Cat in Heat: Signs and Caring Tips

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Cat in Heat

Have you ever been awakened by some disconcerting sounds of yowling cats? The amorous caterwauling might have made you put earplugs in, or you bury your head in a pillow, hoping that the stray cats find another place for their noises.

But have you ever wondered the reason behind their scary screaming? If you are a kitten owner, your cat will also show the same behavior when she grows up. Don’t worry! It is natural for female cats to go through a heat cycle naturally. Hopefully, some signs and caring tips will help you ease your cat in her mating season!

In this article, we have highlighted a few key indications of cat heating that will be helpful for you to determine why your cat is behaving differently and what you need to do in this case.

Signs Your Cat Is in Heat

Your Cat Will Become Very Affectionate

One of the most common changes you will see in your cat’s behavior during her heat cycle is that she becomes extraordinarily affectionate or clingy. Your feline friend will try to rub against you or furniture. She will follow you everywhere, wherever you go. She will also roll around on the floor more than usual. While reading, this loving behavior might sound cute, but some cat owners find it annoying, especially with other signs combined in season.

Mating Calls and Positions

Your cat will vocalize loudly, leaving you in wonder if she is in pain. But you don’t need to be worried because she will keep calling for several days unless she mates. While patting your cat, you will see her standing in a particular position; she will keep her bottom in the air by lowering the front. This position is called ‘lordosis,’ indicating the sign of mating in a cat. If you stroke her during this position, she will tread her back feet side to side.

Meowing cat sitting on bed at home

Unusual Urination Behavior

Female cats during their heat cycle attract male cats with unusual urination behavior. Their pee will be smellier, trying to communicate by scent and scent-marking. She will use her litter box more than usual; she may be more likely to pee outside her litter tray. 

If your cat is peeing outside the tray, don’t try to punish her because she understands the wrongdoings during this time.

Outdoor Escape Attempt

When in heat, your cat will attempt outdoor escaping towards the door when it opens. She needs to attract and mate with her potential suitors. During this time, your indoor cat will more likely remain to vanish for more than one day or up to a week. In this case, remember to seal all the escaping routes and keep an eye on her. You may need to distract her mind by playing with her.

Extreme Grooming

Your feline companion will spend most of her time licking her genital area even if no blood is present there. There is a popular belief that cats during heat should not bleed. Like human beings, cats do not show up the lining of their uterus during their heat cycle. However, not every time licking indicates the sign of heat, and it could be a reason for urinary tract disorder as well, which can get worst if not treated properly. If your cat shows this excessive behavior, then better visit the vet!

Cat Heat Cycle

A cat’s estrous or reproductive cycle is the heat cycle that lasts for 14 to 21 days. The cycle occurs in 5 different phases.

  • Proestrus: A stage when the cat is not fertile yet, preceding estrus.
  • Estrus: It is a stage of the fertile period.
  • Interestrus: It is a time between estrus and the next cycle of Anestrus when a cat doesn’t ovulate.
  • Diestrus: This stage occurs when the cat ovulates, leading to pregnancy.
  • Anestrus: It is a stage when her ovaries are not active, which means your cat will not experience any heat cycle. This generally happens in wintertime.
Two British Shorthair cats

How Can I Care for My Cat When She Is in Heat?

Take Care of Your Cat with Extra Brushing

During your cat’s heat cycle, she will need extra care from you to ease the stress of estrus. Spend some extra time with your feline friend around the home as it may calm her down and manage her stress levels.

Give Her Extra Playtime

Cats are always in the urge to mate in the heat cycle because it is instinctual for them. Therefore, try to occupy her with some interesting toys that keep her engaging and distract her hunting instincts. It will drive her mind off from mating feelings.

Secure Your Home Premises

Cats become artist par excellence when they are in heat, so ensure to keep your house secure and seal off her potential escaping routes, including doggie doors, windows, entry gate, etc.

Keep Her Litter Box Clean

Cats are more likely to mark their territory in heat season. Keep the litter box clean free of cat pee; by doing this, you encourage her to mark it instead of marking your sofa or carpet. It will be good to avoid using ammonia cleaners because they stimulate spraying behavior.

Cat litter box on tiled floor

Be Patient with Her during Her Heat

When cats are in heat, they might be noisy, aggressive, and prone to attempting to flee, but it’s essential to show patience during this time. She didn’t ask to be in heat, and with your patience and care, they can get through it with as little stress and agony as possible.

Spay Your Cat

Spaying a cat during the heat is not recommended by most veterinarians. Although it is possible, there is a higher risk of surgical complications.

If you don’t plan on breeding your cat, spaying her is a good idea. You won’t have to deal with this scenario again, and you won’t have to worry about unwanted kittens.

The signs of heat in cats are easy to spot. Do remember that cats have a heat cycle every 2-3 weeks every year-round from the age of 4 to 6 months up to 12 years or older. The above sign will never stop, so if you think that spaying will be the best option, then talk to your veterinarian about the benefits of spaying your cat.

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