Choosing a Kitten: Tips to Check for Good Health and Personality

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Choosing a Kitten

Have you decided to share your love and time with a lovely pet?

Owning a pet might seem the best choice to share your time with, especially when they respond in a lovely way that can make you feel better after a tiring day. However, everything comes with particular responsibility, and so as a pet. Adopting a new pet may seem scary in the first place, and if it’s your first time adopting a kitten, then you surely need a bit of expert advice before having a kitten. This guide will clear all your doubts about adopting a kitten that you need to remember.

Since you have decided to adopt a kitten, you must know what type suits you.

Being a little too much in making your kitten choice will be a wise decision. Do you want a kitten? Are you ready to take the responsibility of a kitten? Make sure to ask yourself this question first and if the answer is yes, then come up with the choice of what kind of Kitten you want in your life. It may look tempting to adopt a cute kitten immediately, but putting some effort into research would bring no harm. This way, you will be sure about your decision to bring your kitten home.

How Old Is Your Kitten?

To adopt a well-developed kitten, you need to encounter a few facts as kittens are usually detached before 8 weeks of age. However, experts suggest that a kitten stays with her mother or littermates till 12 weeks of age. Before completing this period, a kitten may adopt irregular habits such as suckling on fingers and other objects. So a dream age to adopt a kitten should be 12 weeks of age before adoption. Let your favorite kitten learn things from her mother and siblings.

A very cute kitten

Choose a Kitten With the Same Personality as You

As everyone acquires a personality that includes different traits and characters. Similarly, like others, cats also have distinct and colorful personalities that may go along with yours. How they interact and play with other cats will tell you more about their personality traits.

Also, keep in mind, while buying a pet, first see how they react to you in the first place. If they are shy, playful, and bold, then this personality will go along with anyone, but their timid behavior may indicate from the kitten that it didn’t like you. So, keep going and choose your best friend.

Let’s take a look into some kitten personalities that will help you make your decision.

  • If you have a more eager child to adopt a kitten, choose a playful, confident, and energetic kitten that will quickly get along with your child in your home.
  • Sit with them for a while and see how they react to this behavior. Socially developed kittens are comfortable and unafraid of being surrounded by people.
  • It’s time to play a game with your kitten. Be it Frisbee or some other play, get your kitten involved with a toy and see how she expresses herself.
  • Hold them up in your arms and feel their response; if it’s scary, then absolutely this isn’t the right pick for you.
  • Kittens are usually introduced to humans from the age of 7 weeks mostly, they learn to interact with people, but still, you need to make a check. 
Striped kitten with tail up

There are 2 types of kittens for a first pick:

Greeter Cats

These cats easily interact with anyone, strangers or not, to get some attention and love. As they are social, energetic, and confident and will be the same in your home, there is no need to worry. These kinds of pets are usually the greeter who greets your guests too.

Shy at First

On the other hand, these cats are a bit harder to get along with at first. Shy cats are also sometimes sweet and friendly, but they have more protective behavior. They are called the reserved ones and don’t get along with anyone they don’t know. If they live in a home where they know everyone, they will eventually feel comfortable and roam around in the house with family members.

Some people don’t count personality as an essential factor, which may be considered a personal choice. 

Some Health Checks

Since this is one of the most important aspects of adopting a pet, you may also look for necessary things for a kitten’s health. Check the animal with signs of illness, such as runny eyes or nose, dirty ears, a dirty area near the tail that may be a sign of diarrhea. Also, see that the other kittens that live with your chosen one have a clear picture.

Cute little kitten

Things to remember before buying a kitten

  • Their eyes should be clear and fully open with a regular focus on the outer environment. 
  • Her nose should be clean, and no sneezing or nasal discharge.
  • With clean ears and no head shaking. 
  • Pink gums show no signs of ulcer in the mouth or tongue.
  • No odor in the breathing and properly aligned teeth.

Wrapping Up

It is mainly suggested that before adopting a kitten, it’s best to have a veterinarian check your kitten’s health as many kittens have fleas, intestinal worms, or ear mites. They won’t bring such harm into your home, but a vet’s opinion is a must if you have a kid in the house. It might cost you a few pennies, but it is better to spend some rather than bringing an unusual disease.

Bring your cute kitten home and enjoy a wonderful experience, but make sure you and your kitten are a perfect fit for each other.

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