To Live With a Chartreux, You’ll Likely Need To Be as Observant as Your Pet – Why?

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Chartreux Cat

This cat breed is famous for its quiet nature, and a Chartreux will never be seen hissing at or wailing at its owner. They are especially popular with people who live in apartment complexes with strict policies regarding pets and the level of noise they make. But this same timid tendency of a Chartreux is exactly why their owners need to be very observant of their cats’ behavior. Because, unlike other cats, they will not let a person know that there is a problem, so the owner needs to check their physical and psychological status now and then.

Indoors or Outdoors?

The Chartreux is an indoor cat, meaning that they will mostly prefer to stay inside the house. However, they like to go out for a night out in the town and have some fun. They also love basking in the sun when outdoors, but be wary of where your cat may end up going; due to its quiet nature, a Chartreux may end up going too far away from home, and instead of getting a breath of fresh air, you’d be busy trying to find your cat. But no worries since these cats usually come back to their homes to rest.

What To Eat And What Not To Eat?

When it comes to their diet and nutritional requirements, Chartreux are very specific. They are obligate carnivores, meaning they can eat meat only, and plant-based proteins are a strict NO since Chartreuxes have very sensitive stomachs and cannot digest foods that are not a part of their natural diet. So the owner needs to regulate what their cat eats strictly.

Are Chartreux Cats Intimidated By Large Animals?

Chartreux cats are known to be the most pleasant and friendly breed of cats. If you have a big dog or any other large animal and are worried your Chartreux will get anxious in their presence, then there’s no need to worry because, unlike other cat breeds, the Chartreux bond well with other animals such as dogs and other cats.

How To Keep My Chartreux Fit And Healthy?

Chartreux cats are carnivores, and the meat they eat is usually very fatty, which may accumulate in their bodies in time, so it is important for the owner to keep them active. They are very playful animals, so an owner should play with them with different toys so that they don’t get bored easily and so that their physical activity quota also gets fulfilled.

If you are too busy to play with your cat, then it is recommended that you get a kitty tower for your Chartreux as it has been known to help with their extra energy and playfulness.

Enough about the Cat, What about the Kittens?

Chartreux kittens are known to need more care and love than kittens of other breeds because they have thicker coats and have a larger caloric requirement due to their large size and quick growth rate when little. Chartreux cats are known to develop the dynamic and playful behavior of their childhood, and usually, their personalities develop the most during this time.

Which Type Of People Is The Chartreux Most Recommended For As A Pet?

For starters, people who have a lot of time on their hands, such as single people or married couples without children, families with children are also very good environments for these types of cats to grow and nurture themselves. The Chartreux is a very affectionate breed of cat, and they will always reciprocate the feeling of love and adoration that they receive.

Chartreux Cats As Hunters

Chartreux cats have excellent abilities for hunting because they are very quiet animals, and hence their prey has no idea of their presence; they are especially good at catching mice, so many farmers also are fans of the Chartreux and keep them in their barns or homes. Surprisingly, these cats are some of the few breeds of cats that cannot mew properly; when they open their mouths, a chirpy sound escapes instead of a meow.

Caring For Your Cat

These cats are very low maintenance when it comes to grooming them. You may need to brush their coat maybe once a month or twice a month and clipping their nails as you see fit. However, these cats shed their undercoat twice a year, but that is preventable if you take care and comb it out.

A Special Characteristic

Their mouths’ shape is so unique that many observers say that it looks as if they are always smiling. But even if these cats are in a bad mood, their behavior will put a large smile on your face and is certainly the best mode of entertainment for many owners.

A Particular Detail To Look Out For

Since the Chartreux is a shorthair cat, it is more comfortable in warmer environments because of its coat. The shorthairs on its coat prevent heat insulation in winters and are thus more prone to catch colds or fevers due to wintery weather, so it is best if you keep this cat if you live in the warmer part of the world.

In A Nutshell

This cat is best for you if you want a constant companion without doing much work to keep them happy. This breed is known as the most loving and low maintenance cat once you see to all of their needs, which is a very short list compared to other shorthaired breeds. Chartreux cats are also known to live very long lives of up to 15 to 17 years and can become a very touching companion for your little one. They also have only one favorite person in a household, so consider yourself one of a kind if you find a Chartreux snuggled up next to you.

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