First-time Cat Owner: How To Be Good & Responsible?

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First-time cat owner tips

Your cat chooses you; you don’t own her!

Choosing to take on a pet cat is a big decision, especially if you haven’t been a pet owner to any feline animal before. Being a cat parent is a commitment because many pet owners focus on the benefits of owning a feline friend but always fail to fulfill the responsibilities of being a responsible owner. Remember that living with cats means living with emotions. They not only provide you with lots of happiness but are also a great companion when you feel lonely.

So, this is your first time as a cat parent, and you are ready to make an addition to your home and family. You only want the best for your cat. But how will you make your home a welcoming place for your cat when everything is new for both you and your fur baby? Don’t fret! And keep reading.

In this article, we have listed down all the tips that you should know for becoming a responsible cat owner. After all, owning a cat is not only an enormous responsibility but also a rewarding one.

Take Care for Her Daily Needs

Feline animals are more punctual than human beings. Once you make a habit for your cat’s daily needs, she will want her necessities at that exact time. Therefore, it is essential to accommodate her basic daily needs. Ensure to provide her with proper food and water. Make a shelter or territory for her to feel secure, interact and prevent her loneliness. Being responsive to your cat’s needs and providing her the best care and nurture is imperative to develop a strong and healthy relationship of friendship, love, and trust.

A cat sits in front of food bowls

Clean Out Her Litter Box Every Day

Cleaning a litter box is the only task that many pet owners don’t like to come across. But do remember, cleaning it is essential for both you and your feline friend. Clean out the litter box daily because you simply need to scoop litter and flush it away down the toilet.

A clean place keeps your pet healthy and fit. Your pet cat will love you more for providing her with a nice clean place; moreover, you will also appreciate not having a bad odor from the left clutter.

Stimulate Her Physical and Mental Health With Exercises

Keep your cat tired to keep her happy. Yes, stimulate your cat’s body and mind with plenty of exercise activities as it keeps them calm, obedient, and healthy. Some cat breeds need more exercise than others, so check on to see if your kitty needs to get out more. Generally, try to give her at least 20 minutes of exercise a couple of days. In addition, you will also end up getting your own workout time at the same time.

Woman running with her cat in the park

Spay or Neuter Your Fur Baby

Thousands of cats are euthanized every year because they cannot find homes forever. Getting your pet cat spayed or neutered is a great way to prevent unwanted kittens. Indeed, they are adorable, but unless you want more than six cats running around your home, you will need to neuter your cat! Sometimes it is not as easy as it seems, so often, these surprised babies end up in shelters or overcrowded rescues.

Choose a Good Veterinarian for Her

Finding a good vet for your pet is another significant responsibility. Choose a great nearby veterinarian for your cat’s routine check-ups. If your friends also own cats, ask them for vet suggestions or narrow down your research online for the best vet. Once you find a vet, take your feline cat for check-ups and ask your vet about your cat’s health that you need to be aware of. The vet will guide you further about tips and medications to keep your cat healthy and fit.

Female veterinarian holding a cat

Make Your Home Pet-Proof

It is essential to make your home pet friendly or cat-proof. Before welcoming your cat, make sure to hide everything that could be harmful to its health. Keep your cat out of places that may cause harm. For instance, avoid keeping your cat in a place where she might feel enclosed and stressed. Also, take care of her eating routine to avoid overfeeding because it can cause severe health problems such as obesity and mobility. As a new cat parent, it is your responsibility to care for minor details for your cat’s health, happiness, and well-being.

Keep Your Cat Happy With Social Activities

Early socialization is critical to ensure that your cat goes on to be confident. Young kitties have a sensitive time during their first week of growth timeline, in which they experience key things. Beyond this period, new things they encounter might make them aggressive or scared.

If you want to take charge of an adult cat, you are not responsible for this, but still, you should ensure that your cat is given a thorough interaction with your new world. You need to make sure that your cat can feel comfortable around its new environment, including other people.

A woman is playing with her cat

Give Your Kitty Plenty of Love

Last and foremost, you can make a place in anyone’s heart with love. The same goes for feline friends too. When you take care of your cat’s needs, provide her lots of cuddles, and she likes to be cuddled and petted in return, then reward yourself for becoming a responsible cat owner. Your cat’s affection towards you is a sign that she responds to you with love and trust.

Final Thoughts

Felines are more independent than dogs, but they need attention from their owners. Try to be around her as much as possible and treat her with respect. As a new cat parent, you might have some difficulties, but hopefully, you will become a responsible cat owner.

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