How to Do a Long Road Trip with Cat?

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Preparing for a road trip with cat

Traveling with cats in car for long distance can be challenging. For many cat owners, going on a long road trip with cat is probably not appealing. But believe it, if cats are properly adapted to riding in a car, then there is no better travel partner than them!

Many of us plan to go for trips or vacations during summers or springtime, commonly with our families and furry felines. It is also when people buy and sell their house, which sometimes includes a long-distance move.

Hopefully, your cat has not had a traumatic experience in the car, making your upcoming long trips more viable. But don’t despair if this was not the case with your cat because even mature cats can be trained in new car riding tricks.

Cats love the outdoors, and they would love to travel with their favorite person. So, keep reading these tips to better prepare for a long road trip with a cat!

Make Your Cat Familiar with a Car

Before planning a long road trip, how about getting your cat familiar with your car first? Take your kitty on a car tour before leaving. Sit with your cat in the back seat, gently pet and brush her and give her a few treats.

Let your cat explore your entire car. Bring her carrier out and keep it in a traveling place so that your cat becomes familiar with that place.

If you love music while traveling and want your cat to enjoy music, then play soothing music. Take a short ride, nice and slow, to get your kitty to learn about movement. Observe your cat’s response during the whole process.

Ask Your Vet for Suggestions

If your feline friend doesn’t respond well to your test drive, talk to your vet about options for treating anxiety or motion sickness.

If you plan to move to another city, the long distance might be overwhelming for your kitty. Therefore, it would be best to take herbal supplements and prescribed relaxants to take the edge off.

Don’t forget to seek your vet because they have various options to help your cat feel relaxed and comfortable on the journey.

Give Cat Food and Water Before the Trip

Before heading out on the open road, provide your cat plenty of food and water while giving your kitty enough time to use the litter box after eating.

If your cat is suffering from motion sickness or diarrhea, offer her some light snacks.

Remember, if you think your cat is more likely to feel sick in the car during the journey, it is better to withhold food and water offerings starting eight hours before you get to the road. You might also want to look for other options, so talk to your vet.

Cat inside carrier box in car

Keep Your Cat in a Safe Carrier

It’s not safe for your cat to roam freely around your car, and she can get under your feet and ruin your driving experience. You can also get into an accident, and your cat can become seriously injured if she is not in a carrier.

Carriers are designed to provide safe and quiet space to cats. They help cats relieve some anxiety and stress. Also, cat carriers prevent cats from getting lost on road trips.

Ready for the Messes

If you want to keep your mind out of the mess, then line your cat carrier with old towels and disposable liners that can be washed or thrown out. This will help you manage potty accidents and make it easy to clean during the trip.

Bring a few trash bags for used towels because you will need cleaning solutions for extra backups.

Plan Pit Stops

While planning your road trip with cat, don’t forget to map out pit stops. Pit stops are a great way to provide your cat water and food and also a chance to make her use the litter box after a few hours.

If you use a cat harness or leash, your cat can still move out and stretch her legs. If you have never used a kitty harness or leash, try it out at home to ensure your cat can’t wriggle out.

Black cat looks out of car window

Update Your Cat’s ID Tags

Before hitting the road, ensure your cat wears a breakaway collar or an identification tag containing your current information. Your cat should be microchipped, especially during the journey, and make sure the microchip is updated with the current information.

It is also good to bring the vet’s information along with you for any emergency care at your destination. Therefore, make sure to program your cell phone with all the information that you might need on your way.

Take Fun Toys

Bring some exciting and interesting play toys with you to play with your kitty during the journey. This will help keep your cat busy and happy. Furthermore, you can also make your toys or switch to new toys so that your cat has something new. Your feline friend may also associate new, fun, and surprise toys with tours.

Make Your Trip Feel Like Home

Our pets also feel emotions as we humans do. Similarly, your cat may also feel homesick during the journey. Consider taking an old t-shirt that smells like you or your cat’s favorite blanket into the carrier so they can have homely feelings during the trip.

The scents of these things will help your cat become more familiar with the car trip; it will reduce your cat’s anxiety and provide her with a sense of well-being.

Wrapping Up

Traveling with a cat means making some sacrifices along the way. However, we can make this activity more enjoyable to strengthen our bond with our pet cats. Hopefully, this article will help you enjoy road adventures with your feline companion!

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