How To Get Your Cat To Like You?

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How To Get Your Cat To Like You?

Cats are more difficult to approach compared to dogs. Many cats are shy, you might not know how to get a cat to like you and be comfortable with you. However, even though they have a more reserved personality than dogs, if it’s your first time owning a cat and you don’t know how to be friends with it, don’t worry, we got you! In this post, we will tell you how to interact with cats in such a way that they start liking you

Why doesn’t my cat like me?

Cats interact with humans based on their body language. Every cat is different, however, it is a general fact that cats are more difficult to approach compared to dogs. So, if you have just adopted your cat, it’ll take some time to get used to you and your environment. Once the cat settles in, it will start liking you and will have a friendly attitude towards you.

How to make my cat love me?

Wait for its first move

You don’t have to start cuddling with your cat as soon as you bring it home, as it’s not comfortable with you yet and might act repulsively. Instead, wait for the cat to make its first move towards you, and don’t worry, it’ll get comfortable with you very soon. When you bring a dog, you can just start patting it and interacting with it is not a problem. However, cats need a limited amount of attention and more alone time. If you start touching and frequently interacting with a cat that is not familiar with you, it might act aggressive, or it will start avoiding you. If you don’t want that, keep things simple and just give them food and toys. Keep this routine going and soon, it will make its first move towards you. This can even come sooner, as cats approach people looking at their body language, which is why cats might approach people who don’t even like cats and they can also act repulsive towards their owners.

You should not stare at a cat

While staring might be a big issue for us humans, for animals, staring eye to eye is a direct sign of aggression. So, if you own a cat and don’t want it to get scared of you or act aggressive, do not stare it eye to eye. If you are looking at it, keep your glances short and soft. Cats will keep staring at you, but you should not stare them back. Help your cat feel safe and comfortable around you to make it like you.

You can’t pet cats the way you pet dogs

Dog and cat are clearly different, 100% different!

Cats and dogs have opposite personalities, which is why you shouldn’t be petting a cat the way you would pet a dog. When you approach a cat that’s not familiar with you, pet it briefly and try not to get overly playful with it. Normally, cats like being petted on the top or back of their heads. Some might even like you stroking their back, but for the majority of the cats, that is a sign of you being too affectionate. So, if you don’t know what the cat might prefer, it’s better to stick to its head rather than being overly friendly and pushing its tolerance levels.

Be careful with your voice

Cats are incredibly sensitive. They keep observing your body language and act accordingly. With cats, you have to keep your voice normal, soft and assuring. You don’t have to treat it with high-pitch sounds or an overly positive attitude as that doesn’t work with felines. Keep it sweet and simple with cats.

Even if you are angry or frustrated, keep your tone low in front of your cat as it can have a bad impact on your cat’s mentality. By using a loud or aggressive tone, you can scare your cat away. When talking to cats, make sure that your tone is soft, and communicate with it as if you are consulting a nervous child. This is how your cat will be comfortable with you and will have a friendly attitude towards you. 

Carry treats with you

Whether you are walking your cat in a park or playing with it indoors, you should always carry treats with you. Cats love to be praised and rewarded. So whenever your cat plays, litters properly, takes medicine, wears a harness and doesn’t try to come out of it, or does any other good pet deed, reward it by offering treats frequently. This will not only motivate cats on doing things properly, but it will also improve your bond with your cat, even if it has a shy personality.

Play with your cat

Playing with your cat will build a better bond

The best way to improve your bond with your cat is by playing with it. Make sure that you have an adequate amount of cat toys in your house. Cats want to be active throughout the day, which is why they want toys to play with. Most of the time, you won’t even have to play with your cats as they can play alone. Playing is a very important mental and physical activity for cats. While playing, cats use the same tactics as it uses for hunting; stalk, pounce, capture and reward, which will be given by you in the form of treats. To improve your bond with your cat, try spending time with your cat by playing with it. This can instantly make the cat like you and if you play with your cat frequently and reward it, then it can get comfortable with you soon.

Groom your cat

Cats love to remain clean, which is why you can often see them licking their body. This is the reason why when someone grooms them on their behalf, they like it. Cats like to be brushed and combed. It is not only a great way to clean your cat’s fur coat from dirt and external parasites, but this regular gesture also improves your bond with your cat.

Cats have a reserved personality, which is why you need to be very patient with them. Once it gets comfortable with you, you and your furry friend will have a great time.

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