Staying in Hotels with Your Cats

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Staying in Hotels with Your Cats


Under many ideal circumstances, traveling with cats can be pretty stressful, and finding a cat-friendly hotel isn’t easy. It takes a lot of research to find a cat-friendly hotel of your choice. Picking a hotel in which your cat is comfortable is essential for the sake of your whole trip.

Picking a Hotel That Has a Good Pet Policy

Any cat-friendly hotel you decide to look at should have a good pet policy. Make sure you check the hotel’s website for more details about how it deals with pets on the premises and check out the reviews customers have left for them. This will help you understand better.

Compare different hotels reviews and pet policies to pick the best one. There is a good chance that the hotel will charge a deposit fee for each pet on the premises.

According to research and reviews, it is safe to say that extended-stay hotels have the best pet policies and are better at dealing with pets. Their rooms are designed to comfort the pets, especially for long-term visits. The rooms have kitchen and laundry facilities to better facilitate you and your cat.

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How to Pick a Cat-Friendly Hotel?

When traveling with a cat and looking for a cat-friendly hotel, it is best not to assume that most places probably won’t want cats around or allow any pets in. Even though many hotels don’t, there are still plenty of cat-friendly hotel facilities and places in a country.

Here are a few options you could go for while searching for places to stay on vacation with your cat.

· Hotel chains

Sometimes, many hotel chains don’t have any blanket policies on cats. Many of these chains tend to have different services and ways of accomodating cats and customers. However, every hotel’s price point will vary, especially when bringing your cat with you. A cat-friendly hotel will make it obvious that they are okay with pets staying.

· Motels

Like a cat-friendly hotel, cat-friendly motels tend to be a very common option for people on vacation, and they bring their cats along with them. A motel tends to offer much easy access to the outside places, which is suitable for your cat’s adjustment issues. You can take your cat outside for a walk when staying in a cat-friendly motel.

· Resident hotels

A cat-friendly hotel is almost similar to a cat-friendly resident hotel. However, the resident hotels also accommodate long-term stays for families and consultant workers. Most resident hotels tend to have designated a pet walking area, which means it is a cat-friendly hotel or resident hotel.

Many hotels and inns tend to offer slot machine free haven grass lawns for people traveling with their cats, which is useful for other pets. Moreover, you might notice that a cat-friendly hotel and resident hotel will always have sitting room areas and kitchenettes, making it easier to feed the pets and help them relax.

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Ways to Secure Your Cat

If your cat likes to explore a lot, you should take it on vacation. In this case, there is a good chance that the cat might be nervous and confused when away from home, but it is your job to make it feel safe and secure.

Both you and the cat-friendly hotel you choose have to provide comfort for your cat. Before settling into a hotel room, or even before going on vacation, it is important to prepare a sign to hang outside the room, which tells people that there is a cat inside. Or else, your cat might freak out if someone meets the cat unprepared and unexpectedly. This can raise nervousness levels.

Make Sure to Keep Your Cat Calm

It is extremely important to keep your cat calm in any cat-friendly hotel, as the policies for cat behavior might differ from hotel to hotel. First of all, make sure that your cat understands the indoor environment of the cat-friendly hotel, and then show her the rest of the outdoor places. This will help it get settled and used to different areas.

Never Forget the Litter Box While Traveling

Make sure you pick a safe and secure location for placing the litter box where your cat is comfortable. This is an important step in traveling with a cat.

Moreover, while setting the litter box, you’ll see that the cat feeling the litter under their toes helps them spot the litter box location next time. Make sure you bring the litter box, which is usually used, so your cat doesn’t get homesick by using a different or completely new one.

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Sweeping the Room

This is another crucial thing to do in a cat-friendly hotel. Make sure you find ways to make your cat feel happy and safe, and that can be done through cleaning and getting rid of anything that might make it nervous. Be on the lookout for anything on the floor, and sweep it in case of debris, chemicals, or window bits on the floor.

Playing Time

Playtime is just as important for a cat while traveling to different places, as much as it is at home. Ensure that your cat does its usual exercise and is active enough during the vacation. This would mean it is relaxed in the cat-friendly hotel and not nervous anymore.


Conclusively, it is vital to look for a cat-friendly hotel whenever you plan on taking your cat on vacation with you. This will help you enjoy your holiday as well as your cat. Your cat won’t feel nervous all the time, and it can relax instead of being nervous around the new place. A cat-friendly hotel tends to facilitate your cat better.

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