How Long Should I Play With My Cat Each Day?

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How Long Should You Play With Your Cat?

To ensure your cat is safe and healthy, you need to encourage playtime in your cat’s daily ritual. When it comes to animals such as cats, they are quite similar to human children. They need a proper and well-balanced playtime schedule to maintain the right weight, be active and not feel lonely or depressed. Let’s look at how long you should play with a cat and why it is important.

Why Is It Important?

Like humans, cats also need a distraction and a form of entertainment so that they do not suffer from illnesses such as depression, loneliness, and even health problems such as obesity, etc. Many studies have shown that indoor cats need playtime more than outdoor cats as playing with a cat can encourage mood booster. Although many cats can find their ways to play, you should spend a considerable amount of time so that they can feel appreciated and loved.

Playing With Cat

So far, you know that it is crucial playing with a cat, but you might be wondering exactly how you actively engage in cat playtime? This is not difficult as cats are naturally attracted to moving objects. Countless toys allow you to play with a cat effectively and safely.

For instance, there are bouncing balls, bell-ringing toys, fur strings, scratching table/ pad, etc. Depending on your cat’s personality and level of activeness, you can easily start playing with it regularly. For the majority of the cats out there, it is recommended to give them at least one hour of your day, solely focusing on playing with them and giving them treats.

Kitten playing with yellow ball

How Much Playtime Is Enough for Cats?

Many people find it surprising that cats also have different personalities and hobbies that they enjoy participating in, just like humans. So it cannot be said that all cats are alike because they are not. If you have adopted your cat at an early age, it is safe to play with the cat for 10 to 15 minutes a day twice.

As cats grow up and their predatory instincts rise, they may feel like playing more with you. Hence as time passes and your cat age increases, try to increase the time by five to ten minutes.

If you feel that you cannot take the time out of your day for multiple playing sessions with the cat, you can get an entire hour where you actively engage in cat playtime.

Building a Bond

Many people who have adopted a cat have complained that they cannot maintain a strong and safe bond with their cats. The reason for this is their lack of engagement in cats’ everyday lifestyles.

Girl at home with her cat

It is important to know that strengthening a bond with a cat is not as difficult of a task as it may seem. Before playing with the cat, try to understand its personality, overall stamina, and mood levels so that your playtime is of value.

Like anything in life, moderation is key, and once the limit is exceeded, any activity can start to feel like a burden. For this main reason, you must be doing so in intervals when playing with a cat. One tip that many people have benefited from is giving them treats so that they can stay engaged throughout their playtime sessions.

When Is the Time to Stop?

One common mistake that many cat owners make unintentionally is to overtire their cats when having playtime. It is important to note that, unlike humans, cats do not have the same stamina and cannot maintain the same interest and levels of enthusiasm as humans do.

When playing with your cat, you notice that it is beginning to sit down or hide in corners instead of chasing the toy; this is the time for you to stop as it is a sign of them being tired and wanting to quit. You mustn’t over-exhaust your cat to a point where they lose its breath, as this constant habit could lead to a decrease in weight and fluids.

Other signs that may relate to the cat wanting to quit are aggressiveness, hiding in corners, running away, biting, and scratching you.

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Bringing Another Cat

The first thing that may come to your mind when talking about playing with a cat is simply bringing another cat home, and although you may think it’s safe, it can be too risky for your feline friend. You do not know if your cat will be friendly or think of another cat as a threat.

Hence it is always best to start gradually and play with toys rather than bringing another cat home. This will result in high levels of aggression and even becoming too stimulated.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you try to understand their personality and hobbies before you begin to bring another similar cat home for your feline’s playtime.


So hopefully, by now, you have a better idea of how long you should play with your cat. At the end of the day, the most important thing to keep in mind when keeping a pet such as a cat is to provide the utmost love and care so that they do not feel uncomfortable, lonely, or depressed.

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