Should You Take Your Cat on Holiday?

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Should You Take Your Cat On Holiday?


If you ever plan family holidays, it would be cruel not to include your cat in it. After all, you share your life with your cat and are a cat parent. Hence, it is good to bring your cat on holiday after a long time of being at home. Such a change of environment is always good for a cat.

What Happens If You Leave Your Cat At Home?

If you’re planning to take your cat on holiday, make sure you think through all your options first. Think about what will happen if you leave your cat at home. Many people go for this option, as they might think handling their cat on holiday might be exhausting.

However, it is important to know that cats are very focused on places. Even if you leave it somewhere else or ask someone to cat-sit your cat, it would still have to be a comfortable place, with all its necessities. If your cat feels unsafe or insecure, it might not be able to stay there for long without driving a cat sitter crazy.

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How to Take Your Cat on Holiday

If you consider taking your cat on holiday, you should make sure to arrange all pet-friendly and safe accommodations. Make sure that your cat is microchipped as well.

In this way, there is a good chance that your cat might enjoy the holiday and adapt to the temporary surroundings. You would have to arrange to get a pet passport made. You can do that through your vet, as they would help contain all the up-to-date details of the cat’s treatments and issues.

Getting Your Cat Checked Up By the Vet Before the Holiday

This is one of the most important things you have to do. It is important to consult with your vet if you should take your cat on holiday and if it can remain calm and safe during it.

In many cases, cats need medications regularly, so your vet might advise you to keep all your cats’ important medicines with you. When you’re talking to the vet about taking your cat on holiday, make sure you consider the issues with the cat, e.g., if it gets anxious due to new places or is facing problems with littering in a litter box at an unfamiliar place. Your cat won’t communicate its feeling about the holiday, but your vet might be able to point out some of the things.

Moreover, there are essential and practical aspects of this as well. If your cat doesn’t take its medication the whole trip, there might be a lot of health issues it might face. Hence, the vet might recommend a suitable medication for a cat traveling.

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Cat Supplies You Would Need If You Take Your Cat on Holiday

If you plan to take your cat on holiday, it is important to list all the supplies and essential things your cat usually needs, besides the travel-specific things. These include the following:

  • A cat bed
  • Litter and litter tray
  • Cat food is suggested to take along, as this will help the cat’s diet stay balanced and usual for as long as possible.
  • Cat toys- To cure boredom
  • Scratching post
  • Cat medications
  • Feline pheromone spray

Planning a Cat Holiday

If you’re planning a cat holiday, after doing comprehensive fledge research of the requirements for taking a cat on a trip, make sure you follow to following tips. They can be of much use when you plan a cat holiday.

  • Make sure that the hotel or place you choose to live at is cat-friendly, so your cat isn’t nervous and anxious all the time. It is important that your cat feels safe and relaxed when on holiday.
  • Check whether the accommodation is secure for cats
  • It is important to check if your cat is okay with going outside the hotel room. It might take time for it to get used to the temporary place
  • Make sure you check all the toilet facilities for cats available. These might include a secure outdoor space or any such place that your cat might be comfortable in.
  • Make sure your cat is easy with having other pets around and doesn’t feel uncomfortable around them.
  • A good supply of food along with a proper litter box is required, especially the one with which your cat is already familiar.
  • Take a lot of familiar items from your home so that your cat can settle in a little easier
Planning your travel carefully will help you enjoy your holiday with your cat

Minimizing the Cat Food Stress

It is crucial to take care of the cat food when you take your cat on holiday. Whatever you do, you should ensure that your cat is involved with you and isn’t left hungry during the holidays.

Not every sort of diet suits cats; hence you must have a backup option with you. Travel with your cat’s favorite cat food so that it can maintain a proper diet even during time away. This can cater to the cat’s need to stay active and help it remain nourished. Cats tend to be fussy eaters, especially when they are coping with a change of environment. Hence, it is best to give them something familiar to eat in that case.


Conclusively, it would help if you took your cat on holiday along with you, but make sure you arrange all the necessary things. You have to handle your cat if it gets moody or irritated due to the change in environment. However, if you make sure everything is perfectly planned and your cat supplies are intact, then there is a good chance that your cat might enjoy its holiday as well.

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