Can You Potty Train Your Cat?

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A cat finished using a big litter box

Cats can be very difficult to handle, considering their irregular littering habits. When you first bring a stray cat into your house from a shelter and try to domesticate it, it will keep littering around your house. Your house will look extremely dirty and you will spend a large part of your day cleaning up the mess that your pet is making.

At first, you will have to buy a litter mat at your house so the entire litter is at one place. However, it is still important to potty train your cat. In this post, you will learn how to potty train your furry buddy through a step-by-step guide.

A cat using litter box

How to gradually shift your cat from a litter box to a toilet seat?

Firstly, you should know that it won’t be easy. So, remain patient and keep following the discussed steps.

You have to make your cat use the litter box first to toilet train it, then, you’ll have to move its litter box right next to your toilet. It’s important to ensure whether your they are comfortable with using the litter box or not. You have to try making them used to its new littering spot, and it can take a few days also so, be patient.

Littering at a new spot is not easy for cats. If they are not comfortable with littering in your toilet and feel confused, try taking them to a spot closest to the toilet where they are comfortable and feel secure. In a couple of weeks, you will be able to break your pet’s habit of littering around and it will start using the litter box near the toilet.

Step # 1: Gradually Raise the Height of the Litter Box

Your toilet is on a higher level as compared to your cat’s litter box. The reason why your they won’t be comfortable there is because it is a high spot for it to use and it might not be comfortable in doing that. To make your it used to the littering height of your toilet, try raising the height of the litter box gradually. You have to take things nice and slow with your cat to make sure that it develops a habit properly.

Every time you increase the height of your litter box, try removing it a little. You can use your phonebooks or newspapers to increase the height of your furry buddy’s litter move. Make sure that the litter box is firm and fixed so that your cat doesn’t fall when it jumps from it.

Step # 2: Place Your Cat’s Litter Box Over the Seat

Now that you have achieved the height of your toilet, it is important to push your cat’s littering spot towards the toilet every day, gradually. You should not rush things even at this stage as this might confuse your furry buddy and might again start littering irregularly around the house. You have to move the litter box at least an inch closer to the toilet every single day.

No matter how large or small the toilet is, you have to stick to just an inch of progression each day. One day, when you reach the toilet, put the litter box directly over the toilet seat. You have to keep removing litter from the box until there is only a thin layer left, not more than 1 inch.

Step # 3: Replace Litter Box with Training Box

You have to replace your litter box with a training box. However, you have to make sure that the training box is strong enough to lift the weight of your cat. You can buy a potty training box from a pet store nearby. Clean out the litter after each use and use catnip on the clean litter to motivate your cat.

Step # 4: Transit Your Cat to the Toilet Seat

Once your cat starts using its training box properly for littering, you have to gradually transit the pet to the toilet seat, and it can be tricky. You have to cut a hole in the aluminum pan or the wax paper about 1 inch in the center. Now, gradually increase the size of the hole every day until the cover is almost removed. As you are increasing the size of the hole, you should also reduce the litter, so that there is none of it is in the bowl is from bottom.

Step # 5: Flush the Toilet Yourself

Just like you flush your toilet every time you use it, you have to do the same for your furry buddy, as you cannot train it enough to do that task as well. Even if you think of training it to flush, do not consider doing that. Even if it learns to do so, it might start enjoying it a little too much, causing a watery mess in your toilet.

Step # 6: Reward Your Cat

This is a very general tip. Whenever you train your cat at something, it is important to give it treats. Always have cat treats at your house because cats love it and it also keeps them motivated while learning and playing. Do not give it human treats like biscuits or chips as they are very high in calories and can cause obesity. And once it gains weight, it won’t be able to climb up to the toilet and litter on its own.

If your cat is still having problems with this routine, add some litter in the water bowl so that it knows a littering spot upon smelling.

There you go! Following the aforementioned steps properly will help you teach your cat how to litter in your toilet. You won’t need a wastage box anymore, however, it is better to keep it handy sometimes, as your pet may not feel like going up to your toilet and using it. Also, keep a litter mat no matter how trained your cat is, they are still a pet after all.

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