Why is Cat Insurance Necessary for Your Cat?

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There are many types of insurance policies for humans. However, did you know that many insurance companies are offering insurance plans for your furry buddy? Cat insurance policies are a lot like human insurance policies. Different policies have different reimbursement percentages and limits. Some insurance policies might also come with additional benefits. There are three types of cat insurance policies; Accident-Only, Accident-Illness, and Wellness. If you are wondering whether your cat needs an insurance policy or not, this post is for you. Here, we will be the reasons why you should consider getting your cat insured.

A cat with bandage in its leg

1. Cat Insurance Covers accident-related Medical Costs

If your cat has suffered from an accident that was not intentional by any means, your cat’s insurance will cover the medical expenses for that. Such claims can be made if you have an Accident-Only cat insurance policy or an Accident-Illness cat insurance policy. This includes cuts, fractures, poisoning, and other kinds of injuries that your cat suffers due to an accident.

2. Cat Insurance Covers Expenses of New Medical Issues that Occur Due to Pre-Existing Medical Issues

Many cats that come from shelter homes carry pre-existing medical issues with them. While these medical issues will not be covered by any type of cat insurance, if there are new medical issues that are occurring due to your cat’s pre-existing medical condition, then the expenses for the treatment of such medical issues can get covered by your cat’s insurance.

3. Cat Insurance Covers Pregnancy-Related Expenses

If your furry buddy is soon going to be a mommy, then you don’t have to worry about your cat’s maternity expenses as well if you have a cat insurance plan. Many cat insurance plans also offer coverage for pregnancy-related expenses. Some insurance companies might even offer you discount insurance packages for newborn kittens.

4. Cat Insurance Covers Burial and Cremation Expenses

It is indeed a sad day when your cat passes away, and its burial or cremation is very important for you, as it has been with you for many years. Spending for your cat’s burial can also be painful for owners as they are often not emotionally stable enough to do that. However, if your cat was insured, you don’t have to worry about burial or cremation costs, as it will be covered by your cat insurance plan.

A vet is vaccinating a white cat

5. Cat Insurance Covers Vaccination Costs

It is important to get your cat vaccinated, as it protects your cat, you, and other people who interact with your cat from dangerous diseases. If you don’t feel like pulling out your wallet to pay for your cat’s vaccination, don’t worry. Your cat insurance will pay it for you. Depending upon your reimbursement percentage, your cat insurance will cover your cat’s vaccination cost. However, remember that cat vaccination costs are only covered in wellbeing-only cat insurance policies.

6. Cat Insurance Covers Lab Exam Costs

If you are getting your cat tested for diseases in a lab, your cat’s wellbeing insurance policy will cover the expenses for that. Wellbeing policies cover such minuscule expenses where you don’t feel like pulling your wallet out. However, wellbeing cat insurance policies do not cover dental health checkups and grooming expenses.

7. Cat Insurance Saves You from Untimely Medical Expenses

You have a lot of things to spend on when you grow up. If you have a family, you have to spend on your kids, your wife, your house, your car, and your daily groceries to name a few. You don’t just earn to spend on your cat. When you get sudden medical expenses, regardless of whether your cat is ill or any one of your family members is ill, you have to face sudden medical expenses, which is why you might have to spend from your savings. Therefore, it is important to get your cat insured so that whenever your cat falls ill unexpectedly, your cat’s insurance policy can cover a major part of the medical expenditures.

8. Cat insurance Ensures Timely Medical Attention

We often delay important medical expenses, especially when it comes to our cat. When we do that, its health deteriorates and when we finally take it to a vet, it’s too late. You should give timely medical attention to your cat to make sure that it lives longer, and to do so, it is better to have a cat insurance plan. When you have an insurance plan, you don’t have the financial stress on your mind when your cat gets ill. You can take it to a vet of your choice and get it treated. Your cat’s insurance plan will take care of the majority of your cat’s medical expenses.

A calm woman with her cat

9. Peace of Mind

When you don’t have to arrange money on an urgent basis to get your cat treated, you are relaxed and you can take better decisions for your cat. You know that your cat’s insurance will take care of most of the expenses, you turn out to be a lot calmer. When your cat is ill, you have to be calm and composed.

10. It’s The Same for Every Breed

Cat insurances are the same for all breeds. Some breeds are more prone to health issues, however, you won’t have to pay more for that. Also, you get to choose the licensed vet of your choice. Cat insurance gives you a lot of freedom, which is a great thing.

Your cat needs medical care, and when you have to use your savings to pay thousands of dollars of medical bills, it ruins your other plans. You might be saving for your kid’s education, a new car, and maybe a new house, but such untimely medical expenses can ruin your plans. If you don’t want that to happen, you should go for a cat insurance plan, so that you are calm whenever your cat needs medical care.

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