12 Ways to Calm Down a Cat

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12 Ways to Calm Down a Cat

As cat parents, we all have spent a sleepless night because our little feline friend wants to run around and wreak havoc at night. The thing is, cats are naturally more active at night, and they might often talk loudly in hopes of getting your attention.

However, nighttime is not the only time a cat can display frustratingly aggressive behavior, which could be due to several different reasons. Regardless, every cat owner should be equipped with the knowledge of ways to calm down a cat. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Play with your cat during the day

Try out a range of different fun activities that you can participate in with your cat during the evenings. Playing games such as hide and seek with your cat can be a physically stimulating activity that ensures your cat will be tired and ready to rest at night, leaving you with a calm cat.

2. Have toys lying around for your cat at night

Typically, a cat wakes up almost twice during the night to begin its routine of hunting, exploring, grooming, and repeating the process. If your cat does not have anything fun to do at night, expect it to become aggressive and loud.

Therefore, leaving out some toys at night will ensure a calm cat and keep it occupied and away from disturbing your sleep.

A Bengal cat is playing with a plush mouse

3. Provide your cat with physical stimulation in daytime

One of the easiest ways to have a calm cat is by ensuring there are enough physical activities during the day. A cat with plenty of movements throughout the day will surely lead to a more sleepy and tired cat at night.

And the great thing is that you don’t even have to engage and set aside extra time, get a hold of fun cat toys such as a cat tree and toy mice or allow outdoor playtime if your cat is mostly indoors.

4. Feed your cat at night

Cats would have a natural routine if they were in the wild that involves hunting, catching their prey, eating, grooming, and finally sleeping. You can mimic this routine for your indoor cat by providing a snack puzzle after playtime in the evening or just a meal before bedtime, making it a calm cat and fall right asleep.

A cat is eating dry foods

5. Get an automatic feeder

One of the most common reasons your cat may attempt to wake you up at night is because they are hungry and want you to feed them. This can be somewhat annoying and disturb your sleeping pattern.

Therefore, investing in an automatic feeder will do the job for you and keep a calm cat. Your cat will wait for the automatic feeder to dispense the food and won’t rely on you for feeding it, which is a win-win situation.

6. Use a pheromone diffuser

A pheromone diffuser can be another great way to calm down a cat. It releases synthetic pheromones that are chemicals known to relax a cat and make it easier to fall asleep. The chemicals are odorless for humans, so you don’t need to worry about stinking up your place.

7. Speak gently with your cat

Humans have a natural tendency to react aggressively if something bothers them. As a result, some cat parents think that yelling at their cat may prevent it from behaving aggressively, but that’s not the case.

If you want a calm cat, you need to build a positive bond between you and your cat. That way, your cat will trust you and rarely act aggressively.

Woman petting her kitten

8. Get a companion for your cat

Although it may sound counterintuitive, getting another cat friend for your cat will ensure that it has someone to play with, especially during the night when it is most active. However, it may be ideal for getting both cats neutered to avoid any hostility or fights.

9. Get a heated cat bed

During winters, your cat may especially be acting out because it is struggling to get warm enough for a good sleep. Thus it may try to come and snuggle with you in your bed or keep meowing to tell you that it’s cold. To counter this, getting a heated cat bed will be the best decision to ensure a more comfortable, cozy, and calm cat.

10. Play soothing cat TV or music

Speaking from personal experience, I guarantee you that playing videos of birds chirping on TV or some jazz music will be enough for you to have a calm cat, rather than an irritated one. Countless playlists made for cats will help your feline friend fall asleep peacefully.

11. Provide a personal space for your cat

Many cat behaviorists suggest that the reason for aggression in your cat may be due to a lack of personal time, which leads to irritation and aggression in cats. Providing a personal spot such as a cat condo or an entire room for your kitty may be the best way to calm down a cat.

Cat Relaxing on a Cat Tree

12. Consult with a veterinarian

If your cat shows sudden acts of aggression or if it is overly meowing at night to keep you awake rather than for treats or food, then your cat may be in pain. This pain could be due to an illness or infection you are unaware of; hence you must get your cat checked by a veterinarian. This may be the most reliable way to turn a disturbed cat into a calm cat.


It is no secret that cats are THE prize in the eyes of their human parents, and keeping sure that the cat is healthy and content is among their top priorities. After all, a calm cat equals a happy human. I hope this article can help you calm down a cat using the ways listed above.

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