Are Chausie Cats Wild? Five Aspects of Its Personality

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Closeup view of a Chausie cat

Chausie cats are a cross between the jungle cat and other domesticated cats. So it is no surprise that some people assume that it still has its wild tendencies. Well, it is somewhat true since being wild and free is in its genetic code. But do not fret since they are still somewhat tame compared to their wild ancestors.

It isn’t wild per se; some of its tendencies resemble those of a wild cat, but overall it is an extremely softhearted breed that will melt your heart. Let us analyze some of its tendencies to decide whether or not Chausie cats are ‘wild.’

1. It is welcoming concerning other animals and cats

Unlike wild cats, Chausie cats have a sweet demeanor when they see another cat in their home or their vicinity outdoors. Chausie cats are also unaffected by the presence of larger animals such as dogs. They are accepting when it comes to visitors and is sometimes fond of strangers. Chausie cats are very friendly and would not be found hissing or scratching other pets or humans.

They also tend to develop a bond with another pet and spend every waking moment with them. They can do the same with their human friend, and some pet owners can hold a very special place in their Chausie’s heart.

2. They are wonderful companions

They can be very affectionate to their families and friends and will always try to find a moment to snuggle up next to you. They are very intelligent and are known to understand human emotion.

Chausie cats are also considered therapy animals because of their high ability to understand and perceive different human emotions, and they try to improve their owners’ moods. They will mostly be seen performing outrageous tricks that will have their owners lying on the floor laughing, and in similar ways, they will make sure that you are smiling ear to ear at all times.

3. They are very active animals

Chausie cats are known to be extremely active animals and require stimulating activities almost every day. Chausie cats need that emotional and physical release every day, or they may suffer from different sorts of problems such as stress and anxiety. YES, Chausie cats can also suffer from stress and anxiety due to their highly developed brains and high levels of intelligence.

Sitting Chausie cat

A Chausie will probably be found snooping through open cupboards and drawers, and you may need to place a child lock on all of your drawers and closets because Chausie cats are known to have very curious and explorative personalities, and they cannot help staying away from seeing what is hidden behind closed doors and drawers.

4. They do not like to be left alone and need a lot of attention

If you are the type of person who has an extensive work schedule and usually comes home late at night, then it would not be recommended to get a Chausie cat since they do not do well when they are alone.

In contrast, wild cats, on the other hand, can spend days or even weeks without any contact with their families. They are always attention-hungry and will be waiting for you at the door as soon as they hear the rattle of your keys against the door.

This aspect will never be found in a wild cat, and they would prefer to stay away from humans as far as possible and are very hostile.

5. Chausie cats are excellent with families

Because of their high need for activity and interactive playtime, they have the most fun with children. However, they do retain some of their wild traits, so it is recommended that older children be allowed to go near a Chausie cat since younger children may not know how to behave next to a Chausie cat and might irritate it, which may lead to injuries for the children.

They are also very large cats and can become very heavy when they become fully grown adults, and they can create problems for little children and may even sit on them, creating breathing difficulties for them.

Chausie cats are a domesticated version of their ancestors but are known to retain their wild traits, so technically, the Chausie is wild, but at the same time, it is like a normal house cat. But in some cases, their domesticated side tends to shine through more. Due to frequent crossing and interbreeding, Chausie cats risk becoming obese, and they may have more serious issues such as intestinal problems related to digestion.

But in special situations, a Chausie will let its wild traits shine, and you will be surprised to see that it is the same cat with whom you used to cuddle up in a blanket and watch a movie. Chausie kittens are also no joke when it comes to being wild. These kittens will always be seen roughhousing.  With their siblings and sometimes even the parents would let loose a little and mess around with their kittens to bond with them.


In the end, a Chausie’s wildness does not matter as long as it is a great companion to you and is very loyal to you and does not leave your side rain or sunshine. In my opinion, that’s what aspiring cat owners should look for in a pet or a Chausie generally. And if they are, then they should look no further than the Chausie cat, and they will not regret it.

Although they should beware if they haven’t taken care of a cat before and are first-time owners, then they must pay attention to their behaviors and should be careful about how they treat their cat because Chausie cats are known to retain most of their wild traits and may lash out at their owners if they are disturbed too much.

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