Cat Lifespan: Help Your Cat Live Longer

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Ways to Help Your Cat Live Longer

Your feline friend is your fantastic companion, providing you comfort and affection and never making you feel lonely. You may not think of it often, but at some point, you may think about what happens when your cat leaves you forever. But don’t worry about it anymore – as this guide provides you with a few essential tips related to “how to keep your cat healthy and live longer”.

Cats typically have an average life expectancy of around 18 years. That could be a pretty long time; however, it is clearly not enough for your treasured feline companion. Thus, we want our cats to live as long as they can and want them to live healthily, happily, and lively. Consider that there can be a lot of rudiments that can have more significant impacts and influence on your cat’s life. Your role is one of the influential factors that can be crucial in helping cats to live longer and have a healthy life.

Below are the factors you must consider regarding “how to prolong a cat’s lifespan”.

1. Feed Your Cat with Quality Food

Feeding your cat with raw and natural food would be the best option if you want your pet to live longer. Since wet food is superior and far healthier in quality than any dry food, you must include wet or raw food in your cat’s diet – also, it is the best cat food for the better lifespan of your feline.

Keeping the cat’s diet healthy and balanced with natural and wet foods help your cat to get excessive nutrition. Fish, meat, and other raw foods contain water that your cat needs to remain hydrated. Note that cats don’t really have a thirst drive; they take most of the moisture from what they eat. You can make your cat drink water or milk from the bowl but feeding them with raw and wet foods ensure that your cat stays hydrated naturally. Get your cat raw and wet food now and help this feline and affectionate friend to live longer.

2. Help Your Feline Exercise

Exercising and physical activities are ways toward making your cat healthy and enhancing longevity eventually. Exercise and physical activity mean ‘play with your cat’, yeah just play. Playing with your pet would be a sort of fun for you and exercise for them, helping them stay fit and healthier.

What can you do about that? There is no hard and fast rule to make your feline exercise. Simply get your pet to chase a laser-pointer light, piece of string, a feather, or maybe a commercial feline toy – what do you say? You can also utilize other toys, including any fluctuating toy, jingly balls, and catnip mice, which you can use to keep your cat motivated and active if you are not available anytime or are not around. Such tricks can help your cat remain active and playful, and keep your sofa safe from your feline friend as well.

3. Keep Your Pussy Cat Indoor Only

Keeping your loved cat indoors can help enhance the lifespan of your cat dramatically. Why is it essential to keep your cat indoors, and how does it help increase its lifespan? Going your cat outdoor can result in a catastrophe or a huge disaster for your lovely pet. Your cat might meet an accident, or injuries from fighting with other animals or cat outdoor, wild predators – mountain lions, coyotes, fleas, diseases and theft and so on… Thus, the outdoor is not suitable for domesticated felines at all.

4. Visit the Vet Annually

Take your pussy cat to visit a credible veterinarian for an annual checkup. How can you find one? Ask for recommendations from your friends, family, and social circle. Also, ask for suggestions from cat lover communities – it will help you land the right and reliable vet to get your pet checked annually.

Regular visits will help diagnose any disease and illness early before they become too severe. It will also help you focus on your cat’s overall health and wellbeing. You can also ask a vet to visit your home and examine your cat effortlessly at your home.

5. Give Your Cat Mental Enrichment

Usually, people work for too long and leave their pets at home, all alone for a day straight. This can lead to severe pet issues, especially for your cat. Thus, mental stimulation is way essential for your loved feline.

Provide your cat with plenty of affection, love, and contact. Make sure to spend more time with your pets once you come home in the evening or at night. It can help prevent unwanted behaviors, reduce anxiety, and keep your pets mentally active and sharp. Thus it will help in making them live longer and healthier.

6. Neuter or Spay Your Cat

Neutering or spaying your feline helps diminish the chances of getting your cat to develop mammary or testicular cancer. It also eliminates the chances of severe health risks for your cat. According to a study, if you get your cat neutered or spayed once it is older, it might result in severe cancer and further serious health issues. So don’t wait any longer and get your pussy cat spayed now to make sure the longevity of its life.

Bonus Tips

Hope we have convinced you to start taking action to prolong your cat’s lifespan. We will provide you a few additional tips that can help you to boost your cat’s life expectancy even more.

  • Keep poisoned and dangerous stuff out of reach – make sure to keep away the hazardous household chemicals, power cords, poisonous liquids and sprays, and dangling tablecloths from cats.
  • Provide your cat with a lot of fresh, clean, and pure water so that your pet can stay hydrated.
  • Watch diet – ask your vet to recommend a healthy diet for your cat.

Don’t take risks for your much-loved feline’s health and safety. Try each of the tips that will surely help you achieve your goal of extending your cat’s lifespan.

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