperament with a good disposition. American shorthair cats are ideal for a working family because they easily get along with other pets, nature, and children.

● Persian Cats: Glamour Puss of the Cat’s World

A white and beautiful Persian cat

The Persian cats have long hair and are known as the luxury cat in the cat world who like to be raised in the lap of luxury. However, the breed of cat is the most popular and demanded breed globally.

They have a pushed-in Pekingese nose, which is known as the best part of these cats, besides their love of being petted and cuddled. Pet owners who own Persian cats need to groom their feline cats daily. In addition, Persian cats frequently need ultrasound because they are prone to kidney disease.

● British Shorthair Cat: A Loyal Companion for Single People

A British shorthair cat is sitting on the windowsill, with Christmas decorations behind

It is thought that the Romans brought the British Shorthair cats during the first century. At that time, the breed co-existed and reproduced with wild cats native to England. After some years, it is believed that British shorthair was hybridized with Persian cats, resulting in changing looks and improving the thickness of the fur coat.

One can easily recognize the popularity of these breeds because these cats are selected to appear in movies, dramas, magazines, and even in books.

● Ragdoll Cats: Incredibly Patient and Gentle Breed

A girl is playing with her Ragdoll kittens

Ragdoll cats are easygoing and affectionate, and their name comes from their liking to relax and go limp in one’s arms. Ragdolls, one of the largest cat species, are also one of the most affectionate and are commonly referred to as “puppy-cats” for having dog-like personalities.

Ragdolls are highly affectionate and mild-mannered. They frequently seek out the human company by following their owners, sleeping, and flopping on them. This breed is especially nice with children and other pets and can be taught to perform tricks similar to dogs, such as fetch, rolling over, and begging.

Many cats breeders are working hard to produce rare and unique cat breeds. As long as the new breed has come over the years, they emerged, taking the enthusiast of the cat’s world by storm.

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