All You Need To Know About Khao Manee: An Interesting Breed of Cats

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Khao Manee cat on a tree

The Khao Manee first originated in Thailand hundreds of years ago, and it is a rare breed. It has also been mentioned in Thai poetry and sometimes in art and music. It has a pure white coat and has either gold eyes or blue eyes.

Khao Manee cats are very rare cats, and if you are looking to get a Khao Manee, you will have to pay about $7000 – $11,000. So if you don’t have quite some money, owning a Khao Manee may not be the cat for you. This article tells us more about the Khao Manee and why it is a great cat to keep.

1- It is a very intelligent breed

Khao Manee cats are known to be quite intelligent and will be able to follow specific commands. They can also learn to do tricks such as sitting and rolling over.

Some Khao Manee cats can even learn to open particular doors if possible. That may require you to keep them locked at all times because once they get out of the house, it would be quite challenging to persuade them to come back inside. They can also learn to communicate using different sounds, behaviors, and actions.

2- They are excellent hunters

Like most cats, Khao Manee cats have a knack for being excellent hunters, and their hunts rarely fail, and they have a high success rate.

They will probably also be seen bringing their owners some of their prey as a show of appreciation and affection, to show them that the Khao Manee are grateful to their owners for all the things they provide them.

3- They have odd eyes

Khao Manee cat with colorful eyes

Khao Manee cats usually have golden or blue eyes, but in very rare cases, a genetic problem causes them to have one eye of each color. Sometimes, the gene that codes for one eye color now codes for two eye colors.

This causes the cats to have eyes of different colors. Research, however, shows that this does not affect the normal sight of the cats and does not affect their visual prowess in any way.

 4- The Khao Manee is thought to be very lucky in Thai Culture

Due to its rarity, it is considered by many people across Thailand that this breed is very lucky. It is often kept as a pet by royalty and other high-ranking persons in the country.

It is known to be a symbol of wealth due to its high price. If a person in Thailand owns a Khao Manee, it would suggest that they have a lot of money, so much so that they have a rare breed of cat that at any given time, only 100 Khao Manee cats exist in Thailand.

5- They are the rarest cat in the world

Khao Manee cats are considered to be the rarest cats in the world due to different reasons. One of the reasons for their rarity is that they are not bred like other cat breeds so that their breeding standard and complex genes are preserved.

They were also very few breeding programs to begin with. It was said that the only people who bred Khao Manee cats were Siam royals (Thailand was called Siam in the past). Hence, there would be one or two litters maximum every few years.

6- They have white fur

Khao Manee cats are also called Khao Plort, which translates to All White, and that may tell you a little about what it looks like. They are also called white diamonds of Thailand, and this is because they have a white fur coat, and they are almost as expensive as a diamond. Hence the creative name was born.

7- They are quite playful

Khao Manee cat relaxing

Khao Manee cats, like other breeds, are quite playful and love jumping around here and there, and they are very active. They do not sleep as much as other cats, and they have pretty sharp reflexes. When they hear any slight sound or a rustle, they will be on their feet in a moment and start to explore the area that sounded or looked suspicious.

They tend to be quite nosy at times, so you must keep all cabinets and drawers closed unless you want your cat to rip your clothes to shreds and break all of your cups and plates into pieces.

8- They are very vocal

Khao Manee cats will probably utilize every opportunity to meow at you. They are not the type to sit silently for short periods. They are known as howlers because that’s precisely what they do; they sometimes communicate so much it almost feels as if they are howling at you like a wolf. That has its downside.

To be honest, for example, you may not be able to tell whether or not there is a problem with your cat, or maybe it is just asking for your attention and love.


All in all, a Khao Manee cat may be the perfect pet for someone who has a family and lives in their own separate home, so the constant howling may not be an issue. Their fur coats do not require much grooming, and it is recommended to groom them only once or twice a month. They are also quite elegant and do not have behavioral issues, usually

Khao Manee cats are usually quite healthy and have happy lives, but some kittens may be deaf. This is because the gene that codes for pure white fur also causes problems in the cat’s inner ear. So it is recommended to test kittens for deafness before buying or selling them.

Khao Manee cat prices can increase or decrease based on the color of their fur and the whether or not they are pedigreed. A pedigreed odd-eyed Khao Manee can cost a whopping ten thousand dollars. At the same time, a golden-eyed adult with deafness can cost around seven hundred to eight hundred dollars, which is still an excellent price for such a rare breed with such rare characteristics.

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