Chartreux Cats Are as Quiet and Calm as a Silly and Personable – A Guide About This Fun French Breed

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Chartreux Cat with Yellow Eyes

Do Chartreux cats fascinate you? Well, they fascinate us too! This is why we have gathered some of the most basic information regarding this quiet, lovable breed of felines. We hope that our guide provides you with some assistance if you think of buying a Chartreux cat.

Introduction to the Chartreux breed

Chartreux cats are a French breed of felines and are somewhat rare today. These cats can weigh up to 16 pounds, and their length can range from 9-11 inches. This means they are medium-sized cats and are easy to play around since they do not take up much space. This breed is famous for its greyish coat and thick fur, similar to that of Siamese cats and Russian blues.

These felines are extremely intelligent, and it is this nature of theirs makes them great pets: they are alert, active, and good companions for pet-related games. Their average life expectancy ranges from 12-15 years, meaning that if you get a Chartreux kitten, you can expect it to grow old with your little ones! The Chartreux cat price can vary depending on the area you are from.

However, since this breed has become rarer over the years, you can expect it to cost more than $1000 if it is real, purebred Chartreux.

Silly and quiet- a unique combination

Chartreux cats are famous for having a funny yet quiet nature. At first, it may seem as if these two qualities are at odds with each other. However, once you start living with Chartreux cats, you will see exactly what this means!

These cats have unique ways of expressing their love for the family they live with, and this could mean following you from room to room or jumping on your bed! These silly little quirks are what make Chartreux cats so lovable. While these cats may look very cold from their appearance, they have one of the warmest natures in the cat world.

Staring Chartreux Cat

However, their silly habits do not mean that these cats are noisy or troublesome. Chartreux cats are very quiet, and they will not make too much noise to demand your attention. Any love and care you give to them will be received well by them, but their shy nature prevents them from actively seeking out their owners. Our advice is to pet them and play with them even if they do not meow too much. They might be too shy to do this!

What is the breed’s origin?

Chartreux cats are known to have originated from France. Chartreux cats get their name from the valley of Chartreuse in France, where they were said to have lived in monasteries. Now, we do not know if these cats were companions to the monks themselves. Some people believe that they were since these felines have a quiet and collected temperament: just like monks. However, there is no way to know this for sure.

This breed is also known to be relatively old. While many modern breeds were bred through specialized processes in the 20th century, Chartreux cats are mentioned in writings that go as far back as the 1500s. They were named for the first time in 1723, and it is often thought that their foremost duty was to keep rodents from barns and shops.

These cats became extremely popular in the 1800s. However, after the Second World War, their numbers fell drastically. While cat breeders could save the breed, their numbers remained low, making Chartreux cats comparatively rare today.

What is their personality like?

If there is one way to describe Chartreux cats, it is that they are quiet yet loving. They are cool and collected, and if you are often unable to give them, they can tolerate this. They are not very talkative either, and rather than full-fledged meowing, you will hear them make soft noises that resemble meowing. They are often happy in their own company and can keep themselves occupied if they have the necessary toys.

Does the breed have some common ailment?

Generally, Chartreux cats are a healthy breed. However, Chartreux cats are known to suffer from patellar luxation occasionally. This is a dislocation of the kneecap, and if you feel as if your cat is in pain, you should consult a vet. In very extreme cases, Chartreux cats may limp, but this symptom can be reduced with surgery.

How to care for this breed?

Chartreux cats are not as high maintenance as other breeds. Firstly, you must brush your teeth regularly to prevent oral diseases. While we recommend daily brushing, weekly brushing is very important as a last resort. Secondly, you should brush their coats and clean their ears frequently so that their physical appearance is always up to the mark.

Sitting Chartreux Cat

Chartreux cats do not require being bathed often, but remember that if you decide to bathe them, it can be long since it takes time to get their coat wet. Lastly, you must ensure that they are equipped with toys and playthings that keep them occupied in their free time. This is because the breed is very intelligent, and a lack of mental stimulation could make them lazy and irritable.

Does it get along with other members of the household?

Chartreux cats are extremely good companions for older adults and children. This is because their silly, lovable antics make them great for people in these age groups. While Chartreux cats are energetic, they are not so fast that older people and children have trouble keeping up with them.

Moreover, Chartreux cats are not violent. If these cats feel uncomfortable or do not want to play with someone, they are likely to walk away quietly rather than scratching and lashing out. However, despite all this, we would suggest supervising your cat’s interactions when it comes to really small children since you can never be too careful when it comes to them.  If you see a Chartreux cat for sale, we would seriously recommend getting it in your price range. This is because these lovable felines make great pets and are in it for the long run!

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