8 Healthy Food Choices For Cats

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8 Healthy Food Choices for Cats

Cats are sensitive creatures that demand peak attention and intensive care. No matter what diet planning you are making them follow, they must be as picky as possible because of their sensitive digestion system. Cats are always running around, trying to taste and experiment with new things, and unfortunately, that mostly becomes the cause of their sickness.

If your cat loves eating your food instead of its own food, then know that it is okay for it to digest human food. If you know how to feed the cat properly, you can easily change its diet plan accordingly and add its favorite human foods to the list. Continue reading to find out what are the best choices to opt-in for letting your cat eat homemade food.

Dry or Wet Food

No matter what kind of food you’re letting your cat eat, consult the vet to see if the cat is suitable with wet or dry food, even if it’s homemade. Even though homemade food is not harmful to your cat, some ingredients could cause it a threat because of allergies or some other problem.

Cats are often interested in wet food as it is moist in texture and easy to swallow, while some like dried ones, so it is not easy to tell which cat loves what kind of food more. Make the food just like that and feed them according to their specifications to avoid getting them sick and avoid dangerous outcomes.

Opt-In for Oatmeals

Oatmeals are often incorporated with cats, proving that this meal is healthy for them and wouldn’t cause them any life threat. Know that it is not guaranteed for your cat to love this meal as it is a taste some cats acquire and some don’t.

Oatmeals are enriched with nutrition and fat, proving that cats can easily digest and use the meal to their advantage. It also has a nice balance for amino acids, which plays a vital role in maintaining their health. You also don’t have to vibe alone in the morning with morning breakfast of oatmeals as you can eat it along with your cat, giving you company while eating.

Oats in wooden bowl

Nutrient-Rich Food

Any homemade food containing rich nutrients is suitable for your cat’s health. Nutrients are supposed to provide cats with fitness and health that suits their energetic nature.

For example, keeping them hydrated with water, giving them their daily protein, providing them a source of energy through carbohydrates is a win-win situation. This way, they get to taste the homemade food while staying healthy and fit.

Fresh Vegetables & Bread

Even though vegetables and bread are the healthiest food you could give them, some cats still don’t like to eat them. It is not necessary to still force them to eat it, though, especially not the house plant, which can be a toxic food for them.

Vegetables are enriched with vitamins, and fiber, which will help your cat to help digest easily. The bread is supposed to be grain bread, not white, as it could upset their stomach. Besides, feeding them fruits is also an option; you could go for fruits that fit best as a snack and not feed them the whole fruit.

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Cooked Fish Time to Time

Cats love eating meat and fish, so giving it to them isn’t a bad thing. Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, which improve one’s eyesight and help with other health activities. Make sure you cook the fish before giving it to them but not directly from the can; it could cut or scratch their tongue.

Cooked Meat

Giving cats cooked meat can give them the right amount of proteins and nutrients their body needs to function properly. Avoid feeding them the cooked meat sold in stores but instead make it for them at home; this results in one of the best treatments to provide them with materials they need to survive.

Even scientists have scientifically proved that homemade cooked food is good for their health and gives them much strength and energy to move around compared to canned food.

Illustration of various fresh raw meats

Avoid Milk at Any Cost

Milk directly sourced from a cow or a goat is unhealthy for a cat, even though you might’ve seen a cat drinking milk happily on the TV. That milk is bad for cats’ stomachs and might also cause diarrhea which is not good for them considering how sensitive cats usually are.

The only milk the kitties can drink is their mother’s milk but if the cat is an adult, avoid giving them milk and give them cat food or homemade food instead.

Is Cheese Good for Cats?

It doesn’t matter if cheese doesn’t hold many nutrients in it compared to the other foods, which could be harmful to some cats. Every cat’s stomach and digestive system differs from one another, so one can easily digest the cheese while the others can’t. Cats can eat cheese; however, it is no doubt true that it does not bring many issues.

If your cat is not lactose intolerant and is bearable with dairy products, cheese can become their favorite treat to snack on all the time. But, if your cat is lactose intolerant and simply can not bear even the smell of dairy products, avoid giving it cheese but continue feeding it other nutrient-rich products.

Various types of cheese

Final Thoughts

Before feeding your cat anything out of the diet plan, make sure you take the cat to the vet and ensure that the food is healthy for it and wouldn’t cause it to get harmed in any way. This would help your cat avoid unnecessary sickness or diseases it could face because of the unfamiliar meals.

Let your cat enjoy the joy of human food while being careful of their diet accordingly; there’s no one stopping you!

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