Tips to Get Your Cat to Love You More

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Tips to Get Your Cat to Love Your More

Many pet owners think that it is hard to bond with feline animals as they find them to be mysterious creatures. Getting more affectionate with cats is a desire of many pet owners, but sometimes they fail to seek their cat’s attention. Believe me; it is not hard to make cats your snuggle buddy. All you need is to study and experience their behavior.

Some cats are antisocial; on the other hand, some are born loving. To strengthen your relationship with your cat, you will need to make some efforts.

This article has covered all the basic tips to make your cat love you more. These tips are drawn from experienced researchers and cat behavioral consultants. Keep reading if you want to get some motivation!

Note: Although it may take time to entice your cat to become your partner, in the end, you will get a fruitful result.

Play with the Cat

If you want your cat to interact with you more, take them out for playing. Cats are born to move, and to keep them away from behavioral problems such as boredom and lack of activity, taking them out for fun sounds like a good option. During playtime, cats are more likely to stalk, capture and pounce. It is not only great for their mental activity but also for physical activity.

According to a recent study, cats prefer humans more over their food. So, if you want to develop a positive experience with your pet cat, then take them for interactive playtime.

Happy couple playing with their cat

Groom Her

Grooming your cat is another way of creating a strong bond with her. Cats have a habit of grooming themselves constantly. If you have ever noticed, they interact with each other using social grooming.

However, if you have an indoor cat, she is dependent on you; you can show her your love by washing and brushing her softly and gently. Daily grooming will make your cat believe in your love. Moreover, it also develops a sense of family belonging in them.

Give Her a Treat

Treats are a pleasing way to love your cat because they don’t have choices other than eating. You can find something that your cat loves according to her taste. In addition, the ideal treat should be smelly, rare, tiny, and unique.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

According to a study conducted in Italy, feline animals who spend their time indoors are more likely to create happiness with their owners than animals allowed to roam outdoors freely. Indoor cats are more active during the daytime when their owners are also active. They become less active at night when their owners sleep. Many pet owners think that cats are nocturnal, but they are crepuscular.

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Try Catnip

Bringing out a tin of this harmless herb is the sign of showing your love to your cat because your feline friend will enjoy having it and will love you back.

Feed Her With Affection

There is no doubt all animals are foodies; they will not think about anything except food. So when it comes to feeding your cat, feed her with love; prefer their favorite food. Moreover, a high-quality kibble and well-balanced diet will not only keep them healthy but will also give them the energy to interact with you more often. While your cat eats her food, talk to her and pet her gently, this will help her associate be petted with affection.

Don’t Stare at the Cat

Avoid staring at your cat as they take it as a threat. Instead, look at her with your soft glances with a slow blink. Staring at your cat will also make her uncomfortable, and she will be reluctant to come towards you.

Observe Her Behavior Keenly

For getting a cat’s love, you need to become a keen observer of how your cat responds back to your actions. Feline body language might be subtle—an eye blink can show contentment, while ear twitches can indicate irritation—but once you master their cues, you’ll be much more in tune with how they’re feeling. And if you alter your conduct properly, you’ll discover that you’ve earned the trust of your cat in no time.

Don’t Shout at Her

Cats don’t react well to a high-pitched sound. Try to interact with them as you calm a nervous child with your tone. When you try to talk to your cat with a soft tone of your voice, she will not hesitate to come near you; in fact, she will express her needs and requirements with her muffled meow.

If you see your cat scratching your furniture or doing something that it shouldn’t be, then instead of shouting at her, grab her attention indirectly to a happy alternative such as its favorite food or toy.

Girl sitting while holding cat

Don’t Chase Cats; Let Them Approach You!

Don’t try to run after your cat for showing affection. Dogs might love getting chased, but chasing a cat often makes them scared and feel victimized in cat cases.

Instead, encourage your cat to come towards you, make her roam and surround you, pet her with love when she comes towards you. When you don’t chase your cat and let her approach you, it will give her space to relax, and by doing this, you can set a tone of interaction with her.

Cat Communication

Cats cannot speak; they can only express themselves with their eyes or meow tone. Learn to understand your cat’s expressions and feelings with her meow, tail, and ears. Never ignore your cat when she tries to say something, understand them, and respond to them back in a correct way with appropriate language.

Bottom Line

Getting loved by cats is not a hard and fast rule; all you need is to understand them and prioritize their needs. Give your cat an extra dose of attention and kindness. Follow the above tips to create a precious bond with your fur baby!

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