Are Cat Harnesses Helpful: A Guide About How To Use It

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Black cat walking with harness and leash

It is a fact that walking cats on the leash does not seem necessary to many people, and some may not even consider it useful. However, there is a lot of training needed to use a cat harness or leash. There are also a lot of benefits to it.

If required, you can use it to train your cat to walk on a cat leash and make cat harnesses a relaxing activity for the cat. This can be important for mischievous kittens that might slip out without you even noticing; hence it is important to use cat harnesses sometimes.

Where And When To Use Cat Harnesses

If you know that you can’t walk your cat outside without it slipping out and dozing off somewhere that you won’t be able to track, you should use cat harnesses. The harnesses give a secure feeling, and the right collar helps your cat feel more comfortable. This usually extends down to the chest, which helps secure the neck and torso.

Black cat walking on grass with harness
Black cat walking on grass with harness

Exploring Outside

The cat harnesses can be of pretty great use when you want to take them outside and explore. Cats, for sure, love to explore because of their curious nature, and they also appreciate having more freedom.

A free-roaming environment isn’t considered very safe for cats as many things can happen on the road if they aren’t leashed. A cat could get hit by a car, or a predatory animal might start chasing it. It could also get sick during the walk or start eating some leftovers of dead animals, leading to harmful infections and parasites.

Many localities have even considered free-roaming illegal because it can be harmful to the pet and other people around. Cats don’t respond very well to cat harnesses, but once they get used to it and see which circumstances they are used in, they sort of cope with it.

Kitten exploring outdoor on a leash
Kitten exploring outdoor on a leash

Cat Harnesses While Traveling In The Car

This is another reason why cat harnesses are used, as many people choose to drive around without being distracted. Many people go with cat carriers while driving, but a harness can help travel safely, as through that, you can even buckle your cat up. This can protect it during an accident and also let it roam freely instead of being completely caged.

Natural Disasters

In case of natural disasters, it is crucial to make sure that cat harnesses are being used, as they help cats prepare for such an event, so they can remain comfortable and not feel stressed out if anything is happening.

Types Of Cat Harnesses

There are mainly three types of cat harnesses available: the figure-8, the h-harness, and the v-harness.

  • Figure-8 cat harnesses are the basic kinds of cat harnesses, consisting of two circles that go around the torso and the neck, and it is attached at the back of the cat’s neck.
  • The H-harness cat harnesses are the ones that are connected by two loops along with another piece, which helps create the letter H when it is seen sideways. This helps reduce pressure on the cat’s neck and prevents any injuries as well.
  • The V-harness cat harnesses are the ones that are sort of like a vest.
Bengal kitten in brown harness
Bengal kitten in brown harness

Benefits Of The Different Styles Of Cat Harnesses

These differences in cat harnesses can make it easier for the harness to be attached to and removed from a cat. It is important to consider this to know which sort of harnesses are useful for emergencies and which ones can be used daily.

Features In A Harness

There are ten important features that cat harnesses should have. This includes harnesses that are easy to clean and easy to use. They should be safe for the cats and kittens and also durable as they should work fine for a longer period. No matter what the cat’s size is, they should be adjustable.

It should be a perfect fit for the cat and be made out of nylon or cotton. It should be lightweight so that cats aren’t uncomfortable. The cat harnesses should also have secure buckles and should be washable in machines easily.

How To Fit The Cat Harnesses On Your Cat

No matter what harness style you choose, making sure it fits your cat is most important. This helps your cat feel more comfortable with the setting and ensures that it can’t escape.

British Shorthair cat walking on a leash
British Shorthair cat walking on a leash

You can make sure a cat harness fits by first measuring your cat’s girth measurement snug against its fur and adding an extra 2 or 3 inches to ensure comfort. Make sure you use a cloth measuring tape for best results, as that is more accurate. Use it to measure the cat’s neck, chest, and girth. These two are the main measurements that will ensure you have the perfect cat harnesses for your cat.


Make sure that you have a good knowledge of cat harnesses before buying one for your cat, as having a proper fit is the most important feature of all.

Moreover, it is also important to understand that cat harnesses aren’t meant to take away a cat’s freedom, but it is mainly used to make sure that cats don’t wander off alone and get in trouble or get themselves injured.

It is essential to know the types of harnesses available in case of emergencies and the know-how they are to be worn.

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