Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up?

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Why does my cat wake me up?

Keeping a cat as a pet is not always rainbows and sunshine; it comes with many responsibilities and a lot of hassle. There is a life that is entirely dependent on you, and it is your job to provide them with a good life because they can’t express what they want in terms of talking.

Cats are very particular and picky about what they want. They need things to be done on time and learn through patterns of behavior, and that’s how a lot of their habits are shaped. Within those habits, people don’t usually take into account much because your cats wake you up randomly.

By saying that cats wake you up randomly, we don’t mean them jumping around the house or making noises early in the morning; that’s pretty common. But if they deliberately come near you and aim to wake you up, then there is absolutely some reason behind it.

Possible Reasons Your Cat Wakes You Up

They Are Bored

That’s right! Cats get bored too! They might have woken you up because they are bored or need attention. They might be craving for cuddles and affection or might want to play with you, and because you are their owner, they try and get it from you.

They Feel Safe Around You

Cats are most vulnerable to danger when they are asleep. They aren’t attentive, so there can be an attack of a predator anytime; therefore, they might wake you up to think you’ll be protecting them while they sleep, or they may snuggle around you while you are sleeping so that they have a sense of security around them.

They Want Something

On prior occasions, you might have given them food or treats or water when they had woken you up before, and maybe they want that right now. Their actions will indicate what they are seeking.

Cat waking up its owner

But is it getting to the point where it’s annoying you or withering in your routine? Here are a few ways you can minimize the chances of them waking you up in the middle of the night.

Play With Them For A While Before You Sleep

Make a habit of playing with them before you sleep so that they don’t bother you once your night starts. Plus, they will be way too tired to even interfere with their sleep. This might also encourage them to sleep the whole night and not wake up in between, let alone bother you.

Fill the Feed Bowl Beforehand

If you know that your kitty will feel hungry at night, make it a habit to fill the feeder bowl with cat food beforehand so that in case your cat wakes up hungry, they wouldn’t have to wake you up. They eat for themselves and go back to sleep.

A cat is staring at its food bowl

Riddles and Puzzles

Get some riddles and puzzles to play on occasions when they are bored in the middle of the night. You might still hear jumping sounds, but that shouldn’t bother you as much as if they wake you up to play with them.

Train Them Accordingly

Some positive reinforcement training always comes in handy in situations like these. You can train them to not wake you up randomly at night and treat them in the morning for doing so. This will also instill patience and contentment in your cats, and good behavior will come in handy in times of serious effort.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Sleeping With Your Cat?

Almost all the cat parents have undoubtedly slept with their cats at least a few times. But is it beneficial or not? Let’s find out!

Pros of Sleeping With Your Cats

They Purr When They Are Content

When they feel safe and secure in an environment, they have a habit of purring, which isn’t just beneficial for them but also for you. Aside from a sense of peace and relief, the recurrence of your kitty’s purr helps repair broken and fractured bones and joint ligaments along with muscle damage as well. The presence of a cat around you will keep you warm.

A cat is laying beside its sleeping owner

Cons of Sleeping With Your Cats

They Are Nocturnal Animals

Cats are identified as nocturnal, so they usually set out to hunt at night after having a good day’s sleep. As pets, they can be trained to sleep at night and stay up in the morning, but nature-wise they might just take naps at night and wake up frequently to do their business.

Random Activities

You might get irritated by their constant movement. They might jump on and off the bed a lot, which will affect your sleep. To reduce this, you can set up small steps or stairs around the bed to avoid loud jumping noises.


If you suffer allergies, acknowledge that if your cat is allowed to sleep on the bed with you, she will leave hair behind, adding to your allergic reactions, so you will have to change the sheets quite often.

Wrapping Up

Even though cats might be a little intimidating and annoying at times, do know that they are your pets, and you need to care for them regardless. Never force them to do anything and never hit them regardless of whatever the issue is; solve it with peace and love. The best way to train them is by positive reinforcements; this will increase the strength of the bond with your cat and train them quite well.

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