The Interesting Characteristics About the Personality of a Siamese Cat

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Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are beautiful creatures, and they usually have striking blue eyes that can be seen from a mile away. They are also known for their short coat, which means you don’t need to be worried about their hair getting everywhere, on the carpets, on your clothes, etc.


The Siamese cat is known to be an extremely friendly cat who loves showing affection. If your Siamese is not in your lap already at all times, they will at least be sitting right next to you any time you are home. They love cuddling, and they are very outgoing. Some cats get scared or don’t want to interact with new people, but the Siamese cat is very friendly in that regard.

If you have a Siamese cat, invite your friends over and watch as your cat makes friends with them too. Siamese cats are very social and will even make friends with other cats! Perhaps have your friends bring over their cats, so your cat can make some friends. I am sure they will love that!


The Siamese cat is very trusting. If you own a Siamese cat, you may have noticed that they love coming and sleeping next to you or in your lap. A cat would only sleep next to a human when they trust them completely.

This is because when a cat is asleep, it is in a vulnerable state. So, when your Siamese cat falls asleep next to or on top of you, you can believe that they trust you will not hurt them, rather protect them from any other animal that comes and tries to attack them.


Siamese cats are known to be the smartest breed of all the breeds of cats. They are one of the easiest cats to communicate with, and they like communicating with humans themselves. They are very vocal and will meow to their human when they want something. An example of this is that if they are hungry, they will most likely meow at their human till you give them food.


It is usually hard to train cats, unlike dogs. Dogs love pleasing their humans, but cats do not ‘live to please.’ They will usually do what they want when they want. However, the Siamese cats are comparatively easier to train. Their IQ is higher, so they may be easier to train when you want to train them to use the litterbox or scratch only on the scratching post, not your living room couch. These cats want to please you, but they also want to do it in their way.


These cats are very sensitive. They will follow their human around anywhere and love it when they are getting shown affection. However, they may get very upset if you talk to them in a harsh tone. They are very sensitive and take things to heart, which may cause them to get sad.

While training them, it is better to use positive reinforcement than negative, because they will not learn if they are too upset. They may even notice small changes in your mood or vibe, so if you don’t show them love or constantly cuddle with them, they may even feel neglected.


Siamese cats are very loyal. They will always stick by your side, no matter what. This is true, especially when you are in bed, sick. They will come and give you company so that you are not alone. They will probably come to stick their head under the covers and snuggle in with you. Siamese love to cuddle with their humans.

Sometimes they may need their own space and want to do their own thing. However, even when they are doing their own thing, that means sitting a few feet away from you, in contrast to snuggling in your lap. These cats are known to be extremely affectionate and all about their human.

Sensitive to cold

Siamese cats are known to feel very cold. This is probably because their fur is so thin. They don’t have thick fur coats like other breeds such as Persians. So, they are more susceptible to the cold. To make sure your kitty is not feeling too cold, provide them with lots of cuddles and warmth.

Perhaps set up a cushion or a kitty bed for them next to the heater or a fireplace. If you live in a country where it gets really cold, perhaps think of buying your kitty a sweater, so they can stay warm even when you are not around.

Very active

Siamese cats are known to be very active. Thus, they may require some toys to play with. Catnip toys can help keep these cats engaged constantly. They love playing, and it seems like they have an unlimited amount of energy.

Sometimes, this extra energy may lead to destruction. They may knock your lamp down from the table while running around or scratch up your leather jacket. So, to keep them from causing this destruction, you should install some toys they can play with. Many different types of kitty toys are available on the internet for home delivery and in pet stores. Find the one you like and one that your Siamese cat will like, and get it put in your house; this way, your Siamese will never get bored!

Siamese kittens

Siamese kittens are known to be extra playful and friendly. However, it is at this stage that they create bonds with people in the house. They may create a bond with one person and then get jealous when other people talk to their human. However, from the get-go, Siamese kittens are very loving and cuddly creatures! If you are thinking of getting a Siamese cat, you probably should. They are known for their talkative nature, as well as for being the most friendly cat breed. If you adopt a Siamese cat, they will love you forever.

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