How To Assess Your Cat’s Personality?

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How To Assess Your Cat's Personality?

Have you just recently bought a cat and are eager to know what kind of attributes they have? Well, it’s not that hard to find out! Once you know the basics, you’ll be able to find out exactly what behavior your cat holds.

But what are the different types of personalities that cats hold?

According to the University of Lincoln in England, cats are known to have five significant personalities.

1. Neuroticism

Cats with neuroticism show a shy and scared personality; they are majorly insecure and suspicious. These cats have a hard time mixing in with people, especially new ones; they mostly just feel comfortable around their safe spot and safe person.

2. Extraversion

The felines falling in this category are pretty active; it might give you a hard time catching them. They will always seem curious, adventurous, and alert, and that’s why they are known as hunter cats. It is safe to say that smart would be an understatement to explain their nature. But overall, they are amusing to be with due to their curiosity.

3. Dominance

Ooh, these are just next-level aggressive. You know those high school bullies you have always despised? Think of dominant cats as those. Their traits include being extremely violent towards other cats, not to mention the tantrums they throw. You would understand perfectly if you’re a mom/dad of a dominant cat.

4. Impulsive

These are ruthless, yet you can never tell what they will do next; they are the definition of unpredictable and are highly volatile. They are keen investigators, sniffing around anything they don’t feel comfortable in or aren’t familiar with.

5. Compatibility

The sweetest ones out there. All they need is attention and an unending cuddle from you. They show affection and are incredibly gentle; along with that, they are very friendly and generally good with people. You need to look for this category when you get a cat. Additionally, they are content with your place and adapt to you emotionally pretty quickly.

So How Do You Know What Personality Your Cat Has?

Well, it’s not that hard to find out, but you’ll want to spend some extensive time with your cats to know more about them.

Get To Know More About Their History

Cats come from different backgrounds; some are adopted from a shelter, some come from the wild, and some are rescued. Coming from different backgrounds, it’s a given that those cats have been through different experiences, which shapes their personalities differently.

Rescued cats are considered to be a little skeptical and uncomfortable in our environment, and they will act out; in contrast, a cat coming from an adoption home will be comparatively sweeter.

A woman is interacting with her cat

Interact With the Cat

You can know right away if a cat is sweet or aggressive by just talking to them. Pet it gently, talk in a soft voice and assess how it reacts. If it acts out and tries to cut you, then your thoughts are clear.

However, you should know that a cat’s personality assessment would only be accurate when it is healthy. A sick cat will be annoyed and musty regardless of the acting nature.

Look At How Much Time They Stick With You In A New Place

When you take your cats home, see how much they keep with you. Maybe hold up a timer and let them come to you; during this assessment, don’t force them to stay with you; don’t show any gestures.

If the cats stay with you for less than half a minute, then you can categorize them as shy or a little frightened. On the other hand, if it stays with you for longer, they are friendly and comfortable with the space. The sweet ones, you must say. Happy and satisfied.

Making Your Cat Feel Easier With Each Personality

Regardless of your cat’s personality, you need to make them comfortable when you get them home; here are a few ways you can make any kind of cat feel easy at your place.

A shy kitten with colorful balls behind

Shy – Scared Cat

If your cat is shy in nature, consider allotting some hiding places for them all around the house to doze off as they feel insecure when you are expecting visitors. Alongside this, you can take extra measures to secure the house so that they don’t try escaping as there is a lot of danger outside. They a small in size, so they may get run over.

Extroverted Cat

If your cat is on the playful and curious side of personalities, you may want to add some extra activities and new toys in their play area to avoid them getting bored. These cats need something to do 24/7, so your peacetime might just pass by playing with them. On the contrary, if your cat is not showing much interest in anything, either from the start or suddenly, you should check in with a vet because that might result from an illness.

Dominant Cat

If you have a dominant cat in the house, just do yourself a favor and don’t get another cat because you can never know their extent of patience. Besides, who wants to hear a catfight all the time?

Unpredictable And Reckless Cat

Stress proof your house as soon as you object to what your cat’s personality is. As an unpredictable cat, you never know what can trigger them, and the stress can cause a dangerous amount of anxiety. Better safe than sorry.

Compatible And Friendly Cat

If your cat is the sweet kind, you already know they are content with what you offer and are satisfied with the circumstances they live in. In this case, you should give a pat on your back because you’re doing it right!

On the other hand, if their behavior changes all of a sudden, then as mentioned before, consult your vet immediately.

Wrapping Up

Keeping a pet has never been easy, especially when you have a cat. You need to take off numerous things so that cats don’t feel intimidated and are not neglected in any way. These creatures help our mental health more than what we provide to them, and they can be a safe space for us, so vice versa is essential.

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