5 Most Common Hybrid Cat Breeds

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Bengal cat lying on sofa

Hybrid cat breeds are those cats whose parents were from different breeds and had other characteristics such as the shape of their faces, ear length, etc. Hybrid cat breeds are known to be very difficult to raise due to their parentage.

Most hybrid cat breed rarely survive kittenhood since each cat breed has its gestation periods. Some breeds require more time, and others require less time to develop. This can lead to the hybrid kitten being born prematurely, leading to complications and even death of the kitten.

The kittens that survive stay healthy enough to have children of their own; some of those specific hybrid cat breeds are mentioned below.

1- Bengal Cats

A Bengal cat is a hybrid cat breed that crosses between the domestic cat and the wild Asian leopard cat. They have relatively long bodies and their hind legs and are more prolonged than their front legs, which causes them to have a bit of style in their stride. They have very distinct markings on their fur that resemble that of a leopard.

They are very popular in their behavior since they are great with kids, love to communicate with their pet parents, and are loyal and affectionate. They are also a part of the very few breeds of cats that love water.

Bengal cat resting on sofa

All these lovable traits make it a very popular house pet. Still, this exact reason, along with their rarity, causes their adoption prices to go up, and this prevents people from getting this cuddly munchkin.

2- Cheetah

This Hybrid cat breed is known to be the most cuddly and playful fur baby ever. This Hybrid cat breed is a natural-born climber and will probably be found on top of your furniture rather than under it.

You will need to empty your shelves because cheetahs prefer to be on higher ground. It will not take them much time to climb up to the highest point inside the house since this hybrid cat breed is a natural-born climber. They may look ferocious, but these cats are known to be very welcoming and enjoy cuddles as much as the next cat.

Cheetohs are a hybrid cat breed cross between a Bengal cat (a hybrid cat breed itself) and an Ocicat. Due to their hybrid genes, they can grow up fast and can weigh up to 15 pounds.

3- Savannah Cats

This Hybrid cat breed is a cross between a Several and the domesticated house cat. They are known to be the largest hybrid cat breed in size. However, getting a savannah cat can be difficult; it takes almost two to four generations to get a cat classified as the savannah.

The F1 generation savannah Cat is usually bred with the F2 generation savannah Cat to cause the genetic traits of the F3 generation to become similar to the Several Breed.

This hybrid cat breed has a unique personality, and it is known to be very playful, outgoing, and adventurous. Unlike other breeds, she would not mind being put on a leash, and it is a very compatible breed to keep as a house cat. This hybrid cat breed, among other Hybrid cat breeds, is known to have a dog-like personality.

4- The Chausie

Sitting Chausie cat

This cat is known to be one of the heaviest hybrid cat breeds globally and can grow up to 20-35 pounds. They are notable for their large size as adults. This hybrid cat breed came into existence by crossing domestic cats with the Jungle cat, a wild breed that belongs to Asia.

This hybrid cat breed is known to be very playful and tends to be assertive and demanding. The Chausie is not a recommended breed for people who have to work late at night since this hybrid cat breed is known to require a lot of attention and high levels of physical and mental stimulation.

Healthy Chausie hybrid cat breeds can live up to the age of 20 years, which means that if you get a Chausie, you will spend a lot of time with it.

5- The Highlander

This cat, by far, has the coolest name compared to other hybrid cat breeds. They are a cross between a jungle Curl cat and Desert Lynxes. They have bobtails similar to those of the desert lynx. This Hybrid Cat breed is highly active and is very playful.

They are a relatively new breed compared to other hybrid cat breeds, but they are many. They live shorter lives than other hybrid cat breeds and have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

This hybrid cat breed particularly enjoys being the center of attention and will try to do crazy tricks to make sure that all eyes are on them at all times.


All hybrid cat breeds may be special, may it be for their fur markings, their heritage, or their personalities. They are a sought-after type of cat. Some of them have very strict nutritional requirements; it is only recommended that an experienced pet owner adopt this controversial breed.

Some hybrid cat breeds are rarer than others, usually because of different biological factors such as chromosome incompatibility and different gestational periods concerning other breeds.

Sometimes genetic mutations can cause hybrid offspring to become sterile, preventing them from having children. Other physical problems that can arise are; obesity, kidney problems, and even heart failure. So the owner must take their hybrid cats to the vet regularly.

Another problem may arise when hybrid cat breeds that aren’t suitable for life as a house cat are enclosed in a home. It may cause the cats to undergo emotional and mental stress and can cause them to become afraid of their surroundings and other pets.

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