Popular Cat Names For 2022

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Popular Cat Names For 2022

Animals such as cats can be life-changing as they provide you with a purpose and comfort. Many cat owners have confirmed that they could change and be happier in their life with the help of a feline friend.

You have come to the right place if you recently adopted a cat or know someone who completely adores cats and wants to set a unique and adorable name. It can be a difficult task to name your cat, as there are countless names out there for you to choose from. This article will be looking at some of the most popular cat names for 2022.

Choosing Cat Names and Personalities

Many people are not aware that just like humans, cats have different personalities and hobbies that change and develop over time. Some cat breeds are naturally friendly and slightly shy in front of their owners, like a Persian cat and KhaoManee. On the other hand, some cats may be more aggressive and extroverted.

When choosing a name for your cat, most cat owners reflect their physical traits to their cat names. For instance, if you have a cat with a dark undertone grey coat, you might want to name them Oreo as it is one of the most popular and cute cat names. Keeping physic looks in mind, you could quickly come up with famous cat names.

1. Luna

Luna means moon

One of the most common and popular cat names for a female is Luna, as it is adorable, but it is also easy to remember and pronounce. Luna is a word that translates to Moon, and so this may be used to show that a cat is bright, beautiful, and healthy.

Many people do not know this, but Luna is one of the names of Artemis in Greek mythology. Besides this, many owners cat-name their little loved one Luna because it is a unisex name, which means that both males and cats can use the name Luna.

2. Oliver

The second most popular cat name is Oliver, the most commonly used male cat. Oliver is such a popular and unique cat name because it can be used for any cat breed: black fur, orange coat, full white, or mixed breed.

If you are unsure of what cat names you should choose for your feline, then it is recommended that you try to list down their favorite hobbies, personality traits, etc. For instance, many cats love and go crazy for canned or dry treats, so keeping this in mind, you could come up with cat names of Oliver munchkins.

3. Lucy

The name Lucy has been around for ages because of its meaning behind it. You may not know this, but Lucy’s name means light or illumination, and that is why many owners go for these cat names to reflect the importance of their cat in their life. Lucy is popular among cats and used by dogs, birds, and other animal owners because it is such a cute and easy name.

Moreover, Lucy is a cat name used by owners who have extremely playful and spoiled cats. Generally speaking, Lucys are given lots of love and nurturing and are quite intelligent as nothing goes by in front of them without them knowing it. If you own a cat with similar habits, this name is a perfect choice.

A small adorable kitten in a red box

4. Misty

Another name that is popular in the kingdom of cats is Misty, as it is mainly owned by cat owners who have a cat that is shy, quiet, and calm. This cat name was initially used in the US for those lovely cats and kittens that love to surround themselves in corners and meow gently and adorably.

Misty cats are known for being gentle and loving, and they do not exhibit any signs of aggression or anger. In addition to that, misty cats are also known for hiding away from new people. Once they get comfortable, they remember them for a long time.

One thing worth mentioning is that although misty cats are known for being shy and quiet, they do love their owner’s company at all times as it helps them feel secure and protected. If you have a cat who expresses similar traits, you should choose these cat names.

5. Callie

This name has been around for ages, and surprisingly it has different pronunciations and spellings. The name Callie has different spellings such as Kalli, Kaly, Cali, etc. Many cat owners choose this adorable name for cats with different colored fur or eyes. The origin of this cat name is Greek and can be translated to beautiful. Most Callie cats are described as beautiful, calm, and loved by many cat owners worldwide.

Not only that, but Callie cats are also good listeners and enjoy when you spend time talking to them and even love meeting strangers and going out for quiet walks. If you have a cat who loves to spend time with you and does not show any signs of aggression or hatred, Callie cat names are perfect for your loved one.

Besides the ones listed above, some other equally adorable and popular cat names are shadow, daisy, precious, ginger, Astro, Zoe, Chloe, milo, max, Charlie, Loki, Ollie, and jasper.

So hopefully, by now, you have an idea of what name you should choose for your little loved one. Overall speaking, all cat names are unique and special, so you should not stress too much over it.

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