Does Your Cat Get Lonely or Do They Need Company?

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People often assume that a kitty is quite an independent and less social animal that loves being alone and doesn’t want much love, care, and human company. However, the fact is that these affectionate creatures are very loving and often thrive off human attention and love. Even they would go crazy and act weird if couldn’t get enough of a loving gesture.

How Often Do Felines Need Human Company?

“How often do my furry buddy need my company and attention”, the most commonly asked question. Despite the fact that most of the time, cats opt to remain alone and enjoy themselves on their own, according to a study, these furry buddies require attention and care more than an average person.

Since cats crave a lot of love, care and attention more than any other pet, you need to make sure that you are giving your pussy cat lots of love – also, keep in mind that you have to at least 30 minutes in a day ensuring one-to-one attention with your cat. Or else, it may feel lonely, anxious and depressed.

If you had a cat growing up with you or you have one now, you know that they need human companionship and make a strong bond with their owners. In addition, what about your furry being chasing you all around? Or wandering here and there with you? or perhaps, rubbing claws against your body, and sitting on your lap? Laying beside you in your cosy bed? Or sitting right next to you while you watching your favourite show? Don’t these signs portray a cat as the clingiest pet? Of course yes! Thus, if we say ‘cats are way attention seekers” it wouldn’t be a lie at all.

Signs Your Furry Body Feeling Lonely

Gray Cat Eats From Human Hands

Remember that every feline has its own diverse nature, certain moods, spunky personality, and according to which they may act and respond to their owners in times. Also, you may observe changes in your feline’s behavior and attitude if it is feeling lonely. Make sure to keep an eye on the behavior and attitude of your companion and observe the way it is reacting and responding towards you.

  • Uncharacteristic Aggression – if you observe your kitty being extraordinarily aggressive and with destructive behavior, it could be an indication that it is feeling lonely.
  • Clinginess – if your feline seems to be needy for your attention and company – for instance, your furry is kept following you around, trying to disrupt you or willing to sit on you, this is an obvious sign that it is feeling lonely at the moment and need your attention and care.
  • Urinating on Your Belongings – if your pussy cat is behaving weirdly, for instance urinating on your belongings or your personal stuff, this can be a sign that it is needed attention and love.

How Do I Know If My Furry Is Lonely?

It is kind of a jigsaw puzzle to interpret to know and interpret if your cat is feeling lonely or doesn’t need your attention at all, because they have multiple diverse personalities and mood swings. Also, sometimes your furry cat acting in a particular behaviour means one thing, other times acting in a very similar manner means quite opposite. Hence, it is quite complex to exactly interpret the behaviour of your furry body.

For instance, take purring as an example, a purring furry buddy portrays that it is way happy and doesn’t really long for your care and attention, nevertheless, it may be the result of some other certain conditions as well. For instance, your cat is injured or anxious, hence, the reasons can be opposite but the behaviour and the response to a quite different condition are still the same interestingly.

Mentioned are a few obvious signs that show that your furry friend is lonely and longing for your company:

  • Crying very often
  • Lingering around you here and there
  • Destructive and aggressive behavior
  • Try to make unnecessary noise
  • Knocking things down
  • Pawing at your arm or leg
  • Jumping on and off the furniture at your home

How Can I Entertain My Furry Companion?

Know that if you have a cat and it is living all alone with you and you don’t have any other pet at your house most significantly a cat, then your cat might feel lonely and long for other cats to become its partner or friend. Indoor cats often feel lonely and you would be surprised to know that they feel lonely on regular basis. Thus to keep them happy and content you must have to spend quality time with your furry. It will not only entertain your cat but help it live healthy, long, and happily.

Black Kitten Walks to a Human

Want to know what you can do to make your feline happy? Below is the answer:

Know a fact that cats spend most of their time approximately 70% of their life sleeping, so when they wake up they need love, care and attention from their owner. An insufficient amount of attention and care may cause them to act weirdly and anxiously eventually. So wise is to pay proper concern to their needs and treat them accordingly.

  • Play with your cat – if you spend the whole of your day with your cat then consider spending quality time with your furry once you come back home from the office.
  • Take naps with your lovely kitty – going to take a nap? Why not with your kitty this time? One of the simplest and effective ways is to take little naps with your pussy cat anytime in a day to make it feel loved, cared and appreciated.
  • Seek grooming sessions – take your kitty for a little grooming session this weekend. Your kitty would love it as it will make it feel less lonely for sure.

Final Verdict!

It is more of a myth that cats are independent animals and like to remain lonely so make sure to develop and maintain a healthy bond with your feline this time and don’t let it feel lonely at all.