Traveling With A Cat: Where to Go in 2022

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Traveling With A Cat: Where to Go in 2022

You might wonder if traveling is even possible with your fluffy friend; rest assured because it definitely is. Taking your cat with you no matter where you go is as easy as a piece of cake; you just have to take care of a few things, and voila! You’re all set for the camping trip.

You should probably visit some destinations when taking your cat on a vacation trip this year, in 2022. Continue reading to find some of the best vacation destinations you could go to with your feline friend and even ease up their mind.

San Diego

San Diego night cityscape

San Diego’s warm climate is why many cats love to stay there and would get excited as soon as they set foot there. The details of the city are the best to opt for if you want to get some new experience in your life. Their incredible parks, museums, and many more places are worth visiting by many people.  

Other than that, they also have several pet-friendly beaches that are sure to bring familiarity to your furry friend. You can also stay at the pet-friendly hotels to visit the boat rental places that let you enjoy the water with your cat and even get them comfortable while on board. No matter what kind of environment you’re looking for to stay with your cat’s preferences, you would find various options in the city.

San Antonio, Texas

Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the second-largest city in Texas, which makes it just the perfect place to visit whenever you want. With their reinvention, the place is becoming quite pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about anyone hostile towards your little furry friend.

La Villita is a must-visit place along with your cat because of the incredibly crafted area with outstanding sculptors seen on sight. Brackenridge Park is another cinematic view to visit when you feel like going on an adventure with your cat, who’s just as excited to be there as you are.

Lake Erie, Ohio

Camping and places among the lakes are the perfect places to relax with your cat as you don’t have to move around much, feeling the adrenaline rush through your veins. Stay by the lake’s nature trail and be surrounded by the woods to experience the most beautiful tour of Lake Erie in Ohio.

Keep your cat attended with a leash, keeping them near you, so neither do they get scared easily nor do you have to chase them in a foreign place. Spend some time alone with your cat in nature before visiting the places filled with cat artworks and memorabilia.

Greenville, South Carolina

Beautiful sunset at Greenville, South Carolina

If you and your cat both are fans of outdoor activities and love to stay near nature filled with woods and trees, you must visit Greenville. It has all the cat-friendly hotels, so you don’t have to worry about your stay when you visit the place, even in a hurry.

Greenville is full of the natural beauty that you can explore; it’s the never-ending peacefulness you’ll be met with if you plan to visit Greenville, the city of peace. Don’t forget to turn to ‘The Bakery Bistro’ and the ‘Paws and Claws’ with your cat to pick out the very best toys and accessories they would definitely love.

Buck Canyon, Utah

If your cat is wild and loves to be as adventurous as possible, then visiting Buck Canyon should be your priority. You can also go hiking with your cat, something they would love if they’re full of excitement and curiosity.

You’ll also be able to visit the breathtaking places that are sure to leave you in awe, so keep the pace slow and keep your cat hydrated. You wouldn’t want to miss out on such extremely outstanding views of the place simply because you or your cat is tired, so make sure to stay active and discover new places hidden deep.


Beautiful Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

With the colorful place in Canada, you get to meet the most vibrant cities of all time filled with positive energy. You can even enjoy outdoor activities and the country’s incredible cuisine along with your cat. Sandy Beach Park is the perfect location if you or your cat wants to go to a relaxed and chilled place.

Banff National Park is the right choice if you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset and the sunrise along with your cat or even set up a camp to stay at the beautiful location, or you could attend the festival Canada holds from time to time.


Overview of a beautiful beach resort in Mexico

You can either expand your trip to Mexico or simply book the one starting from Mexico since it has all the views and activities one could ask for. Their hospitality, especially toward pet cats, has always been one of the most amazing traits as they welcome new people wholeheartedly.

Though there isn’t much to choose from, you still get to experience breathtaking destinations to help your furry little friend feel at home. Locations like ‘The Huasteca Potosina’, ‘Puerto Escondido’, ‘Las Ventanas al Paraiso Resort’ are a must to go if you ever visit Mexico with your cat.


Aerial view of Eiffel Tower in France

France has always been a favorite of many people, including pet lovers. The place is quiet and most suitable if you have an introverted and easily anxious cat. Corniche Des Cevennes is one of the most beloved and biased places for cat lovers.

You can even try local meals from the market as each of their ingredients is pure and healthy no matter who eats it. Don’t miss out on traditional stone gîte as it is one of the friendliest locations for cats. Or you can even go on peaceful hiking plans with your cat to ease your mind and spend some quality time with your feline friend.


Cats are sure to bring peace no matter where you live with them, so do them a favor by letting them explore new places. Above are some of the best destinations you could go to with your cat, so don’t waste a second more and plan a trip together to get some peace.

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