Cat Sizes: Small Cat Or Big Cat?

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Cat Sizes: Small Cat Or Big Cat?

Are you planning to adopt a cat but aren’t sure that type of cat aligns with your requirements the best? You’ve come to the right place to get all of your queries answered. You should be aware of multiple cat sizes before you plan to go to the pet store to adopt a cat.

Cats have many sizes in their breeds, so continue reading what size of cat should be the answer for you.

Misunderstanding About Big Size of the Cat

Cats are bigger in size than you may think. There are a lot of breeds of cats that are bigger than you might’ve imagined a cat to be. It’s not like every other cat is a giant or a minion; every cat has its own unique size and measurements.

Big cats can even weigh 20 pounds or sometimes even heavier than that, so don’t just create some kind of fantasy about the cats being delicate and small. So, make sure you have your mind made up about what type of cat you want to go for since the heavier the cat is, the more food they’ll consume.

It doesn’t mean that they are unloved in any way, though; they are the perfect partner to cuddle to and sleep with. The big and heavy cats might demand extra food to stay healthy, but they’ll surely repay it with loyalty and affection.

❖ Smaller Cat, Smaller Space

Living in a small apartment can be boring unless you have a small-sized cat to keep you accompanied. Small cats tend to fit in small spaces more easily than any bigger cats. Small cats also prefer staying in smaller areas as they don’t like to roam around the room any more than you might have thought.

A cute white Devon Rex lies in a white cat house

Their relaxing time could be anywhere with their tiny body curled up into a ball in a corner. They relax peacefully on their own without disturbing anyone or demanding a huge room space for them to simply sleep in. Even the tiny space would be pretty exciting and fun for them, and they will explore that little place a thousand times. If you’re planning to adopt a kitten, make sure you do complete research on it before you actually adopt the cutie pie.

Larger cats mean larger space for them to play in, sleep in, eat in, or relax, which can not be done in a small apartment. So, preferring to buy a smaller cat when you don’t have enough room seems to be the wisest decision you could ever make for both you and the cat you would adopt.

Consider A Suitable Litter Box

The litter box should always depend on the size of your cat, whether they’re a small one or a big one. The bigger the cat is, the more space the cat would need in the litter box, as the same goes for the smaller cat. The litter box is supposed to have a cat comfortable in it to wrap up its business’ neatly.

Proper sized cat litter box is a must

If you have an extraordinarily big litter box for your small cat, they will never be comfortable in it, hence never use it again, and if you have a smaller litter box for a bigger cat, they won’t even fit in it. So, taking a professional’s advice or taking the proper measurements yourself is just as necessary as teaching the cat to use the litter box.

You wouldn’t want to get your cat to act up in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere instead of the litter box, right? This is why you should always be careful of the measurements while buying the litter box for your cat.

Difference Between Small And Big Cat

Smaller cats and bigger cats are all different from each other in not one but many aspects, as mentioned below:


Smaller cats are said to have more of a controlled aggression mode than cats of a bigger size. Most cats have learned to control their anger ever since they started living with humans with loving and caring natures. While bigger cats have a problem controlling their fits of rage, smaller cats have the personality to adapt to the character that their owners like them.

Quick-Witted & Intelligence

Compared to the more giant cats, smaller cats pick up on the tricks more quickly and remember the tricks more easily. Rewards and punishments make the smaller cats learn what their owner like and do not like according to the behaviors their owners have around them. This makes the smaller cats adapt faster to the lifestyle their owners want them to have based on their likes and dislikes for the cat.

Different cat breed has different body size


Most bigger cats have round and big pupils in their eyes, while the smaller cats have slits as their pupils. However, it doesn’t nearly describe any of their personality traits since the shape of their pupils changes differently according to the light intensity. This can also differ according to the kinds of surroundings they live in.

❖ Throat

In cats, there is a bone called the hyoid bone inside their throats, which helps connect the tongue and the roof of the mouth. In big cats, that bone is soft and flexible, which gives them the ability to roar, while in smaller cats, the bone is stiff and rigid, which makes them purr as they are incapable of roaring like the big cats.


This must be the most apparent part about cats, as the bigger cat has a larger brain compared to the smaller cat. It might also be because of the usage of the brains of cats of different sizes, but no matter what, both cats are adorable enough.

Final Verdict

No other cat is superior to each other as they are adorable in their own way and deserve to be adopted by the right people. So, make sure you have proper room and space for the cat before you adopt them and make them feel at home!

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