Cat Biking: How to Take Your Cat on a Bike Ride

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How to take your cat on a bike ride

Nothing is more enjoyable than taking your lovely cat biking. When you own a cat that loves your company, leaving her home alone can be heart-wrenching.

Unfortunately, not all cats enjoy bike rides. While some cats love to explore outdoors, some get annoyed by the consistent dizzy and wobbling rides. So, if you are wondering how to take your cat on bike ride, you will first need to make a comfortable and secure way for your cat.

Here are a few tips you can use to prepare your cat to hop on your bike whenever you want to experience a bike ride with your feline friend.

Before Taking Your Cat Biking

Biking with a cat is not always easy. Planning and preparation are essential before heading on any adventure. To avoid stress and anxiety for your cat, you will require the following groundwork.

● Consider Your Cat’s Age

New kittens are easier to train because they can easily adapt to new places and experiences. So, if you want to take your young cat riding a bike, help her build natural confidence by exposing her to adventures. This can go well with young cats, but it doesn’t mean that your older cat can’t enjoy new things; older cats need a little more time to feel comfortable with new experiences.

Think About Your Cat’s Personality

Take your cat’s temperament into consideration; if she is an outgoing cat who enjoys the outdoors and is curious about trying new things, she will adapt well to a bicycle. But if she is shy and gets nervous while trying out new things, you will need a lot of patience to build up her confidence.

Think About Past Experience

Think about your cat’s experience if she ever had a car ride or sat in a stroller. Did she enjoy being carried in a carrier or backpack? If so, then a bike ride can be a smooth one for her. But if not, then it is advisable to try these transport modes first because a bike is an advanced option.

Leash Experience

It would be best to establish a firm foundation in leash training before you start taking your cat on bike ride. Whether you want to ride two wheels or not, this is a helpful skill. It will also keep your cat safe during the ride, especially if you end up with a tire puncture on a busy road.

Sweet kitten in bicycle basket

Are You Confident in Taking Your Cat Biking?

Before taking your cat biking on a busy road, make sure you are confident enough to do it. Bike touring with cat in urban areas might be scary; you need to gain your cat’s trust so she can calmly enjoy the journey. So, if you are on training wheels, build up your riding skills first!

Think About Your Biking Style

Consider the types of travels you intend to take your kitty on, as this will influence the equipment you’ll need and may or may not match your cat’s requirements.

It’s good to know that some cats might enjoy a little ride around the neighborhood, but they can also quickly become restless. At the same time, some other cats might like a long adventurous journey. Nevertheless, most cats prefer a smooth trip to a quite bumpy one!

Do the Laws Permit It?

Each city has some specific rules and regulations regarding animals on vehicles that you need to follow. Following your pet’s safety, your place’s law may or may not allow you to have a bike ride with your cat.

Some places require pet owners to ensure that the loading system is perfect so that it doesn’t harm the pet animals. There are also places where a rider is not permissible to have a cat between the handlebar and themselves.

Check-In With Your Veterinarian

Consult with your vet to determine any underlying health condition of your cat that could hinder her comfort or happiness on a ride. Also, make sure that your cat is vaccinated up to date if you have plans for an epic bike trip.

Buy the Carrier

With the above information in mind, if you believe that your cat would love a bike ride, you can make the experience more enjoyable by putting your cat in a bike cat carrier!

Kitten sitting in decorative bike

Introducing the Bike

In the beginning, it is best to introduce slow movements of a bike to your cat without trying to jump on a straightway.

Step 1

Leave your bike somewhere in the house where your cat can explore on her terms. She can have a good sense of the wheel, or she might even try to hop up for a closer look.

Step 2

Once your cat becomes curious and comfortable, you can lift and place her around the seat, so she becomes used to the sensation and height.

Step 3

If your furry companion looks calm and happy, try to put on her harness or leash, place it in the basket, and start moving your bike gently. If your cat seems well, reward her with a few treats.

Step 4

Once your feline friend feels comfortable with you on a bike, it is time to try out a small cycle round. Stick close to home, then gradually take up to a long ride. If your cats seem happy and comfortable, then move on to adventurous rides.

Your cat’s safety should be your priority. Therefore, go at her pace and be sure that she is really comfortable before moving forward. It is worth it in the long run!

Wrapping Up

If you don’t like to leave your cat alone at home when enjoying a bike ride outside, you need to know the proper ways and guidelines for taking a cat biking. Hopefully, you are now aware of all the tips for taking a cat on a bike ride. Start practicing today and make your cat the best travel partner!

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